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  1. Beyond London 1888

    A poem for Halloween and written in response to a challenge at another Forum to write a poem including the words ghost - witch - pumpkin - apple - zombie - Elvis. A little wacky but fun. Beyond London 1888 The ghosts of butchered, witchy ladies moan the night the pumpkin moon ascends the throne. Communal cries of banshees drift in apple orchard, near. A frightening scream reveals a feral fear of zombie eyes. His name unknown, Elvis, Tom or Jack, the Ripper stalks again so watch your back. He seeks new prey. He's left the dim gas lights of London town and roams the country side, both up and down, by night and day. You'll never ever know from where he came, to him you are a pawn in a gruesome game. Don't be adorned, a meek reluctant guest in his brutal quest to cut a throat or two or more, at best. Now you've been warned! ~~Judi Van Gorder A Bridges
  2. These Leaves Falling

    Hi Frank, Welcome again to PMO. Nice Italian Sonnet with an interesting rhyme scheme for the sestet. Unique images of Fall in the opening of the poem but is at the pivot in L6 that the sonnet takes on its own life and begins to flow. I was just reading the lines up to that point and then I felt myself sitting up straighter and paying attention to not just the sounds but to the meaning and it felt cohesive and important. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. ~~Tink
  3. Out of Sync

    Welcome to PMO. I'm impressed that as a new member you began with reading and commenting on other's work, that is what keeps the forum alive. Thanks for reading and commenting on Out of Sync. The jury is still out on this one, I'm unhappy with the rhythm and flow and I keep coming back trying to fix it. The title not only reflects the weather but also the rhythm which was not deliberate. Your comment captured my doubts which clearly show in the poem. Good ear. ~~Tink
  4. That Seemed Good

    Wow! ~~Tink
  5. South of Ceibwr

    Hi Badge, I enjoyed the comfort of rambling through familiar roads that you beautifully describe in this poem. I feel this way every time I drive home from the office or shopping in town. The closer I get to home the forest is denser the trees almost embrace the road, like a welcoming home. I hear people say things like they must unwind from the day once they get home. I have always felt my drive home into the serenity of nature is my unwinding time. I am so grateful the fires didn't shift and destroy this beauty. And the coast line is at my back offering me another land/seascape should I wish to travel just a little further. There is a favorite restaurant only 10 minutes from my home that sits out over the bay and there is always one or two sea lions swimming there. Such a familiar site that my grandkids named one Emmitt and when they come up to visit we always go there, enjoy a bowl of the best clam chowder in the world and watch Emmitt bob away. I thought of Emmitt the second I read "seal and her pup". ps.. I am always impressed by the frame of your work. You provide what appears to be a fluid free verse poem when in reality you have paid meticulous attention to nonce form of syllabic unrhymed tercets. with 8-8-5 syllables per line. Masterfully done. ~~Tink
  6. Northern CA on Fire

    Reposted from a friend-for my East Coast peeps. The amount of area on fire in NorCal—simply shocking😞 Reposted: For friends on the east coast who are unfamiliar with the lay of the land out here and extent of the fires - imagine if ALL of New England - Maine, New Hampshire, Mass., Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont were on fire and toss in New York and New Jersey. Those states combined are equivalent to the Sonoma/Napa Fires which are continuing to rage on uncontrolled. Mendocino has it's own fire the size of Maine and Southern California's the size of Massachusetts. Last reported the fire is 27% contained. I don't know how they came up with that # but it seems to have turned the corner and they say they are making headway. So far only 34 deaths, but thousands of homes and businesses are lost The San Francisco Bay Area an hour drive to the south is putting out warnings of dangerous air quality because of the smoke. They have no idea what it is like up here. The sky is thick with gagging smoke where my office is located in the bordering town. Luckily I can escape to my home on the coast and I'm elevated and getting clean air off the ocean and it is above the smokey valley. But disasters bring out the best in people. I can't tell you the many acts of kindness I've been privileged to observe. Sad stories, heroic stories, tragic stories.
  7. Northern CA on Fire

