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  1. Hi all- Im very glad to see I can still get in here!!! you haven't forgotten me?
  2. rumisong

    correction facilities

    well, we're getting closer-- its KRistin SCOTT Thomas (not Kristin LEE Thomas) see UP AT THE VILLA here and KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS here
  3. rumisong

    correction facilities

    Im liking the fast paced interweaving of multiple threads in this poem-- the grading of papers, watching a movie, commenting on the movie, commenting on the papers, commenting on the life of the teacher in a foreign land... very effective question: did you mean to get Kristin Scott Thomas wrong by name? or did it just happen as an accident when you wrote the poem, and thus thought you should leave it as how it arrived? I can see myself doing something just like that- but wanted to know some more about what was in your mind the title is perfect-- I revisited the title after reading the work, and it added another smile to my take (this is a cool thing about reading the poems here on the board-- the title is visually separated from the work itself, and I find myself often forgetting the title as Im reading, and have to go back with extra intent afterward to remind myself)
  4. rumisong

    PMO Meetups

    Tony, Ive been waiting for something poetic to come, before posting in the PMO meet-up thread about our ACTUAL-EPISODE-1-meet-up on Monday, but it seems that the farther from Monday I get, the less vibrationally will the muse speak to me on this-- so I best just go and make a report-- Of course, what I have to report, is what a great time that three hours spent with you was-- I have to report to others that our dear friend Tony is, in a word, ever so Generous-- Generous of Smile Generous of Listening Generous of Heart Generous of Time Generous in Courtesy and Generous in having taken care of Lunch! Thank you Tony, for all of it, and I'm most definitely looking forward to doing it again We should also report to the board that in our experience, when PMO members meet-up for three hours, there is no guarantee that poetry will be sufficiently discussed-- in fact, about 12 % I'd say, of what COULD have been discussed and conversed about, even was-- leaving another seven or eight three-hour-lunches to quite cover what an initial meet-up has to cover for two of its members-- can one imagine if a whole bunch of us were to have been available for this meet-up? We may have to book a hotel for a week, to get to a fraction of what there is to share with each other, I dare say. So, we will post the approximate next meet-up date here lest anyone want to come in from the British Isles or California or the Midwest of the US or from Macedonia in person... Should we report that there was a PMO voice that showed at our meeting from Macedonia? That was special I must say-- and the notion of a video conference in future would be all the better (the some-second of voice-delay in speaking on the phone takes some getting used to however-- does that sort of delay appear in internet conferencing as well?) In this way, maybe we COULD have a full member meetup from the other parts of the world, and You and I could be the in-person representation of the meeting-- yes, we should report on that as being a possibility, wouldn't you say? So, thank you again Tony-- I hope your experience of it was in some way similar to mine, if only that you would want to do it again-- (I will try better to let you get some words in should it come to pass, you are a great listener, and there is more about yourself I would want to have asked you!) reporting from the hills of western Massachusetts, rumisong
  5. rumisong

    Salami, Salamis, Salaam

    Well, if it's intended to "make no sense", then I'm all for it! (See PMO thread titled: "Sentences that Make No Sense", here.)
  6. rumisong

    PMO Meetups

    Hey T, I got wheels! an oldie but goodie-- a 95 Ford Escort, the guy who found it for me knew the original owner, who only ever used one garage for any work, and that garage is the one selling it (for a song, really) passed inspection just fine- even gave me a full tank of gas to go with it-- man, what a lucky strike this baby was-- so, still want to meet up, before too much snow hits the ground? (we're supposed to get a half an inch here tonight)... PM me with some dates and times you might be able to do a half-way thing... it would be great, I must say
  7. rumisong

    Before Dark I

    Gezzuss, what is it with youall today? this is FANTASTIC stuff, DC (&J) the very first line brought me right where I wanted to be for the rest of it-- which is actually, a comfortable place for me to be in-- with which to watch the world from that perch-- past and present, within and without-- Im used to this kind of world-- a sad and Flagrantly intellectual one-- deeply philosophical, that would drink philosophy under the table, if it wanted too-- Poem Noir-- yes...
  8. rumisong

    Harnessing the Talents of the Young [R]

    wow, youre really on a fuckin roll with this shit, ar'ntya?! really well done-- hits right here, and there! this is... wow--
  9. rumisong


