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  1. rhymeguy


    Antimatter Born on the dark side of the moon in the shadow of the devil cast by anti light unseen by dilated pupils blinded by an artificial glow. Mutual destruction Matter, antimatter Collide Gone
  2. rhymeguy

    Time in time.

    ​Hi, I very much enjoyed the beauty of this verse. I have made a few suggestions for your consideration as you may note below. I am certainly not an editor or that great a poet. Do as you wish with them- just my thoughts And we move through life, propelled by love and passion, towards the destinies we create and make manifest together, until we attain peace and fulfillment; the fullness of time, in time; as the blossom awaits the sunlight, to bloom and spread its fragrance; as new lovers' lips spontaneously press together, meeting softly for the first kiss, in silver moonlight. ​
  3. rhymeguy

    The Same Differences

    Thanks Badge, for taking the time to read and comment. You are right on.
  4. rhymeguy

    The Same Differences

    The Same Differences May I hold your hand; palm to palm, skin to skin, sweat to sweat? I am afraid of you. I have heard you hurt folks like me. I don’t like being afraid. I don’t like you much. You believe strange things that confuse me. I don’t like being confused. Perhaps you are afraid of me. You have heard I hurt folks like you. Perhaps you don’t like being afraid. Perhaps you don’t like me much. I believe strange things that confuse you. Perhaps you don’t like being confused. With eyes closed, minds open, palm to palm skin to skin, sweat to sweat, are our differences the same?
  5. rhymeguy

    Regent's Park

    My former self- could be so many people. me in my youth, me in a former life, me before... It all fits. We can't get yesterday back. I love "I felt such compassion for him" . Me too, I really feel sorry for the "idiot" I was :).
  6. rhymeguy

    Love Elusive

    Is there a "you" or just a dream of the perfect "you" Love the verse
  7. rhymeguy

    The Green Grass Of Home

    I am sitting in a library laughing out loud. It feels so good to laugh from the belly up THANK YOU!
  8. rhymeguy


    I can add little to the above comment. A life saved, a love lost. Very inspired and inspiring.
  9. rhymeguy

    I Miss You

    I am sorry to be so slow in expressing my appreciation to each of you. I am glad I could bring a moment of happiness. Very wise abstract- christ to have only tried one. I came up in a time when smoking was "cool" and being "cool" was more important than breathing. Well Joel the fact is, I can have it. But now smoking is not "cool" and breathing has become a greater priority .​ Yes sir, When you are a smoker the smoke is a fragrance. It is only later after you quit that it becomes a stench. I am in the early transitional stages between fragrance and stench. Indeed Benjamin. I have reached the place in life that I can say "Well when I was growing up...". Isn't it interesting how social norms and the definitions of good and evil change over the years? A great pleasure to hear from you, dr_con. I am in the early stages of stopping. I have not yet declared victory. I am thankful that this little verse allowed you a moment of laughter,
  10. rhymeguy


    It is so great to see your name and have the privilege to read your verses and comments. I have been gone for a time. As to this verse- I have read it multiple times and each time I get a clearer picture. I know little to nothing about meditation and had no idea to whom or what your were referencing in V4L3,4,5.( not because you were not clear but because of what I do not know, I will however research these things). I did type in" Dharma talk" into the all famous Google. I opened a site called dharmaseed.org and listened to a talk entitled "What I can control/what I can't control" by JoAnna Harper. I did this primarily to help me understand why these talks would cause one to forget something. I wanted to better understand your verse. I think I got the gist or at least a gist. If I get IT all wrong please feel free to tell me. Meditation is a practice that is designed to put us in touch with the "universe" and help us gain inner peace and clearness of mind, which, if done correctly and consistently allows us to be "better" than we are. Reaching that ultimate place is a life long journey toward an un-arrivable destination. On the journey we experience interruptions. How they effect us can be determined by the "level" of peace and understanding we have achieved. You spoke of finding a more suitable place to help you "get it", the woods or a mountain top. While this would be a nice retreat it is not life for most of us. I would think the point is to achieve inner peace in the midst of chaos. A calmness that we take with us into the world in which we live. I take your first line both situationally and figuratively. In any given situation, when disruption invades our life, how will respond. "Who will Answer the Door?" Sorry to have been so verbose. However, it was your verse that spawned all this thinking .​ thanks for sharing
  11. rhymeguy

    I Miss You

    I awaken in the morning darkness. Without thought I reach out. I touch the emptiness that you once filled. I remember that you are gone. Inconsolable I stare into the dark. I taste you upon my lips. Your fragrance swirls about me. Your gentle glow that lit my darkness, only a memory now. I miss you! I fill my day as best I can with distraction. But still you invade me when I least expect you. I see others and I hate them. They laugh and enjoy their love. I want them to understand this pain. They fear it, as they should, this devastation, this vacancy, this consumption of need. Oh how I miss you! My cigarette!! Oh how I miss you.
  12. rhymeguy

    The city state of London

    Thank you for taking the time to help me understand.
  13. rhymeguy


    I have read this many times. Each time the video images become sharper. I am not sure if this is a personal story or an observation of another's circumstance. Either way I believe it defines the thoughts and emotions perfectly. Great insight, tremendous presentation.
  14. rhymeguy

    The city state of London

    I have read this many times. Each time I am more interested in the message. I can't decide upon which side of the issue you fall. Not being an astute political observer, I don't understand all the arrangements. It would seem to me that this decision has turned the status quo on its head. Is that correct thinking?
  15. rhymeguy

    Title suggestions welcome

    Thank you my friend I will give the thesaurus suggestion a try
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