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    With 26 years already behind me, I enjoy being retired.

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  1. YarnSpinner

    A Lost Sheep!!!

    To all who may have wondered. During the past 3 years I have had to make many changes in my life, as to what was of most importance to me. Being in my 26th year of retirement, this should not have been much of a problem. (1) Writing was a top priority which I wanted to to be able to do at will; (2) Creating graphic illustrations...using the computer to do so, was high on my list, (3) sculpting, (carving in Plaster-of-Paris) was demanding as well. For a short period of time, I managed, but then, into our lives came a family member who did not realize. he was plagued with T4 Terminal Cancer. During these 3 years past, his time for medical requirements were very demanding. Radiation and Chemo treatments and waiting for the treatments to take place, took up much travel time . After these treatments came a a waiting period for the results to indicate he could be a candidate for surgery. This too took place; he spent 8 1/2 hours "under the knife." During this same period of time my wife was discovered to have Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. 5 fractures in lower spine-vertebrae were creating havoc. The pain could only be subdued with injections of Steroids and (for the lack of actual terminology) had a cementing solution injected into these fractures to prevent further damage. She still has 1 small fracture not treated. At least 4 months went by and suddenly her back pains started up again...not in the same place as the past fractures which were treated. This time it was farther up. Medicine was prescribed by our Doctor to the pharmacy we use. It was early in the morning; the pharmacy would have just opened. I could go pick them up and be home in 25 minutes. Fate has a way of creating new rules, and that did occur. I waited 45 minutes for the medications before returning home. I called out to her to let her know I was back in the house; she had remained in bed to prevent anything further to happen while I was gone. I got no response. When I reached the bedside, she was staring at nothing at all, and could not respond to my waving my fingers back and forth before her; she could not talk as well. I immediately called Mobile Medical Response. Her temperature was 103 degrees. The small amount of time I may have had to wait longer for her prescriptions, could have cost her ...her life. She reached the hospital in time for treatment to restore her to a more normal level. The next 4 days passed before a blood infection specialist discovered she was loaded with Kidney stones which blocked the blood from flowing into the kidney. The kidney was swollen and the infection she had, was backing up into her system. Thus her shut down was in progress, when I came home. Once the problem was discovered she was taken to surgery and with Electropathy... the stones were broken to the point they could be flushed from her kidney. She spent a week in the hospital and then transferred to a rehab center where she is making a fine recovery. I thank the GOOD LORD for that, as well as the Doctor, Technicians and Specialist who discovered her problem. Finally...this week, my youngest daughter required my intervention to see she got through a very similar situation as that which my wife recovers from. She too was overcome by kidney stones blocking the urinary track. Fortunately hers was discovered in shorter period of time and she to went under the same sort of surgery as my wife. Today I returned her to her home from the hospital. NOW...One oft times wonders what triggers the mind to write poetry. Even though I did what was necessary to get medical aid to my wife as quickly as possibly; words were pounding inside my head, but not in logical order. Sentences were at random as well. I knew something was going on which I had to put on paper. I am grateful and thankful my wife is still with me. However had she expired, I would have written this poem anyway. My Dearest - My Loved One Many years have passed Filled with happiness and woe; The good LORD called to her, It was time to go. I held her hand - She tried hard to stay, Her grip slowly loosened, As she slipped away. She was sleeping now, There’s a smile upon her face. All the worries she had, Have slowly been erased. She was my wife- To cherish and to love; Her spirit now journeyed To a better place above. Dear LORD... she’s coming- She looked forward to this day, To be welcomed to your Kingdom Where forever she will stay. YarnSpinner 10/16/’18 I do not know how soon...I well return again to this Writer's Sanctuary, but I felt the need to explain why the passing of time, and no participation. Be well my friends and may you keep on writing. YarnSpinner
  2. YarnSpinner

    A day in the life of a boy

    A Day in the Life of a Boy; fictional or non-fictional reading, It is well written. I choose the term epic, for this reads like a sad, open diary of a young person’s unfortunate life. A life that is established strictly by survival instinct.This child has not been privy to awakening from a clean, warm bed; nor is his style of dress one that would take several wasted moments, choosing only the best his wardrobe had to offer, before leaving home for an undisclosed period of time. This child probably never experienced the privilege of an air conditioned house; being able to choose a warm breakfast, or just a day old donut and cool glass of cold milk, before leaving his dwelling... More that I read, I realize that all mankind worldwide...is not created equal. Being created equal is not by choice of an individual, instead it’s because of indiscretion of a ruling factor that dictates without remorse. The 5 basic senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) are diluted from birth. A child of this nature is not given to the fullest extent, an education to understand what he or she, is worthy or capable of. A Ruling Factor fears education. If this burning thought ever flickers strong in the eyes of the underprivileged, there will be changes. Change comes at a costly price. For the educated, the price is well worth it. YarnSpinner
  3. YarnSpinner

