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  1. Tinker


    Badge, This is filled with wonderful imagery. "runes of red light". I must look up the possibilities of the word "runes" This phrase is so beautiful, it creates a visual as well as reads well out loud. Love Labs, is that fiction or do you really have one. Our first dog was a Black Lab. Any way, barks "at something" I get the generic "something" but I wonder if a more interesting word like "shadows" or "squirrel" or "the rustling of a rodent" I'm just thinking out loud. I really like this poem. I live in a forest, the keying into a world switched off in a concrete environment is natural to me. In summer I often sleep outside on my deck and the sounds of critters close by and the vastness of the stars above transport me. The cry of a fox is like a woman screaming, the first time I heard it, it scared me. It is a common sound at night through my bedroom window. I haven't slept outside since I lost my dog last year however. Something very assuring about the presence of a large dog at your side. ~~Tink
  2. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for June 20 write a 10 - 20 line poem about some seasonal scene focusing on literal or figurative imagery. Parole The cool showers of Spring give way to shimmering waves of Summer’s heat. Burgeoning buds of Apri are in full bloom by June. The riot of pinks, yellows and purple declare, “Summer is here” How I used to count the minutes until the last school bell would ring and I was free to chase butterflies or with a splash, dive into a sparkling blue lake. No more morning alarm clanging in my ear or the drone of Mr. Andover’s voice explaining some math equation. Only brilliant sunny days and warm romantic nights My parole couldn’t come soon enough. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  3. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for June 19, is it hot where you live? Write poem about living without Air Conditioning in a heat wave, what would you do?
  4. Tinker


    Tanka #6 With the silent dawn fog rides in on summer's surf. Shoring memories of your caress on my skin. Reminder of what once was. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  5. Tinker

    Hunter in Training

    Hunter in TrainingA tiny tabby kitten, striped grey and black with green eyes looked up from deep inside a brown cardboard boxand made a small sound,a squeak and a meow.So meek and sweet, who knew?Too soon she showed true colors,with a flying leapshe climbed my body,up my back to my shoulderto attack my ear.So meek and sweet, who knew?Seemingly asleepher half closed eyes scan the roomalert to any movement.Her casual stance leisurely slides into a predator's crouch.So meek and sweet, who knew?Quick as a lizardshe twists and she summersaults, then springs to tacklemy moving anklesor to capture a black fly.So meek and sweet, who knew?Needle teeth chomp downon unsuspecting body parts, drawing blood,razor claws clingto fabric or skin,whatever she climbs.So meek and sweet, who knew?Then there are those still moments,her soft warm bodycurls into the hollow of my neck and purrs, her comic anticsdesigned to ensnare my heart.So meek and sweet, who knew? ~~Judi Van Gorder A Caccia
  6. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for June 18, Write list of pet peeves, Write poem as if you were sent to hell which pet peeve would you dread most? Here is my response to this prompt. Pet peeves disrespect complacency cell phones in the theater whiners people unwilling to learn more drivers who cut in and out of traffic spinners, those who won't answer a direct question with direct answer. Answer the damn question as asked people who say one thing then do another. Do what you say you are going to do What torment would I dread most?What does complacency look like?What does disrespect sound like?Abstract to concrete?In hell would any of those peeves bother me one little bit? How do I envision what hell would be like? Gone to Hell {rewrite)In the wasteland of chaos,a cacophonyof clanging cries,barking dogs,and banshee screeches,deafen me.Flashing strobe lights confuse,redirect my thoughtsand I cannot graspor holda single concept.My mind, tangledin an anchor chain of brokenpromises, strugglesto break the surface of clarityI am separated from the Creator within.The endlessness of this place makes petty peevesonly pesky flies at a family barbeque.How I long to return there now! ~~Judi Van Gorder Gone to Hell (Original) Peace and freedom I seek in a waste land of chaosdragging heavy chains pulling me downonto the hot surface of hard cracked groundThe cacophony is deafening,shackles scrape my hot fleshwait, do I have flesh?I have only my mindmy body was left behind.Wandering strobe lightsconfuse and redirect thoughts. My essence floats unfocused,burdened with the need to flee.
  7. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    Boy, I've been slacking here. Prompt for June 17 write a poem in any verse form inspired by this photo: Low Tide white foam on the tide scallop shells litter the sand a red starfish marks our spot a morning beach stroll seeking shells along the way we met right here at low tide ~~Judi Van Gorder Sedoka
  8. Tinker

    Found at Shadow Poetry

    Memento Graduation Square caps and boxy, merlot gowns worn with relief and pride We're done. They might as well be wearing crowns Hurrah. hurray they cried. We've won. Holiday at Low Tide Frothy surf slides up the white sand exposing scallop shells, seaweed and red starfish. Crabs scurry and buried clam's bubble, swell, birds feed. ~~ Judi Van Gorder
  9. Tinker


    Ah Aleks, We have missed your spirit. Please stay and join us. It is nice to feel your open heart. ~~Tink
  10. Tinker

    Paradise Erupts

    Paradise Erupts Mount Kilauea speaks with rock and fire Hawaii's biggest island makes a noise, new rivers flow like Pele's funeral pyre. A paradise of graceful palms with poise, warm sandy beaches, balmy scented air. A wonderland, vacationers rejoice. The climate draws adventurers to where the sea is clear and tropical breezes call, "explore my corral reefs, a life so rare." Exotic hula dancers sway, enthrall, a feast of mahi-mahi, pig and poi delights the locals, tourists, one and all. The island's known for fun, so pick your toy, a surfboard, snorkel, bike or hike a trail. A happy place to please each girl and boy. Idyllic bliss explodes beyond the pale, volcanic ash and fiery lava voice, destroying foliage, structures, all in swale. We know not who incited Pele's ire, she's blown her ancient top on Eden's shire. Mount Kilauea speaks with rock and fire, new rivers flow like Pele's funeral pyre. ~~Judi Van Gorder A Laurenelle
  11. Tinker

    Tom's Alley

    Aleks, So nice to hear from you. You made my morning happy. I hope your break from us was full of adventure, laughter and love. Now don't go away again, share your stories I can't wait to read. ~~Tink
  12. Tinker

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    WOW! Welcome home Aleks! #31 wet sand all around with broken shells and star fish morning stroll, low tide
  13. Tinker

    Tom's Alley

    Out of my comfort zone and I wasn't sure how this would be perceived by the reader. It wasn't entirely what I set out to do but it seemed to just develop on its own. The diminishing lines of the stanzas restricted yet pushed the experience forward. The "twist" was the unknown, do I include it, should I change to a drug deal going down, or thugs robbing someone, all scenarios that went through my brain. But I only had 3 lines by my own design. Thanks for recognizing it. ~~Tink
  14. 😊 Yes, I know. "prink" is an antiquated word meaning decorate and honestly I don't recall reading the word in any thing I've read. And yet early on in my writing I was looking for a word for a poem using my Thesaurus and found it. I've used it in at least 3 poems I can think of right off the top of my head. It is such a perfect word, the sound, the texture, the single syllable seem to show "decorate" so more clearly than "decorate". ~~Tink
  15. Tinker

    Anthony Bourdain 1956-2018

    Gatekeeper, This is a beautiful and surprising tribute. This brought home the loss to the world far more clearly than any reports I've read or heard. Suicide has taken too many talents that enriched the world. I often wonder about those truly talented, if the pressures of sharing their gift with the rest of us is a factor in their self destruction. ~~Tink

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