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    poetry and its forms
  1. Irma vs Florida et al

    Thanks for your sample redondilla!
  2. grading

    It looks like two stanzas of Sapphics. The ancient and the present --- the grand-grand parents and the grand-grand children.
  3. A Glimpse of Song Ci

    Dear Tinker: Very, very sorry to respond to your comments almost a year after. The form of the above poem is something between Song Ci and new Chinese free verse. It's one of my experiments, not having a title as you mentioned if I fully understand what you mean by the word "title". As a matter of fact, modern Chinese poems only have names to themselves, seldom having a title except on the occasion that someone endeavors to imitate an old form. Hope to see your new work posted. Thanks. Harold
  4. Rotten to the Core

    The form of Tanka originates from Japanese poetry. It arouses much interest to compose one in Spanish. If you be so kind as to translate it into Chinese, it will be more easily and more widely appreciated. Thanks.
  5. A Glimpse of Song Ci

    Studying at Cambridge, UK, in 2006, I wrote several Chinese poems; one of them is: 到 剑 桥 牛津 哈佛 剑桥 耶鲁 向往把疲倦挤压到意识之外 --- 学城在陌生的黎明前闪现光彩。 蓝天 白云 绿草 学生 清澈的河水倒映着柳枝与天鹅 --- 美妙的宁静浸润着痴醉的心窝。 仪式 图书 网络 建筑 人人都崇尚着文化的力量与准则 --- 创造亦破土而出且层层相叠。 郭 勇 2006年11月8日星期三下午 于剑桥 Now I've translated it into English. Would you like to take a look at it? Reaching Cambridge Oxford Harvard Cambridge And Yale; Yearning drove my travel weariness out of the conscious As the university city gleamed before dawn its brilliance. Blue sky White clouds Green grass Students; A limpid river reflected willow twigs and swans on its water While nice serenity immersed my intoxicated soul and heart. Rituals And books Network Buildings; Men and women all upheld the power and principle of culture Thus creations came into the world with or without any nurture.
  6. Dover Beach Revisited (rv)

    I visited Dover Beach in Nov. 2006 just for the sake of the poem. By random, I saw a grey and gloomy sky, a comparatively quiet and powerful sea, a wind just sending the ribbons on our clothe waving and a whole beach of light-yellow pebbles. We had thought, before that, that the poem is inconsistent with its rhyme scheme and not equal in line length and stanza lines, and furthermore, there seems to be no regular meter and no order. Now I see it's all natural. It imitates the uncontrollable law of nature; and the faith of man is no longer in God only; it's changing and moving to nature again and to man itself. Thanks. Harold
  7. A Glimpse of Song Ci

    In addition, the last line is an exclamation in Chinese. So here we use a simplified exclamation sentence to be its equivalent.
  8. A Glimpse of Song Ci

    翻得不错!最后一行是否可以这样:I only say what a fall to be cold! Harold
  9. Celebrate 4th of July

    Hi, the four children are growing bigger and much more lovely. Thanks to your poems and US Independence Day, I've become a member of PMO. Harold

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