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  1. Tinker


    Once an addict always an addict, even when sober with a 5 year chip, triumph tenuous. ~~jvg Prompt: Write a poem in exactly 24 syllables using the word "triumph".
  2. Tinker


    I'm old, move slower these days, but like a rustic old water pump, words pour crystal clear from my well. ~~Jvg Prompt: write a poem in exactly 24 syllables using the word "rustic"
  3. Tinker


    A rare sonnet from you Badge. This is a lovely piece on aging and relationships. It felt familiar. ~~Tink
  4. Tinker

    Pavane dreamscape

    Hi Berry, What a beautiful concept, "music pre-exists". I suppose it does, somewhere, but I had never thought about it before. "wings camouflaged as waterfalls" I love the creative imagery. "music ushers the closer to the divine" Lovely. I liked this poem a lot, ~~Tink
  5. Not every poem has to be great poetry. ~~jvg #1 Coffee, hot and sweet, begins my day. The strong liquid wakens my mind. #2 How fast the kitten is growing up. She has doubled in size, too soon. #3 Sunday, day of rest and I need it. I'll pray from home today, Thanks Lord. #4 Ocean fog creeps in, cools summer heat. The damp chill is welcome. Calming. #5 Silence surrounds me. Even the birds keep their songs within them, at peace. ~~jvg Cinqku
  6. Tinker

    Rainbow Promise

    Thanks Berry. ~~Tink
  7. Thanks Tony, Nice article. I'm a fan of his work. ~~Judi
  8. Tinker


    Thanks Tony, My haiku was a knee jerk reaction to the photo. Your poem Siber is the real gem. ~~Judi
  9. Tinker

    Siber --for badger11

    I don't know how I missed this when it was originally posted. I'm so glad you posted the picture in the gallery. It is so beautiful as is your poem. ~~Judi
  10. Tinker

    Haiku Journal / Share Your Haiku Here

    #36 garbage lid knocked free racoon forages for scraps early wake up call ~~jvg
  11. Tinker


    #37 sage serenity barren trees line horizon clear expanse beckons ~~jvg
  12. Tinker

    Haiku Journal / Share Your Haiku Here

    #35 softly dawn opens on an old silent milk barn cows no longer graze ~~jvg
  13. Tinker

    Donald Hall

    Donald Hall has Died at 89 Although his poetry would not rank in my top 10 favorites, his book "How to Read a Poem" was a springboard for my reading,understanding and writing poetry. I learned so much from this book. Thank you Donald Hall, may you rest in peace. ~~Tink
  14. Tinker

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    #34 morning stroll, low tide white foam tickles my toes a seagull greets me ~~jvg
  15. Tinker

    It's Complicated

    It's Complicated A border in crisis families flee homeland US asylum entices Government takes a stand "don't enter or go to jail" crossing bares a brand Parents without bail children held in cages zero tolerance will fail They come for better wages to escape tyranny to rewrite life's pages Humanity versus security so many sacrifices a complicated calamity ~~Judi Van Gorder Prompt: 15 Lines 5 tercets with rhyme aba bcb cdc ded eae
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