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  1. Ode to My Left Hand

    I feel your pain, waiking in the morning is a level 7, on pain scale , stooping down means ,my wife must help me up. I'am just thankful, I'am still stunningly handsome ......NOT.oh yea, fingers hit keys ,when they want too. shake like Elvis did. Hang in there Tink, better days are coming.
  2. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Have you survived the storm ? The huricanes,The huricanes no mercy do they show. We ask eternai question What have we done wrong ? Don't blame yourselves,it's no ones fault nor punishment from God. Time and unforeseen occurance I've learned be falls us all. Prayers are the saving hope Prayers for our souls.
  3. church bells

    I will keep that in mind.
  4. church bells

    i was pointing out that original Basho did not have sylables, or puncutation. those were contrivances of caucaution poets that could not correctly translate japanese into english.with the same sense, and nuances,true with all languages. The Basho Haiku was short sentence,long sentence,short sentence. setting,action,.result. my poem shows an overlapping scene as the result.its my choice to use original or westernized form,or to condense farther or not. I find it peculiar that the english translators established a fixed number of sylables,for correct translating. and now hold hope everyone will think.this is the correct form.many new poets do not know the original form,or who Basho is. this is what the westeren world does. saying things like a false sense of urgency. poetry is from the heart, yes we want to stay true to form, many Basho poems are varied in the 3rd line .but opinions are like noses,everyone has one .lets remember,the message is the purpose of poetry. Joel you know what the western world did to the Bible. The poetry in each Bible translation language is worded differently,but they are true to the paralleslism,and the message, so a minute variation is not enough to take issue,in my opinion i am following Basho format. I know you and Tink are helping,with good motive,but please allow acceptable variations and not personal preferences.
  5. church bells

    Its not a false sence of urgency. Morning is a time of day. And the bells are ringing . Thats an observation , not a technically. Sometimes the message in poetry is important. Grammer teachers and english literature teachers fell in to that same trap. " The HEART OF THE POET has gone to school "maybe Bruce has a false sence of poetry.
  6. church bells

    sunday morning here church bells calling the faithful empty pews quiet
  7. Autumn's Encore

    good advice tink, thanks
  8. Autumn's Encore

    Ok. I'am the student here. I'll try that method. Thanks Tink.
  9. Autumn's Encore

    Autumn is my favorite season Natures finest hour. Kaleidoscope of colors their No rival can be found. The rustle and the krackle of leaves that sacrificed. Their lives to beautify the paths We tread to see their best. The coolness of the air so crisp The early hours frost. Renews our spirit and our soul Anxieties forgot. And even in the winter months most bleak and dreary days. Call for Autumn's Encore To bow on memories stage.
  10. Diary

    Hello Tony , I encryped my android, a while back, maybe hacking will become come an Olympic sport
  11. Diary

    I see that. more Basho original thanks
  12. Lucky Charm

    When were chrildren, we don't know what can happen in our future. Your a good Lady, you'll power through this kid. we'll pray for you, and all your friends will. better days are coming. Terry
  13. Hi Terry,  Typo you might want to fix before more people read this...

    To fragile for fingers to touch   Too fragile for finger to touch  

    A great line by the way.   ~~Tink

    1. Terry L shuff

      Terry L shuff

      Thanks Tink,  I always get those two miixed up. Iol.   Terry.  or is it 2 mixed up ?  I always get those  ..... mixed up.      hopeless    just hopeless.

  14. Lucky Charm

    I feel your pain ,3 major surgeries in 5 years, kidney disease advancing, favorite poem Invictus. ,,, favorite saying. " Endeavor to persever " we must endure tink. it defines who and what we are. Terry.
  15. Diary

    The pages so old, Too fragile for fingers to touch. Her secrets , still safe. Senryu

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