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  1. dr_con


    Sanctuary Sanctuary is Home without address Longitude and Latitude It spirals with you Through the ever Yes ever moving remembrance this this is where You Belong this this Everchanging is always always Your Home.
  2. dr_con


    Flies Fly is Buddha not his nature or a eightfold Refracted symbol to be dropped and discarded but THE LORD HIMSELF just like the silly language plagued primates Fly dressed in neon effervescent splendour does not worry his robes will be spoiled by shit or The Reapers rotten leavings nor does he worry if he is divine enough worthy of a brief life unlike Siddhartha’s disagreeable diagnosis of existential disorder his privileged fear of death Flies Cry Holy Holy Holy transubstantiate through the mesh of a well designed swatter or submit willingly to a lazy languid pillowed and ballooned hand With a nobel death sigh a hardly registered exoskeleton crack If only the Sapien Bodhisattvas had such clarity into the lineage of Infinite Succession a buzz on my window screen again.
  3. dr_con

    This is About

    Thanks Badge! As I was formulating the piece, I suddenly saw the young new poet at the open mic, who feels obligated to preface the poem with an explanation or a signifier, and realized I had been doing that to an extent as well about the poem that was emerging. Heh;-)
  4. dr_con


    Love Rustic! 😉
  5. dr_con

    This is About

    Running with the Dead (This is about) This poem is about Being awkward bookish Frustrated fanciful and Fuming this is about Standing before Audience Trying to speak truth Before you know yourself and the wanting The Wanting for something real authentic but you haven’t separated Intensity from Love Pain from Ecstasy Experience from Responsibility its About finding my friends And favorite authors before dream had edged into waking Wishing For nuclear absolution To be wiped clean To remain comfortable as violence transforms From chronic to terminal about holding onto stories Tight tight their horizons obscured the death Of their species a moment of celebration rather than loss Dumbfounded jogging through An old cemetary I saw our Names repeated An endless Liturgy Echoing the antecedents Of those I thought I knew And started laughing as the two hawks who Landed told me You Know nothing and possibly, nothing too well And so this is about The Hare who was frightened Running and hiding Saying Silly Silly Boy Your world is so fragile Enjoy this hunt chase magnificent Now.
  6. dr_con

    The Escapist

    Thanks DC! indeed, maybe my favorite line? 😉
  7. dr_con

    Self-Portrait 101

    How did I miss this? Lovely, lovely rich piece, it invoked so much in so few words. Well, well Done! Juris
  8. dr_con

    Cold Bed

    Dark and comforting simultaneously. Very enjoyable;-) Thanks JJ! Juris
  9. dr_con

    The Box

    A perfect and moving personification. And glad you have had a break in your challenges. Beautiful piece Tink;-) Juris
  10. dr_con

    The Escapist

    Thanks JJ! Appreciate the feedback!
  11. dr_con

    The Escapist

    Thank You All, here's the extended full version I'm reading at my dad's memorial this weekend.
  12. dr_con

    The Escapist

    The Escapist Part 1: Apocryphal truths On the day my father died I had 6 hours 48 minutes of sleep dreams both warm and rich fueled by post Yule nanoseconds of light stored by our 23.5 degree tilt our axial relation to the Sun Woken abruptly by the phone And of course I knew We all do Informed by The One who has lived it all The Storyless Storyteller who speaks out of the space between broken lines through enjambments past violated syntax and lost thoughts or the sentience he showed on that last visit mumbling visions so vast words defied him memories defeated him choices defined him To me he seemed to be waiting for permission He passed on the same day As our mother 22 years removed Apocryphal truths Soon to be canonical A reminder these Tales are for the living My only certainty Is this is a bad day To quit smoking. Part 2: Memento Mori Back when I was Immortal keen on living in relation to dying I asked for my 18th And he gave: A human skull mis-cut made unsuitable for medical diagnostics Perfect for desk and shelf of a burgeoning Philosopher Writer Poet or Bohemian Lout The last His stance A response to his Disappointment my assigned and labeled wasted potential I was just standing on the back of my ancestors who were Rebels All the way up and all the way down Our Prussian Forebears jumped ship accepting the deal With the Colonialist Devil William Penn for Land and Freedom Or so I was told but it comes back to Escapes Escaping his Parent’s Puritanical Moralism by stealing the Key of a Strong Work Ethic used again and again A life well worked borrowing peace with a Promise of Tomorrow I struggled to escape that Promise A constant dance with Memento Mori seeking a crack in the Now Like the original dance Hunter and Prey I and Thou It gets complicated Part 3: Complications A God that needs your belief Is not a real God Deep down Before Memory The Divine Is but a projection of the parental Molding our perception Do triumphs over Say But say I do beyond the all too Complicated dualisms of Family and Foe Blood and Water Success and Failure Right and Wrong these stories: The Summer I was 3 a stubborn stump being removed by the application of controlled Fire and Brimstone me running to get Daddy for Dinner and then the screams echoing thru the evening sky They didn’t know what to do My nerves dead charred skin in strips driving to the hospital He never said I saw Him volunteering as an EMT For years His Silent Never Again Or At the age of 7 On the field trip Listening to his stories of Ophidiophobia his deep revulsion of snakes as we walked The swampy path The Bush and The Rattle Magically I Am transported through the air from lead to rear clutched behind him As he reaches forward with his walking stick To reveal A Message loud and Clear In the study of escapology Remembrance is the only assured Method of escaping our chains.
  13. dr_con

    Christmas Eve Tanka

    Really enjoyed this seasonal Tanka! Thanks Tinker
  14. dr_con


    Nice work Tony! A fascinating image, framed by the title. I saw the individual, felt the conflict. Nicely down! Juris
  15. dr_con

    entranced by dust

    entranced by dust an early one not just my bedroom shared with my brother until Didi died his Latvian Metal Smith’s heart giving way after its cleaving from the loss of his wife Matt ten years earlier A patina of dust over-everything academic tomes nicks and nacks a lifetime of travel refuge escapes accumulated comforts mnemonics crafts startling colors dulled by wood skin metal fibers chaff microtubules vapor all the while Tardigrades herded mites and glass spiders across a family’s tundra unseen except for moments truer than true dusting I would sit for timeless seconds the light was just so slanting past red/blue child’s curtains Entranced by the infinite the regress a grain split again and again historyless lessons kaleidoscope leavings allowing no room for stories of angels heads or their pins.
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