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  1. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    In 24 syllables include. The word “labyrinth Beyond The golden labyrinth beyond imagination threatens a madness from which there is no return. . jvg
  2. Tinker

    Browndown Gosport

    Hi Barry, I think this may be your finest poem yet. The weight of war blanketing a soldier in prep for war's reality, so heavy. It isn't a morbid or shocking piece but sadness permeates the poem entirely. I cried while reading. Nice writing. ~~ Tink typo Pauses created by line break instead of punctuation is often employed in poetry and works, but the possessive apostrophe should still be included L8 mens / men's
  3. 😁 Ah Gatekeeper, A bright light on a dark week. I love it. ~~Tink
  4. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    The Daily Poem Challenge at Writing.com that I used for the daily prompts has taken a hiatus and I've been too lazy to create my own. But there are many other sites offer prompts or challenges. Here is one I recently ran across. We all have dreaded demons that impede our ability to write. What gets in the way of your writing? Write a poem that describes your "dreaded demons". Death and Taxes "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin I bounce from pillar to pillar, a pinball attempting escape, fearing the IRS more than the grim reaper. Mind frozen from forming a plan to meet imposed deadlines, I deny reward until the deed is done. Judi Van Gorder
  5. Tinker


    Hi DC, Interesting use of repetition. I have to admit I wanted to see where this was going. I needed more. ~~Tink
  6. Justice Undone A disappointing lot, Republicans turn out to vote and fill the slot. Ignoring public bans, it ends. The party line they tow, Supreme Court Judge, confirmed despite the citizen's woe. They choose to back the sludge, a smudge. Our nation grows less kind and fails to care. They spin their tales of service and whine that sins of past not air, unfair. Now, partisan justice, "Me too" passed by, the law of the land will be dismissed despite the people's cry. Trump's guy. ~~Judi Van Gorder The Taylor
  7. Tinker

    Haiku Fridays

    2018 #40 clammy morning chill cat play starts day too early at least it's Friday ~~jvg
  8. Tinker

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    #39 its haphazard way leads across a sodden field earth soft under foot
  9. Tinker

    Haiku Journal / Share Your Haiku Here

    2019 haiku journal jvg #38 rain slicked two lane road prinked with golden fallen leaves autumn passage ~~jvg
  10. Footnotes to my poem Zimbabwe Child This was written in 2011. At that time a child died every 15 minutes in Zimbabwe. Once known as the "bread basket of Africa" the farm lands lie fallow and unworked, taken from the farmers and given as prizes to the military vets who fought the revolution. Life expectancy is now age 45 and unemployment is 80%. AIDS and starvation are rampant. The inflation rate since 1978 is 231 million percent. Robert Mugabe has been president since 1978. He is running for reelection this year at the age of 87. Mugabe finally was forced to resign in November 2017 at the age of 93 and is currently under military arrest. 2013 International Health Organizations through much effort instituted health reforms that reduced drastically the transmission of AIDS from mother to infant and continued efforts have brought the infected rate to 13.7% of the population. In 2017 the life expectancy is age 59 so there has been improvement. Zimbabwe still has a long way to go. Limpopo, crocodile infested river on the patrolled border between Zimbabwe and South Africa which is the most popular route for starving Zimbabweans looking for work, many die from the crocodiles. Others are caught and placed in refugee camps that are little more than internment camps and still others are simply turned back. siboyani root, native African plant, the root is dug up and must be boiled 5 hours before it can be mashed in the broth. mankata root, native African plant, the root is found in swampy areas. nsimi is a kind of dumpling or bread that is made from cornmeal with oil and water then rolled into balls and eaten dipped into vegetable broth.
  11. Footnotes to my poem Shifting Sands An exercise in the use of Anaphora. Written for my April 10, 2018 Poem of the Day - National Poetry Writing Month
  12. Tinker

    This is About

    Tony, What a great idea. I have now created a Footnote thread where anyone can post their "footnote" and link it back to their poem. Footnotes ~~Tink
  13. Footnote to "It's Complicated" Prompt: 15 Lines 5 tercets with rhyme aba bcb cdc ded eae
  14. Tinker

    Trail of Dreams

    Thank you Tony, This one that just sort of took off and wrote itself with a little editing from me. Once I decided to write a Dream Song I didn't really have to think about where the journey was taking me, just when was the short line going to happen and what pattern the rhyme would take. Yes I've come back and edited a few times as I had time to think about what and how I had written but I initially I wrote it in a very short time and when I read it I get excited about how it turned out. ~~Judi
  15. For any who would like to place a hidden footnote to their poem posted in Member Poetry or Overflow Member Poetry, post the footnote as a reply to this thread then link URL to your poem. It takes a little back forth action and copying and pasting urls but it can be done and it will keep your poem page clean of extra "stuff". Here is a blow by blow of how to do it. Post your poem. Copy url of your poem Come to Member Archives, access this post and reply by entering the name of your poem and whatever additional information about your poem you choose. Click the "link" icon above (it is first in the 2nd group of icons) Paste the url in the link popup window in the first text box and then enter the name of your poem in the second text box. Insert into post. Post Select the icon in the top right of your post between "Report this post" and the select box. It looks like a triangle without one side with circles at the tips. If you move your mouse over the icon it says "share this post". Click on the icon and it will provide a url. Click on that URL and copy. Click on the link to your poem and edit your poem to add a link at the bottom of the page pasting the "footnote" url in the first text box of the popup window and in the second text box type "Note" or "Footnote" or whatever word you think encourages the reader to read further. Insert into post. Post Now you have a link to your footnote from your poem and a link back to your poem from the footnote. It isn't as complicated as it may appear at first.

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