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Terry L shuff

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    Poetry, Dead Sea Scrolls Translating, guitar, gardening, ( floral )

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  1. Terry L shuff

    Realities fixed price

    Thank you Tonvy, sometimes I think i'm more philosopher then poet. or should I say poet wanabe.
  2. Terry L shuff

    Paradise Erupts

    Mount Kilauea has a mind of her own. We spent two weeks in Hawaii about 16 years ago. The Kilauea tour bus actually drove down into the cauldron on the road that existed at that time. We were allowed to get out and walk around. People were hiking on the road,some riding bikes. The crust was very thick and could support the weight of limited traffic. Steam was venting at some distant locations. We could feel hot spots on our feet in some places. The terrain was rough and layered from various times the magma had broken through over the centuries. Now that cauldron floor has sunk more than 1'000 feet since the beginning of this cycle of activity. Our driver told us, When I tell you , get on the bus...GET ON THE BUS. There were some 40 fellow tourists with us on that bus.
  3. Terry L shuff

    Memory Lane

    I visit that place often,too often.
  4. Terry L shuff

    Realities fixed price

    Realities of life do not relent idealistic hopes cannot compete. Begrudgingly we pay full recompense Prerequisite of life's payments to meet. We seek to bargain price or new contract The offer is rejected out of hand. We have nothing to proffer this merchant Realities fixed price he'll not amend.
  5. Terry L shuff

    Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018

    I think your on track with that possibility. His travels gave a great view of other cultures of the world.
  6. Terry L shuff

    Morning light

    I like to kindle thought in the readers mind
  7. Terry L shuff

    Mineral Skies

    The message was so clear to me Tony. Some websites are inundated with stories of ruined lives. Written in the form of poetry. I can't help but to advise them. And some are grateful. My wife Linda and I don't have personal experience in these tragic lifestyles. We've been blessed with a stable and happy life as a result of good parenting,good children,and and a strong desire to be the best people we can be. .
  8. Terry L shuff

    Mineral Skies

    How many lives have faced disillusion from their own actions? countless.....countless.
  9. Terry L shuff


    Nice one Tinker, Now I have an example of Tanka. I see I can link over,Thank you
  10. Terry L shuff


    Your depictions are so perceptive and discerning. Yet retain Poetic creativity and vision. My favorite line ' to surmise who will catch the fruit from the tree when it is fully grown.
  11. Terry L shuff

    The Quest

    Thank you Tinker,Poets of the past . I often wonder how many times they hoped their poems would be remembered and understood and were appreciated. Oh i just can't think straight tonight. confused and making mistakes. later tink
  12. Terry L shuff

    The Quest

    Poets of the past expressed their finest thoughts from hearts vast depth to grasp the future with request, remember us as now we rest. The words we wrote now speak to you,test them out and know their true. Our hearts gave out defiantly. We sought to write, thus span eternity. .
  13. Terry L shuff

    Morning light

    I have time now due to being retired, Haiku Master Basho is helping me think pure, simple thoughts and then present them in Haiku form. Pictographic transating of the most ancient manuscripts, inscriptions and papyrus scrolls of semetic languages for the past five years has drawn me to pure and simple thoughts and writing. Such as the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Our English language is wordy. I find it difficult to minimize my speech to ' getting to the point ' The Greeks were the progenitors of endless yakking. And as a result the western world was infected with this vocal intellectualism. Incuding my self. Oh well you can read all about this in my book in progress.
  14. Terry L shuff

    Funny Man

    Yes he must be guilty. It was just to much to accept, it,s just a big disappointment. There are many sex predators, young women must be convinced of the dangers of being naive. Young people are naturally trusting. These perverts know how to win their trust. And I believe Perverts can not be cured. The Bible says ' Perverts are Perverts form the womb '
  15. Terry L shuff

    Cold Bed

    I had quite an experience 5 years ago. the hospital staff was trying to get me in an MRI machine but the pain of my collapsed 3 vertebra was horrendous. After 3 doses of morphine through intervenes injections. I died literally. When they brought me back there was nothing to remember about being dead,just a deep sleep. Coming back was difficult,and time was slowed considerably. But no fear or out of body experience.
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