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  1. Bloodyday


    When the ocean kisses the shore my soul whisper to the wind i will sail again like the vision of pilgrim looking for the island or the coast full of dreams where the hills stand majestic touching the cloud on the peak carnival goes on with the dancing coconut trees singing the song of joyful creek
  2. Bloodyday

    Missing insanity!

    This morning, the cloud was not so black, That’s why it didn’t drizzle so much. I stood on the balcony to watch your smile, But you still didn’t wake up! Do you have both any connection Neither to rain heavy Nor to show your smile for free? I better kiss the cigarette To have some nicotine in my brain. Otherwise the whole day I might be spoiled like insane!
  3. Bloodyday

    Poem of irritation- distance

    hi Lake nice and wise comment....i tried to fix it up but don't know is it good or not. but it always to have replies from the known ones! thanks again for your comment!
  4. Bloodyday

    Poem of irritation- distance

    Hi tonyv it so cold here but Sundsvall is a nice town and the study and labwork is going like hum-drum........i don't know what i have written but many days later, i have something to write.....but i need to improve more......that's all i know! thanks for your inspiration!
  5. The distance- The distance from the point Where we stopped and walked away And the rest of my life I am just watching the distance growing Sometimes it hurts like a woundless pain Pityful is nothing But just to shed tears anymore I still stand waiting for the same Wish I could erase it all and all the blame The distance from my existence From my eyesight From my heart beat From my feelings Perhaps you are now the happy one Leaving me behind What I am not supposed to be. I try to catch you in the wind Sometimes in my dream Or sometimes in reality Cloud drizzles on my palm Or the sun shines on my face Or the snow covers my loneliness You are still the same like mountains of thousand years Sometimes I thought I born for your smile Sometimes I thought I born for your stare All the things you have gift those days Perhaps my memory is not able to erase Days after months Months after years Counting the end of my presence But I still can remember you in distance!
  6. Bloodyday

    When we are busy...

    what should i say? it's a long time i am inactive in this forum though i love this forum very much. Specially some names i can't forget in my everyday life. Due to sudden restructure in my present workstation, i have couple of tons of new project responsibilities, but i am just able to make my time to stare at the lovely sky. it has been a long time to drench in heavy rain and the breeze gives me the feelings that i am loosing something. yah, i lost a lot.....a lot of freinds just lost for their new works and responsibilities and i am watching that i am becoming an old man. when i watched a notification of magnumopus, i just remember some old avatars and writings and then i felt that there is still something which i can't miss. thanks for the invitation but still i couln't make time to write something regularly. i need to change something of my very own and actually i need some time for my own which i can't get. But someday i will and still i want to say from deep of my heart that it's an great honour to write in such a platform with such great poets like you all. thank you again!
  7. Bloodyday

    Missing such a cloudy day!

    It was an invitation to touch The deepest point of her feelings Another invitation was a hoax To enjoy such a rain. I touched the raindrops instead Till then my life was cursed to lead. I made my own journey so uneven Sliding like drunken king On the slope of barren mountain. Now I am waiting For my doom and rebirth For redemption To suffer my own aftermath But my time doesn’t end Silence reigns in the wind Whispering some old melodies Someday I won’t miss my fallacy To vibrate Only for the groaning of dismantle ocean Or to halt Lucifer’s scream.
  8. Bloodyday

    Ghulam Ali

    Ye dil ye pagal dil mera, kyun bujh gya awargi another gazal i heared in my childhood, that was from famous Picture 'Nikah' and the lyrics might be: Chup ke chupke . this song still craves in my mind. somtimes on a tour in sub-urban area or passing any railway station or any local village Hats in early morning, this song is played in teashops. few old people sitting mesmerized with a cup of tea hears this song having old dreams in their eyes. i sit there, try to feel the environment and you know, i travel a long apart alone like in parallel universe where my life is something else. another song: Rabba Yaar millade tu meera, mein aur kus nehi mangta, ke rang lagda hei tera, kei aur kuch nehi mangta. i saw some old people can't hold their tears so far, why i don't wanna, cause always knowing things is not a good thing! But Gulam Ali, Nushrat fateh ali........they sang with alien supremacy which strikes mind all on a sudden!
  9. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    with tolerance and hope meet me on the other side is this you really want?
  10. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    i don't think so follow me now just make a road to what we believe in
  11. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    His ball of yarn Watching his soul flying to the sky Reply of thirst and mourn! RoNY watching shy!
  12. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    rain and tears dried so soon drought begins Only RoNy !
  13. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    their silent lives in shells like the moon sings every night! RoNY forgets tears!
  14. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    at the cock's first crow morning shines like screwpine flowers Dear Goldenlangur, i am a man but feeling shy hearing such compliment. perhaps ......... Rony fits in agony!
  15. Bloodyday

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    a trip on the foggy highway a village asleep RoNy gestures like the Pictures!
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