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  1. Thanks Tony. Folk tales can pick up the darker threads. The editor puts together themed anthologies too - chance for PMO members to have poems in print! best Phil
  2. I have a friend who did some horse-riding in Siberia...but yes, this is a time in Wales
  3. Very readable setting and narrative. Perhaps Van Gogh was a tangent, took me away from the written word. The title is a definite hook. enjoyed badge
  4. under the stairs, hugging mum's laundry basket - the family scent - their haste in all things airing cupboard, upstairs, next to the boiler - copper womb - lulling mites to sleep not bite the outside toilet, snug and safe - tip-tap rhythms - Rhondda rain on slate the allotment shed, cooling in slow webs - the buzz - so many hungry hours beyond the chapel, woods whisper, nursing fairy tales - and here lying on this pew - the crucifix warming in stained glass light.
  5. I have one appearing here...
  6. Thanks Tony. I was unsure of posting the poem - how much the narrative would translate - pleased that meaning was not lost. best Phil
  7. Thanks Tink. Yes, a poem bedded in the language of locality. best badge
  8. My gran scoops hearts from pick n' mix, mumbles her wedding vows. Granddad offers his grin and grabs a bouquet. He wears red wellies and looks bone thin. It's Lucy's first day on the checkouts, our mam's trolley is overflowing with Pedigree Chum and Del Monte. I put some Spam in the foodie bin. Security's Flynn, a footie mate, we trade some tribal banter on Spuds. The trip's perfect, like an advert, it warms my pride of tattooed skin.
  9. Thanks Tony. The conversation of poems - clearly without reading your poems, the 'Cafe' poem would not have existed. best Phil
  10. I have two poems appearing here: best Phil
  11. Thanks Tink and Tony. I have a preference for writing short poems: the need to condense the primary motivation; an obsession with revision; and, of course, employment demands! Pleased you enjoyed. best Phil
  12. White-haired man in grey tailored suit touches my cold fingers with warm hands. Interesting Tink. I wasn't sure what the grey signified? enjoyed badge
  13. Never been in this one before. You may notice some lines that were extracted for the poem I had in Streetcake! best Phil
  14. Thank you both. The mag. is not to everyone's taste, but I find it experimental and accessible.
  15. crescent moon hangs low forbodes neither good nor bad but lights the drama