    Update Nor CA Fires I have always felt blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have such a diversity of landscapes from the shores of the Pacific, the coastal mountains of the Redwood Empire, the rolling foothills with gorgeous vineyards and one of the most beautiful cities, Santa Rosa in the valley with beautiful Oaks and a variety of other trees on every block in the residential areas. Much of this is now either ash or charred wood and the fires keep moving to other areas. My home is in a redwood forest 30 minute drive to the west of this devastation so currently I'm safe, my home is safe and shamefully I was relieved yesterday when the winds turned and veered the fire east. But this could change with the crazy winds. Everyday now when I leave my home I have a packed bag with me for emergency get away supplies not knowing if I can return. Headed to the office to be available to my community. I'm an insurance agent, our phones are going nonstop. We know of 15 homes of my clients are gone. I am disbursing emergency funds to clients who are displaced and don't know the status of their homes. Plus fielding all kinds of calls from people who all of a sudden want to know what their policies contain and can they increase coverage. The answer is no. There is a moratorium. This is so sad. So much beauty destroyed. Lives threatened. Animals lost. Horses turned loose (lots of horses here.) 17 lives lost that we know of. 73 cell towers down and therefore communication spotty at best. Fire containment 0%. This fire is simply scary and it just keeps shifting, now turning north. ~~Tink
  8. Doorstep

    Oh Joel, This is so heartbreaking. So simply stated yet so much is contained in these few images. Quite beautiful. Boy I'm glad you are back. Thanks for this. ~~Tink
  9. By the Hunter's Moon

    Thanks Joel, you are right on the point of view. I like your suggestions about focusing on the sounds. I will continue to play with this. ~~Tink
  10. Northern CA on Fire

    Here Is California's biggest threat, FIRE. Packed a bag and headed to the office. So far the fire is east of my home, I won't be going to radiation therapy today, the cancer center may have burned down, I can't tell yet, The Inn and restaurant a half a block away from the center has burned to the ground. Even if it isn't burned there is no way to get there. Pretty scary stuff. Santa Rosa is my escape route in the event there is fire here on the mountain but Santa Rosa has 35,000 acres on fire including residential areas. I anticipate a lot of calls, I insure many homes there. Yikes, I still have the ocean 10 minutes away so there is always a way out, I'm a good swimmer. Stay safe out there. ~~Tink
  11. Robert Burns dreamscape poem

    Hi Barry, I was giving this time before giving more comments. The added strophes adds a lot to the poem and sounds more like you than the beginning. If this were mine I'd clean up the syntax and focus more on Robert than his parents. As I said before, early on it reads like a list of facts. L3 he had a dream . . . . . . who is he father or son? The way it is written the subject is the father and the son just an after thought. The son isn't even named yet we know the full name of the father. That is where I'd start. I think fixing the beginning help bring the rest of the poem together. ~~Tink
  12. By the Hunter's Moon

    Yes Yarn Spinner, Evil is alive and well. Thanks for reading my poem. Sorry subject is still too fresh. Fodder for writing Verse Form examples. I'm like the news shows on TV repeating and repeating. Route 91 Harvest Festival Three day venue of fun, down home western music blares from concert stage where three thousand gather to listen to country stars. Finale just begun. Popping sounds intervene rapid sound from a gun Fans crouched in the darkness bullets skipped off the ground, ricocheted into the crowd. Chaos, panic and pain, hundreds running, wounded. Fifty eight dead tonight. High up across the way, coward leaves no insight. ~~Judi Van Gorder A L'Arora
  13. By the Hunter's Moon

    By the Hunter's Moon Country concert, folks having fun. Warm Vegas night under the stars, the music played for everyone, straw hats and boots, led by guitars. Joining of friends to celebrate. Three days they played, too soon, goodbye, cherished the time. Now we all debate, Why? First was heard a pop popping sound, soon bodies dropping, screams, a shout. Rapid fire bullets abound, people running round and about crowds crouched while bullets skipped off dirt, panic, chaos, fifty eight die. When done, tears, pain, hundreds more hurt. Why? ~~Judi Van Gorder A Canzonetta
  14. That sound across the estuary

    Thanks Badge, ~~Tink
  15. Call From Concert

    Yep the world is different now. The friend that was shot just died. Mother of 4 with new baby. So shocking. Prayers for the victims families. ~~Tink

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