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  1. South of Ceibwr

    Thanks Tink. Always pleasing when a reader connects a poem to a personal context. I guess this brings a poem alive outside the writer's head space best badge
  2. Northern CA on Fire

    A traumatic time Tink, but you are right: the good in people is often found at such times. take care badge
  3. South of Ceibwr

    Thanks Tony. The intention was to convey that solitude prompts him to take less visited roads. best Phil
  4. Instapoets

    https://www.theguardian.com/books/books ... er-flowers 1.4m sales! I do like the pics https://19before97.files.wordpress.com/ ... 640&crop=1 http://i.huffpost.com/gen/3221728/thumb ... -570.jpg?1 The fact that poetry works so effectively with visual media is an interesting one...the sound of the thing...or an unequal marriage...where does the 'power' weigh in this relationship? Is the inclination to judge one medium as the one that drew attention...and the other that kept that attention?
  5. South of Ceibwr

    Revised He drives along grass-tufted lanes; not brave, not trusting: solitude maps his straying ways. The cove shelters a seal and pup; no smugglers, no theatre of men scripts the fraying waves. Original He drives along grass-tufted lanes; not brave, not trusting: solitude maps his straying ways. The cove shelters a seal and pup; no smugglers, no theatre of men to fray the collar of days.
  6. Three Drops From A Cauldron

    Cheers Tony. I'll take your advice...if there is a next time! best Phil
  7. That sound across the estuary

    Thank you very much Tink. You have a very generous heart. I know your country is in a dark place. I know there are Americans, like you, that bring light into world. That matters. take care Badge/Phil
  8. Coastal

    Thank you for that detailed response David. Very much appreciated. I feel I went with a sense of drift in the concluding line, but I take your point. May have to revisit that thread of a border/chain/wall. Very much like your suggestion of tow - threads nicely with tugs. Will ponder more. best Phil
  9. That sound across the estuary

    Thanks Tony and David. I'm still dithering about the title! Yeats' poem on the Curlew: http://www.bartleby.com/146/16.html all the best Phil
  10. Witness

    Strong narrative thread Juris, which kept me involved to the end. enjoyed badge
  11. There's nothing haunting here along the lip of sand. Just a curlew. That curve of beak will conjure smiles not ghouls. What comes to mind? The Clangers, Cyrano, a dimming of my eyes? That girl with wavy hair along the smile of sand.
  12. a/the

    Very much enjoyed your response Tony, which clearly reflects what you consider the primary characteristic of poetry. Musicality is certainly a primary reason why I read poetry. best badge
  13. First Responder

    Valid point Tink. Perhaps one you could lead the reader into by closing the door slightly with an edit to the title? Would First Responder be enough? best badge
  14. Coastal

    Thanks Tink. The question I have been asked: graveyards normally sleep anyway? best badge
  15. a/the

    Is there any justification to end a line with a/the? For me, it weakens a line: the line tails off at a point of emphasis. Perhaps the notion is to create a dramatic pause. If so, is it too obvious a device? Enjambment feels most effective when the elaboration is unexpected. best badge

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