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    Poetry, Dead Sea Scrolls Translating, guitar, gardening, ( floral )

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  1. Terry L shuff

    The Quest

    Thank you Tinker,Poets of the past . I often wonder how many times they hoped their poems would be remembered and understood and were appreciated. Oh i just can't think straight tonight. confused and making mistakes. later tink
  2. Terry L shuff

    The Quest

    Poets of the past expressed their finest thoughts from hearts vast depth to grasp the future with request, remember us as now we rest. The words we wrote now speak to you,test them out and know their true. Our hearts gave out defiantly. We sought to write, thus span eternity. .
  3. Terry L shuff

    Morning light

    I have time now due to being retired, Haiku Master Basho is helping me think pure, simple thoughts and then present them in Haiku form. Pictographic transating of the most ancient manuscripts, inscriptions and papyrus scrolls of semetic languages for the past five years has drawn me to pure and simple thoughts and writing. Such as the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Our English language is wordy. I find it difficult to minimize my speech to ' getting to the point ' The Greeks were the progenitors of endless yakking. And as a result the western world was infected with this vocal intellectualism. Incuding my self. Oh well you can read all about this in my book in progress.
  4. Terry L shuff

    Funny Man

    Yes he must be guilty. It was just to much to accept, it,s just a big disappointment. There are many sex predators, young women must be convinced of the dangers of being naive. Young people are naturally trusting. These perverts know how to win their trust. And I believe Perverts can not be cured. The Bible says ' Perverts are Perverts form the womb '
  5. Terry L shuff

    Cold Bed

    I had quite an experience 5 years ago. the hospital staff was trying to get me in an MRI machine but the pain of my collapsed 3 vertebra was horrendous. After 3 doses of morphine through intervenes injections. I died literally. When they brought me back there was nothing to remember about being dead,just a deep sleep. Coming back was difficult,and time was slowed considerably. But no fear or out of body experience.
  6. Terry L shuff

    shared moment

    bumble bee pauses see eye to eye share moment
  7. Terry L shuff

    Morning light

    Have you seen trees in morning light ? A natural delight of spirit soars. No thoughts intrude upon your mind Just a secret moment that's yours. Breath will take pause, a smile will unfold you'll learn the value of this. Carry it with you through the the day Who knows if tomorrow brings rain ?
  8. Terry L shuff

    Funny Man

    My wife and myself just didn't want to believe these women. We will always question their motives.
  9. Terry L shuff

    Grand Isle, Louisiana, 1900

    Your poem puts me right there with. Them.
  10. Terry L shuff


    Perfect, my kind of poem.
  11. Terry L shuff

    church bells

    Thank you for that suggestion Dave. this is a new thought for me.
  12. Terry L shuff

    silk worm

    Thank you Dave, i appreciate your comment, about tuning wavelengths
  13. Terry L shuff

    Irma vs Florida et al

    . sorry i got confused,just woke up.
  14. Your right on Tink.  I agree with all the points you made.  especially. mankind probably upsetting the balance of nature.

  15. Terry L shuff


    Politics, some people are ruining their lives,over ,politics. why ruin the Joy of life ? Poetry is just one of the joy's of life,amoung many, many other things. I atribute this to, two dimensional thinking. But that's just my opinion. only credible to me.

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