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  1. our beloved poet - has passed away... March 31, 1971 – April 4, 2016 just thought i'd let everyone know if no one did... i am not on here anymore but i knew he loved everyone and i thought everyone should know! http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/index.php?/user/4-larsen-m-callirhoe/
  2. MisterPoetry

    a few days before your birthday

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed and shared your thoughts! I don't know if I'm back but dipping the toe in. I'm on allpoetry.com and I get up to 30 comments a day.
  3. on a listless train, rushing through a tunnel the dark abides me with comfort like a swath. that reversed flash warps my eyes into a magic that empties my mind and i visit you in that black moment where you were who you were before.
  4. MisterPoetry


    this is sad and charming! i like the flow of your rhythm! quite a nice tribute - i'd say! enjoyed!
  5. MisterPoetry

    politically incorrect haiku and tanka vents

    I'm so happy to hear your granddaughter is well and active! That is awesome news! And sometimes the original writes are the most powerful!
  6. MisterPoetry

    death of another dinosaur

    Glad you got your poem fixed! I am glad you are better! It was an interesting read!
  7. MisterPoetry

    politically incorrect haiku and tanka vents

    The second haiku was my thoughts exactly. What parent would leave a little baby... What people would do such things... Animals. Good venting! And I'm so sorry to hear about your granddaughter and that would be terrifying. Thank you for the post.
  8. MisterPoetry

    death of another dinosaur

    Glad to see you frank! Have missed you bunches!
  9. MisterPoetry

    A poem that was

    Oh the ending is brilliant! It was a thought out piece! I get in the same phases also. I liked the bit about being so large they fell to the floor.
  10. MisterPoetry

    Magic Slate

    Oh I want the more of it! It was a great read and you did wonderful in flow! That is a grand chalkboard! Your poem is clever and good. I loved the description and imagery! I could see very clearly the all of it - like I was you in that attic! I want more! I'm starving for your poetry! Sort that I have not commented sooner!
  11. MisterPoetry

    "I'm Fast"

    Oh this is so grand! It made me smile and goose bumps went flaring up all over! Grand grand grand! I loves the intertwining of the voice of the mouse! You wrote this poem so damn good!
  12. MisterPoetry

    Things he said

    This is sad. I really enjoyed it. I liked the talk pattern of it!
  13. MisterPoetry

    The Red Sled

    i always returned. i'm like a ninja in the night!
  14. MisterPoetry

    The Red Sled

    Darn. I hate being wrong! Lol!
  15. MisterPoetry

    The Red Sled

    i might be the one very lost. and i meant no harm in when i made my comment about you - i just got a different perspective on the poem. but i'm a 28 year old male and my mind still drifts to certain area's. the images remind me of two lovers in bed. rolling around and finding each other. the slops and skiing for me where the stomach and fingers. the fall and tumbling into snowmen for me were like two bodies rolling around in bed, the skin white and naked. The lads race, unglove promises this could be the heartbeats... Silently, I acknowledge her a perfect ten. this could be the afterwards. she was really good in bed?! i don't know. not everything reminds me of sex, but this just had me reeling in the beauty of love-passion! you though may be correct too! we won't know until badge corrects us!

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