    I like it very much many thoughts come to this, that cant be published just yet-- one in particular, reminds me of a time when my least favorite teacher (all of sixth grade, age 11) called my parents into school for a writing I did that she thought was ghoulish and needed to be told out-- my school life was hell ever since
  10. Excellent Outstanding the first line- Instructions to Fred the Fact: bit the QUOTE box all of it-- this is my kind'a thing (<<not a memorized standardized line that I have pulled out of my pocket for just this occasion, but, it is something Im sure Ive said before ;) )
  11. rumisong

    puddle reflections

    I like the experimental spirit of this-- Ive not seen this done myself (but Im not terribly well read anyway) I have to say, for me, the repeating pattern is more reminiscent of a children's skip-rope song-- interspersed with the serious poet and his adult intent, sort of ends up a bit stranger than Im able to get my voice around-- like watching that guy on the park bench who just watches the children playing all day, but without an empathetic innocence that would make us feel comfortable with him there-- more of a creepy guy-- thats what the repeats and the poetic words mingled here do for me... Ill read it again later, and see if I can hear it differently then
  12. yes, Indeed it could-- I think this thing Im calling Muse right now, is the same as where the Japanese were getting their Zen from, indeed
  13. no, I dont think thats it-- the only word that Ive ever been told I have an accent on is "water" -- (where most seem to pronounce it WAH-ter, I will sometimes sound like WAW-ter, ending up with a tiny bit of the "r" sound as if maybe Wawr-ter) -- but thats it, otherwise, I believe I have what would be considered quite standard pronunciations... right, right, like the word "INsurance" as opposed to "inSURance" -- I certainly pronounce it the second way too-- but youre onto something here... yes, yes, yes--- you have really helped me here to explain what Ive been wanting to say-- or how best to say what the experience of this 15 year old actually was, and how this event (why otherwise would I have remembered word for word this poem so easily (excepting the aforesaid "missing" 4 lines)) how writing this work has come to mean so much over the years of my life... and so, what Ive wanted to say is this: in a very real sense, "I" did not write this poem-- there are many many very amazing things that have come across my voice/mouth/fingers/brain, that "I" cannot rightly say "I" had anything to do with-- truly, a case of what the ancients have wanted to call the "Muse"-- now, the actually character of the myth, no, I would not have ever described it as a god or god-like or angel-like being that I was in conversation with-- that is not the common mode of my communication with this creative "other"-- but ... well, later... I will want to say more later-- not now-- but, I CAN tell you, that what Ive been trying to say here- and absolutely what I was in shock about when the English teacher was making his insistence, is that THIS is the very way I HEARD the poem arrive-- that THIS way of pronouncing that word, is not MY way of saying the word either, but that I am in fact INNOCENT in my taking down the dictation from the Muse-- do you see? because I was young enough, and because this Muse found in me a sufficient non-conformist, I have HAD to carry with me the absolute TRUTH of this poem and the story behind it (I believe that you guys are probably only the second to have ever actually been told this story-- I think I may have told my once-wife Pam once about it- but thats it...) none the less, Ive carried the TRUTH of it all this way, and there has been a very important reason for this-- (which, as I say, I will save much of what this is for later, but for now, Muse is as good an explanation as any for what Im meaning) so, put in other words, I am simply REPORTING on what the poem told me to write-- I was simply telling the English teacher what I had HEARD, not a thing that I wanted him to hear-- and there is a HUGE difference there... OH!, I just remembered this!: this TEDtalk, by Elizabeth Gilbert-- have you heard it?? it is the most FABULOUS of all the TEDtalks, my #1 of all time, for the description of this very thing that Ive been talking about-- and she mentions in it a poet, and how this poet has to run back to the house to "catch" the poem that has arrived from over the hill... oh, please DO give this a listen (or a read, as the transcripts are available at the site too, in a dropdown sidebar on the right near the top) THIS would be exactly what Im trying to say... Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity Oh, you just HAVE to see this one for yourself-- go! read/listen to this!
  14. thanks T yeah, see! I just knew it! but, you too are insisting on only one proper stressing for entire? -- see, to my ear (dictionary be damned) I can hear it either way... funny that Im still insisting my case-- is it british english then? I dont know-- Im saying I can say ENtire, and still be correct-- hmm (as in "rhymes with EMpire" I guess--)
  15. rumisong

    First Snow on a Saturday Morning

    Me too, I especially liked these particular lines, once I got the snow from out of the back of my shirt :) brrr
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