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    Orange TX
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    Poetry of form and/or meter/syllable. Topics: wide open! Interests also include Social Democrat & Green politics, world peace, and Linux, with occasional posts on The Guardian Newspaper. A bit of an Anglophile, but from Alfred to Henry 7. Becoming very interested in Baltic history.

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  1. dcmarti1


    Order restored. I loved that.
  2. dcmarti1

    Basket of Potatoes

    Poems about paintings enhance them both.
  3. dcmarti1


    Evocative, but it made me wistful, almost sad.
  4. dcmarti1

    Paradise Erupts

    I feel the same as Tony. The natural and physical was unexpected AND delightful. And, of course, loved the form. :)
  5. dcmarti1

    Grand Isle, Louisiana, 1900

    Thank you, Terry.
  6. dcmarti1


    I read a tree personified..... And it is made poignant.
  7. dcmarti1

    The Shaking

    No direct reference makes this even more powerful.
  8. dcmarti1


    Just nice. No, beautiful.
  9. dcmarti1

    Pablo's music

    Lovely: could see musical notation in the clouds
  10. dcmarti1

    Cold Bed

    This is not resignation, this is determination. Forceful piece!
  11. dcmarti1

    The Escapist

    Oh, how grand: Apocryphal truths Soon to be canonical A reminder these Tales are for the living
  12. dcmarti1

    The Box

    "Ready to ping." Technology meshed with humanity. Hopeful and loving piece.
  13. The local college (Lamar State College - Orange, in TX) has community submissions for their journal. They accepted and used one I posted here: (OK, it's been a while since I was here. I just pasted the URL but a preview box was inserted. If you do click on that greyed out arrow in the corner a new tab should open with the poem.) Hope everyone is well.
  14. dcmarti1

    Snow on epiphany morning

    I have not been on in a while, or writing either. Thank you for reading and commenting.
  15. dcmarti1

    Another Accuser

    Agree. Love lines 2 and 3 repeated in each stanza, and the rhyme in line 4.
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