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    Poetry of form and/or meter/syllable. Topics: wide open! Interests also include Social Democrat & Green politics, world peace, and Linux, with occasional posts on The Guardian Newspaper. A bit of an Anglophile, but from Alfred to Henry 7. Becoming very interested in Baltic history.

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  1. Thanks, Tink. I guess it was a DOUBLE cinquain, with the second one reversed: 2/4/6/8/2, then 2/8/6/4/2 You're right: just write. :)
  2. Powerful last stanza, image-wise. (Yes, I had to query for Rhondda.)
  3. I am NOT religiously orthodox, but I am just now "getting" how powerful imagery, metaphor, and allegory can be. And I have not written much these past few months. One of my lawn customers has a statue of Mary: all the color gone, flaking, missing hands, face almost worn smooth. Statues of Mary rot in every rock garden that has a rose bush and bird bath. Amen. Statues of Mary are often missing both hands. How can she hold Her Son's body? Amen.
  4. Oh, Frank AND Victor. I did not know.
  5. Oh, my heavens! I do declare! Where IS my fan? Haha, thanks for the mention. I have been silent a while, and I am honored.
  6. Oh, I like this part SO much: efficiently deshelving works Brave to have no punctuation, too.
  7. "suspect my single form" Beautiful. And now I learned something about pareidolia. :)
  8. a tree that grows eyes instead of leaves Riveting.
  9. I envy your freedom to be this creative and FUN. I also may try this with turkey. :)
  10. "bean-fed wraiths" Awesome. Loved the atmosphere of the poem. The two stanzas separated by time and the blank verse were perfect for this.
  11. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tony. I have been off of here for a bit. Former Estonian president Toomas testified before Congress. http://news.err.ee/316271/ilves-heard-by-us-congress-committee-on-russian-meddling-with-elections
  12. Thanks, Tink. I have been off for a while since this. The Bulgarian flag is white, red, and green, so I subconsciously must have put that into my dream. Thanks again for reading. :)
  13. Octo-licious! Peaceful.
  14. And thank you, too.
  15. Thank you.