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  1. Jay O'Toole

    Trilinea Form is New to Me

    Thanks so much, Tony!
  2. Jay O'Toole

    Trilinea Form is New to Me

    Here are two poems made with a form that is completely new to me. At the bottom of the post is a link that explains the form. Summer flowers Roses, vincas, hostas, bushes Some are flowers —————————————————————————————————————————— Stifled by heat Roses drip with afternoon rain Body feels beat http://www.rainbowcommunications.org/wordplay/forms/Trilinca.pdf
  3. Jay O'Toole

    Iambic Meter

    Thanks, Michael! It is a fun word. Thanks for the encouraging comment.
  4. Jay O'Toole

    The Nasher Couplet

    Thanks, Tink. I edited the tag to link with your post. You're right. It is challenging, but I will try to press on, writing more.
  5. Jay O'Toole

    The Nasher Couplet

    Well, Dear Ms. Tinker, you are becoming quite famous at The Poet's Place Cafe. This week's challenge there is simply titled, "Nashers." The following is today's post on my personal blog, https://www.writing.com/main/books/entry_id/915307-Nashers-My-Towns-Got-Talent which I will copy to The Poet's Place Cafe as I am copying it here as well. My comfort level, regarding this style, is considerably less than with my favor format, but I believe I have achieved the spirit of the verse in a way that is not too adverse. We have talents that we hope are best or good enough, Yet we shoot our feet, when giving out just verbal fluff. We can live our lives as wondrous funny and wise souls, When we are as we were made to be, not fawning, grovelly trolls. We wonder if our writing's worthy to be shown and read, But our worthless writing's that we refused to pen 'fore dead. We must cast away our demons that do trouble us with doubt, For it's time that they should find a shady corner and just pout. by Jay O'Toole on July 13th, 2017 For more about these witticisms invented by Ogden Nash just peruse the following links. https://poeticbloomings2.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/in-form-poet-wednesday-with-rj-clarken-the-nasher/ http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/forums/topic/997-ii-the-couplet-the-nasher-couplet/ As you will notice Dr. Dave cited your post from June 1st, 2009 as background information, regarding the Ogden Nash verse.
  6. Jay O'Toole

    Iambic Meter

    I agree, Tony. I should have mentioned the iambic meter of Dave’s response. I noticed it as well. Nice touch, Dave!
  7. Jay O'Toole

    Goethe Stanza: "Traversing Tallulah Gorge"

    Tink, I will include a couple of links to help you get a better overview of WDC. Come check out my profile. https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/777stan I have an entire folder comprised of subfolders, which houses my poetry at Writing.Com. https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/2101392-Poetry The Poet's Place Cafe is formatted - in my humble opinion - in a similar way to Poetry Magnum Opus. https://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/1937709--The-Poets-Place-Cafe The Cafe is a place for discussing poetry and just hanging out with other poets. I'm on their subscription list, which means I get weekly emails like this one, called "Tools of the Trade." https://www.writing.com/main/em/box//msg/4357 Dr. Dave Schneider is a great help to me. He was the one, who posted an article you wrote right here on Poetry Magnum Opus. That got me interested in interacting with the members here. "Classical feeling..." I like that. I agree.
  8. Jay O'Toole

    Goethe Stanza: "Traversing Tallulah Gorge"

    Thanks, Tink, for the encouraging response. You are exactly right. I have quite the reputation of writing "hymns," when I write my poems. But I don't mind. The style fits the way my brain thinks. Besides, my Dad was a preacher. Therefore, being in church all of my childhood, I KNOW hymns. As I mentioned...The Poet's Place on Writing.Com has been my educational "classroom" for growth in the knowledge and understanding of poetic forms and practice for much of the past year. Dr. Dave Schneider did reference The Poet's Garret, when he gave me a link that ultimately led to the following poem. http://www.thepoetsgarret.com/2008/080621.html I patterned my poem about Tallulah Gorge to be exactly like Goethe's poem, "The Goldsmith's Apprentice." I understand that the meter is at poet's discretion. However, I stayed with his meter because it is one of my favorite meters to use. More examples are found here http://thepoetsgarret.com/2014Challenge/form14.html and here https://poeticbloomings2.wordpress.com/tag/goethe-stanza-form/ , but as you can see everything references back to The Poet's Garret in some way. Ultimately, you are most welcome! I am glad to share something new by way of passing along something that was newly taught to me in recent days. Take care.
  9. Jay O'Toole

    Iambic Meter

    Excellent! Thank you so much, David!
  10. As an exercise on Writing.com this week, I was challenged to write a Goethe Stanza. Considering the fact that the rhyme scheme and apparent rhythm of the Goethe Stanza is the same as my typical style of poetic form, this was a fairly easy task. Goethe merely formatted the stanza differently by adding in two blank lines. I hope you enjoy this offering. It is a very personal account of my latest foray into extreme exercise. As someone, who is no longer in my twenties, I am thrilled to accomplish more or less successfully with simply a pair of sore legs to show for it. We march and march down ev'ry step. We find the bridge to cross, and soon thighs quiver ev'ry rep. The way seems but a loss. The bridge it moves with each foot fall. The swaying gives us pause, but o'er the boards we pass them all. The way a just, true cause. Five hundred steps from top to last. The signs warn all the weak. All caution to the wind you cast. Traverse each step you seek. All sage foreboding we'd express. Make sure thy shoes be true. Unfit ones be in deepest mess. The base step taunts at you. "You have but come five hundred down." "Five hundred you have more. "Surmount the top and win the crown." "The more you must explore." We drank our walker's draft to full. Returned we heads hung low. The last few steps with mouths of wool. More water would we know. One day now hence on stilted legs. The pain doth shoot and pinch. Our memories seem bitter dregs. More walking, it's a cinch! by Jay O'Toole on July 9th, 2017
  11. Jay O'Toole

    Iambic Meter

    I agree, Tony. I have created threads like that on other websites. All responses had to be metered and rhyming. It was great fun! My English Literature teacher in high school (as I recall) said this. "If you find a poetic form that fits your personality, then you can write a poem as easily as you can write a friendly letter." I have found this to be true. Thank you for the complimentary response. Glad to be here.
  12. Jay O'Toole

    Iambic Meter

    Thanks, Tink! Great encouragement! I love to have fun with my poetry, when & where I can. It's nice to see that you caught the "I amb" part.
  13. Jay O'Toole

    Iambic Meter

    Is there a love of meter fine that helps the tongue to walk? I love to share this love of mine and pleasantly to talk. 'Tis true I-amb in metric form, when write this lilting way. The words be few or verbose storm when much I have to say. Would thank thee much for reading this short ditty quickly writ For poetry's the land of Bliss, when words are quick of wit. by Jay O'Toole on June 27th, 2017
  14. Jay O'Toole

    Haiku Journal / Share Your Haiku Here

    Title: "Walk" moving feet so well exercise to keep my health joy and sweat now joined
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