    A Mayan’s Message 

    You mean there were instances of False News back then also? Hmmmmm. YarnSpinner
  4. YarnSpinner

    Fire and Ice

    Tony I just finished reading Frost's "Fire and Ice". I seems to me that Frost was obsessed with a drastic sense of torture that mankind would be exposed to, in some distant future. Quote: "He discusses the end of the world, likening the elemental force of fire with the (emotion of desire), and ice with (power of hate)". Was Frost trying to say...Desire; a certain portion of mankind, would attempt to acquire and control everything possible, of value (feel evil satisfaction; revel in another's woes; feel wicked satisfaction) just to name a few, OR...Was Frost trying to say...Hate; the lesser portion of mankind would wallow in (envy; disgust; loathing; revenge) just to name a few. If this was the case...I can imagine that "obsession and control" and "envy and not having wealth", could destroy mankind, or at least cause great havoc throughout the world. Where are we today? When "Fire and Ice" was published in 1920...I sense the general public's common feeling about nature of fire and ice, was "shed what clothing is necessary when it's hot, and dress warm when it's cold". Poets do have a way with words YarnSpinner
  5. Tony:

    I emailed Tink a poem; Derelicts in the Park, which I illustrated. I also have several other poems which I have created illustrations for. How is it possible to install these illustrations into the poem, when I post them  at PMO? I can't quite make the connection.

    Tink said if anyone knew , I should be asking you.


    1. tonyv


      I added some instructions on how to upload images to the forum and have them appear in your topic:


      As I stated in that topic, I can help with this and do it for you.

    2. YarnSpinner


      Tony, I realize I'm very late in responding to this text. I may have the greatest yearning to sit here and do my thing, but I do have a greater responsibility I'm more dedicated to. Just about the moment I sit and try concentrating on this venue, Momma (my wife) has special needs to be attended to.

      Two days ago I was bent on finishing  a special project regarding...cutting the cord to Charter (Spectrum), and converting everything over to WIFI, for our TV viewing channels. Right in the middle of looking for a special tool in the basement, I heard a heavy bump upstairs. I went up to find her on the floor. She had tried to retrieve her lap top that slid off of a small table she uses. Reaching for it on the floor she became dizzy and ... that was the heavy bump. one never knows how to make a semi-invalid person safe.  No she wasn't hurt , but did acquire a hard blow to a hip muscle. 

       Getting older does not have a book of instructions, similar to the one everyone wishes they had when raising their first child. My free time is quite limited.

      Getting back to the reply you offered concerning embedding illustrations into a poem...I haven't had much opportunity to attempt this. I do thank you non-the-less. Some day I'll try again. 

  6. YarnSpinner

    Morning light

    Well said Terry. The best memories offered to man are usually free. They are usually captured in the blink of an eye. YarnSpinner
  7. YarnSpinner

    I'M FAST"

    Danger lurks in many guises throughout our lifetime. That little mouse probably thinks how close he came to losing more than his tail, but still chuckles about it. I can imagine after that incident he made an effort to show up at a health spa to take off a few ounces. A similar episode I was faced with in Korea, I still laugh about today. I was one of several radio operators maintaining radio and transmitter equipment, in mobile radio vans. These transmitters directed air traffic control to the front lines for military bombing missions. About 2:00AM I received a call from the comm-officer to change our transmitter long wire antennas to a different length, then change the frequency of the transmitter in the radio van. This meant a walk from an antenna pole to lower the antenna...make my length changes, then walk about 300 feet to another pole, lower the antenna and make similar changes there. With carbine and flashlight in hand I made the trek to one pole where I made the changes, then started for the other pole 300 feet away. There was no moonlight, and I didn’t really want to turn my flashlight on. When I walked a reasonable distance in the dark I realized I had no choice, but to check my directional alignment to the next pole. I turned the light on and the same moment I was falling forward on my face. I felt hair raise on my back and neck and then in nearly the same instance I heard the rattle of glass, metal and whatever else. This told me immediately I strayed off course in my walk. Climbing out of the six foot diameter by two foot deep trash pit, I started laughing. It was a nervous laugh at first, then the humor of it all sunk in. I snickered and laughed all the way to the remaining pole where I made my recommended changes. I kept saying to myself who in hell is going to shoot an some imbecile ambling around in the dark, laughing and snickering to himself, and that would set off another round of laughter. I was never so glad to get back to the radio shack where there was light and time to reflect. YarnSpinner
  8. YarnSpinner

    I'M FAST"

