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    Poetry of form and/or meter/syllable. Topics: wide open! Interests also include Social Democrat & Green politics, world peace, and Linux, with occasional posts on The Guardian Newspaper. A bit of an Anglophile, but from Alfred to Henry 7. Becoming very interested in Baltic history.

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  1. Vivid, indeed. In the re-telling it's almost scary but draws out empathy (pity?) and I mean that in the good sense.
  2. I can see the cottage and the mountain. The cold smell is almost perceptible.
  3. Glad you liked it! I did not intend for it to ever have the westernized 17 syllables. I just wanted something VERY short. It ended up 8 syllables per line by chance. I had just listened to a short audio lecture on William Carlos Williams. Welcome to the forum. :)
  4. When I moved back to TX from DC I had an in-law cottage built in the back. Installation of a free standing ac/heat pump would have been problematic. I COULD get a room a/c mounted through the wall and supported by a frame, just haven't yet. I culd get one of those portable, roll-around R2D2 units. I am just lazy. The "big house" has a/c. hehe
  5. Thank you, Phil
  6. I also liked (and envied) those near rhymes, but I loved this: that fools just don't know what a fool can be till life provides the opportunity Nice!
  7. I liked the last version (R3) best. Did you just use "ghost" as a verb? Brilliant.
  8. I was actually sitting on my couch and reading a book by Georges Simenon last night. My cottage has no a/c, just a window fan. No motive at all here, but I had listened to an audio CD course earlier and the professor had discussed William Carlos Williams and Ezra Pound. I took a sip of wine (I RARELY drink wine w/o food) and suddenly remembered Pound's: In a Station of the Metro THE apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough. I am not equalizing mine with Pound's. No "strategy": there's no metaphor, analogy, allusion, etc. I then continued with the novel. (hehe)
  9. Smoke from a neighbor's cigarette Wafts in through my window box fan. The crickets are silent tonight.
  10. Lists and the power of repetition. Dramatic, in that it still isn't resolved at the end.
  11. Showcase ready indeed! Perfect example of message tied to form, and form tied to message. I also loved the slightly-changed but repeated last line of each stanza. PS I hate snow. :)
  12. Hahah, love it! :) so what's up with Leaves of Grass?That goes on forever, . . . Amen.
  13. A didactic cinquain about travel to a place I have never been, a forest in Manniku. (Yes, Tony, Estonia.) Forest Blue, hushed Dreaming, breathing, living Imperious in its beauty Sacred
  14. CMR

    3 syllable Welsh form?
  15. I often feel beaten up after reading you, Dr. But I suspect you intended that.