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    Poetry of form and/or meter/syllable. Topics: wide open! Interests also include Social Democrat & Green politics, world peace, and Linux, with occasional posts on The Guardian Newspaper. A bit of an Anglophile, but from Alfred to Henry 7. Becoming very interested in Baltic history.

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  1. Snow on epiphany morning

    I have not been on in a while, or writing either. Thank you for reading and commenting.
  2. Another Accuser

    Agree. Love lines 2 and 3 repeated in each stanza, and the rhyme in line 4.
  3. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Season's Greetings to everyone at PMO.
  4. Reading Simenon in August

    And I'm glad -and honored- you liked it! ;)
  5. Reading Simenon in August

    And thank you, too. The "main house" has a/c for mom, but I may finally get an "R2D2", one of the portable a/c with wheels. Maybe.
  6. Irma vs Florida et al

    Irrefutably, indeed. The form adds a seriousness to this serious event.
  7. First Responder

    Agree with Benjamin. Last line is a clincher.
  8. Ode to My Left Hand

    I need to get here more often. So sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope you have healed even more!
  9. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

    "No one's fault nor punishment from God." THANK YOU! :)
  10. Hey Marti,   Are you safe?   I think I read Orange was in the flood area.   Just thinking about you.  


    1. dcmarti1


      Internet is back. Last night of storm hit our neighborhood. Knee deep water in front & back yards. Water seeped in from underneath; the house is on piers. Carpets soaked and kitchen/dining vinyl is buckling. NO standing water.

      ALL for now? Levee issues later.....

  11. On a Starless Night

    Great narration.
  12. My Don Quixote

    Definitely like the reuse of the short lines as the last line. Great choice of subject.
  13. New world

    I think alliteration gives this a more serious tone than rhyme could have. Sobering.
  14. I Miss You

    Very sneaky, indeed!
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