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  1. Like the perspective, and the craft. Good work Eclipse! Juris
  2. Very nicely done! And indeed a poem which uses 'Shriven' correctly, makes me smile with glee, even before the uplifting Harmony! ;-) Nice! Juris
  3. Agree with the above. Indeed a wonderful Gnostic, Kabbalah, Zen insight. And yes a piece of your soul, indeed. Brilliant! Juris
  4. The Dreamer and the Dreamed Case # 1 From El or Al we derive infinity and this: This Millenia This Century This Year This Week This Day This Moment And from this hiss Comes me in Bible School A pastor drones on Tribal ethics Tribal Morals Tribalism The origin of identity politics The exploit used by propagandists To separate divide and Brand Coke and Pepsi may have forgotten Who the philistine's were But their struggle Has been co-opted Planted so deep We don’t even blink When vendors Have gang wars over flavored Fructose and of course I think about how we erase history How in The Baroque theological Debates would be settled by hooligans Chosen by their alliance to particular Random manifestations of power and wealth Who would rumble in arenas constructed To prove biblical points discussed in Foreign languages whose winners Would decide the fate of generations Without understanding a single word The study group has grown silent I’ve read the Testaments understood Their Essence and am converting the Holy Book Into a pink cheese with salted sacramental Water The self-anointed Chieftain Stares declaring: At least we will have something To eat for dinner! The problem isn’t history Or its lack Rather it appears as this: What you have for dinner Dines on you.
  5. Enjoyed the illustration of a miser. Nice work, finely wrought. Season's greetings to you! Juris
  6. Sad News. Thank You for letting us know. Juris
  7. Winter Solstice 2016 I stopped writing poetry putting pen to paper finger tip to board I’m still living it How could I not Science cannot calculate the amounts of atmosphere DNA warmth from hearths and shelters microflora and microfauna survivor’s epigenetics the worlds lost when victims sank beneath the peat or lay in shuddered piles upon the ground we have taken into the Longest Night the dark that never gets short We all spiral here Passing our whole lives in the frigid embrace the Dark Mother our satellites and rockets huddle close for safety occasionally Bold Children Break Away only to be swallowed too far from winter fires to find their way back to community and collections a calculus filled with apocalypse End Time Teleologies scientific prayers of purpose rather than cause calling for an end Why this environment? Why something rather than nothing? Why suffer? Why Think? Why? And again Why? Only poets answer Thus and thus and thus!
  8. Thank You both! I appreciate your commenting on one of my throwaway poems;-) Only published because a visual artist I know sent me one of his Junk Paintings, which I loved so I sent this one out;-) many Thanks! Juris
  9. I was so busy laughing, I forgot to reply;-) Much needed . Juris
  10. The Only Thing Worth Doing is Impossible My poetry wasn’t good enough so I think taking comfort In Snyder’s words ‘Long ago I Stopped believing poetry could change anything’ Each revolution needs its scouts to look ahead to stand in the liminal wordless inbetweens carving Wittgensteinian markers no no no That isn’t right No one remembers wittgenstein snyder ginsberg blake yeats williams those who do don’t need to be reminded The Buddha was just a man inordinately afraid of Death and Old Age His great Doubt medicated by digital distractions now failing there is always chemical interventions The Great Revelations useless behind self created curtains all of us Suckers and Hucksters forever performing In this emerald blue circus See I say: Mixed metaphors language broken beyond repair The damage so deep I looked up antonym shaky useless garbage Inevitable growing up in a small town whose Brand whose fiery tattoo indicated who would be paid at the slaughterhouse: ‘Where life is worth living’ making it clear nowhere else is being a rebellious beast I would become a poet a poser a pedestrian a pedantic a potential without egress my morbidity a substrate for Zen for Voodoo for the godless arts as the chattel bray claiming they own themselves claiming they choose I moo we’re all domesticated mammals after all part of The food chain with pretenses of civility outside children learn to play tennis the trail of broken leaves and spoor now digital fabrications in unseasonal warm soon the Amazon will start burning the coral reverts to white calcium the bombs will start falling the night will blink out and we need poets and buddhas and orisha and lwa to do the impossible to become more than cartographer’s working for the king dividing the world into resources and hierarchies fooling the same said they are free within lines drawn by someone else Time to become the Land to be Divine marked only by yourself as an aside as far as I can tell this is improbable since the harshest critic the one who owns the biggest nastiest cattle prod tends to be me and you.
  11. As Gurdjieff said, "Nothing is real until I am." This little piece reflects that idea profoundly;-) Dr. Con
  12. Good to read you DC again (Other than via Twitter;-)! Lyrically enjoyable, profound in its simplicity, and not so much cynical (to me) but rather an elder hyper-awareness. Very Enjoyable;-) Dr. Con
  13. Echo everyone else's sentiments, a beautiful poem about love. A worthy contribution to Magnum Opus
  14. Too thick is just fine! Provides a dark enchantment- Atmospheric, imagist, a satanic invocation. Reminded me of my first viewing of the Original Hellraiser on the Big Screen -- The moment he is confronted mid-transformation, and his reply is "Jesus Wept." The inscrutable nature is part of this poems charm. As to doing Lovecraft Justice: This is far more Industrial, less pastoral, More Throbbing Gristle than Led Zepplin and I find that to be a good thing, personally and believe that there is a space of fans who would adore this kind of piece. An excellent example of itself, and possibly my favorite of your;-) Dr. Con
  15. Thanks, JJ, Abstrect, RG. Much appreciate your comments and thoughts and love it when Verbose happens;-) Appreciate the feedback, and indeed I think you all 'Got it.' And thanks AC for pointing out the 'Foundations.' Indeed that was what the poem was about, but I missed the literal Metaphor of Concrete Foundation and the 'foundation' of practice. Love it when a Reader, sees past what I do;-) Much Appreciation! con/jur/d