    "I'm Fast" When first he appeared, he was ragged and lean, A wee bit small, but an eating machine He would boast: “I’m fast...I’m fast"! "No matter if the trap has cheese or meat, I’m the fastest critter on four lil’ feet. I can take the bait, give the treadle a tap, And be long gone before the spring can snap. "I’m fast." "There ain’t no trap in any ol’ house, That’s gonna’ catch this quick lil’ mouse. I’m fast. . . Yes sir, I’m fast!" Food got scarce, and while searching for more, He left the house for a grocery store. Once inside he exclaimed, “Oh My! This must be heaven. . . what a way to die. I’m gonna’ feast!” He kept it a secret. . . his new found wealth; With all this food, he improved his health. But, it wasn’t long before he was found, Because of calling cards tiny and round. Said the grocer: “Yes sir, I got a problem.” The grocer was smart; kept feeding him cheese. Let him gorge himself, as much as he pleased. The once lean face became so round, His once gaunt belly now touched the ground. “Oh my, I’m so fat.” One day at last, right out in plain sight, Appeared more temptation than he could fight. The cheese on the treadle was meant for him; The delicious scent made his mind grow dim. “Oh dear. . . I sure am" Trying to remember how it was in the past, He drew himself up and said at last... “I’m fast, I’m so fast.” Up on the board, he climbed with a sigh. It was now a case of do or die. With his mouth on the cheese, he gave a tug, The big spring left the locking lug. . . “I’m. . .” Well. . . believe it or not, he got away. It’s true, he lived to see another day. Some lessons learned, are lessons to heed. One has to be careful where they feed. He said, “ouch”. In your neighborhood is one lucky mouse You might see him, running through your house. You will know him...of that I am sure, He lost his tail at the grocery store. YarnSpinner
  9. YarnSpinner

    Funny Man

    Tinker: Regarding your post; Funny Man. (AKA Bill Cosby.) I read it over and over trying to remember a phrase. Actually, in your post, and I Quote: everyone has a dark side, shadows created in secret. I should have realized then, where those words were recited, but a bit differently. A couple nights ago it came to me in my sleep. It's a simple statement, but has weathered throughout the years...almost forgotten by the older generation. “Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men....The Shadow Knows." Lamont Cranston was the Shadow; Margo Lane...was Lamont Cranston's woman friend. I enjoyed Cosby's humor as well as the next person. Seldom does a deceitful act go unpunished. It's Sad... YarnSpinner
  10. As it has been from time’s beginning... man predicted when the world would come to an end. Some even calculated the time and date of its demise. The Mayan calendar was the most recent method of creating anxieties in the world’s population. Believe what you will, but when and if it does occur, mankind will not be able to determine the time of its destruction. A Mayan’s Message For many years I told my people, our world was about to end According to our Mayan calendar; destruction was around the bend. On a round flat rock I carved a message, to explain this and that, Of how our race got started, how we begot and we begat. In its center through a hole, I tied a vine real tight, Hoping someone in the future, would know how to read my write. I gave it a lot of thought, where I could put this note; Down by the river in a hollow tree; where I tied my dugout boat. ******** Five hundred years have past; Mayan people were in decline A petrified tree still lingered, a dugout tied to it with a vine I traveled this river many times, not noticing this before I saw a log like boat, beneath some trees along the shore. Now, being I was curious, I looked into this odd craft. Therein was a large flat rock, tied securely to the aft. It had strange markings, I could not make them out I took it to a museum, to see what it was about. The curator studied it, with a grin he finally said, “If I read these glyph correctly, Mayans from long ago are dead; I’m sorry, that's a poor joke, but there is more I see.” “For years I told my people, our world will soon no longer be. As Shaman I ascribed this message; our demise was around the bend. I wanted to leave something behind, before it comes to an end. The Curator added: “it’s five years later, my people are still around; So I tied my message to my boat, to anchor it safe and sound.” YarnSpinner
  11. YarnSpinner

    An Experience With Pain... (OBE)

    Speaking of angels; in 1984, my wife and I was in a motorcycle accident during rain and on a slippery steel-grid bridge roadway. My wife was dumped some 75 feet behind me and I came to face down. The bike still attached to a 400 pound camper trailer, was lying across my back. I could see her but was not able to get out from under the bike. Both of us were dressed for touring; wearing boots, helmets, blue-jeans, gloves, and special jackets. Traffic was halted and the only people on the bridge were attending my wife. They had no idea I was under the machine. After two attempts and cussing to myself for the predicament I was in, I tried a third time. My left leg was broken, but swelled until it fit the jeans like it was in a cast. I stood upright and started walking to her. About ten steps away, I remembered to turn around to offer my thanks to whom ever it was that removed that Gold Wing off of me. There was no one person or persons anywhere near me, nor the bike and trailer. 900 pounds of bike is not about to say “Your free.” I am a believer. YarnSpinner
  12. YarnSpinner

    The Box

    Tinker: You have described it perfectly. In the past 3 years she "The Box" (Angel) dance by my wife's bedside many...many times. YarnSpinner
  13. YarnSpinner

    White Powder Sugar

    I see you rolling your eyes. Would you like to read an example? YarnSpinner
  14. YarnSpinner

    Daily Poem Challenge

    See "Whatzit" YarnSpinner

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