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  1. And then I swept the dust away with Jenny's trusted broom. Besides the pot was not a fitting tomb. No antique could bury that lust for laughter, thirst for gin, that spice of briny tales. An urn's no shrine to foster ghosts, to web a hush of her. She was the crash of waves wetting the shore, the rush for more. No ornament could bin our Jen. And when I swept her dust to air, and when I smashed the artefact, I heard that blue blush of sea dashing pebbles against my door.
  2. badger11


    Enjoyed Dr. C, especially the fly bits. Excellent opening. cheers badge
  3. badger11


    Her tiny hands crush the fresh orange. A moon implodes - pips launch into space. I sip a camomile tea and crayon the consequences between supernova and nebula until gravitating to earthly things. My list of ten. I hoover. My little goddess wants to be a chemist and holds up fingers daubed with a sticky, primeval ooze. Her mouth opens up an evolution of mud and bellow. A salamander swallows the sludge of fruit and nut. I wash the breakfast dishes. A bee ... amazed by the pink blossom of the curtains, head butts the glass. I empty the dregs of last night's burgundy red, swallowing the buzz. An astronaut and his alien friend come into view. They've made a racing track, almost a figure 8. The human shouts: second comes last and first comes top. My name's Car-Crash, and that car's mine. I gulp a mug of tap water. My mind a hexagon frenzy of beehive memory. I dry the dishes. A spoon, a moon, a knife .... The astronaut crashes, always, because all aliens know the track should be a perfect O. The alien head nods in a measured and dad way, and life feels reassuringly extraterrestrial. I offer an E.T smile with two glasses of fizzy lemonade and press a button on the washing machine, cooling system, remote control - a capsule casually spins out of orbit from the gravity chain that links my list of ten. It plops into my tea. I drink. I dust.
  4. badger11

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    I dare not look up. The children scatter laughter. They can run away.
  5. badger11

    This is About

    Enjoyed the read Dr C. This poem is about - that is a great hook cheers badge
  6. Crock for drainage, and dark soil busy with woodlice. She overflows the earthenware with basil, oregano, thyme. Will they wither in this heat? Leaf like long lost scrolls. She buries prayers, that cilice of barbed vows, and breathes the shiver of perfume along her skin. This Magdalene has earth beneath her finger nails.
  7. badger11

    Sunday morning thoughts

    Agreed Tink. Same goes for reading. Sometimes I read a poem in the same way I listen to music - just enjoying the sounds. Especially enjoyed No.5.
  8. badger11


    Thanks Tink. I quite like the ease of not writing, but then tinkering with an old poem inked the pen! I played. best badge
  9. badger11


    I like the word oval. So for breakfast an egg, just like this hand, brown and freckled. My spoon taps gently on the shell. A child at heart I cut soldier boys from my toast. My wife believes in exercise and buys organic veg. Friday's always fresh fish. She steams their eyes to pearls and never sighs. I like the swaying fennel, but not the fish. It's winter now. She walks on settled snow down the Kissing Lane, and locks our door because I lost her gloves. I'm getting slow. She takes her sister's eager Labrador. I see her hands are cold, her sable hair flecked with frost. Childless we've grown old.
  10. badger11

    Jellyfish Whispers

    Cheers Tony
  11. badger11


    Thanks Tink. Our Labrador died quite young. I couldn't find anything when I looked, but she was spooked by something for sure. cheers badge
  12. badger11

    Jellyfish Whispers

    I have a couple appearing here... http://www.jellyfishwhispers.com/2018/06/two-poems-from-phil-wood.html all the best Phil
  13. badger11

    London Grip

    Thanks Tony. Not too steamy. Otherwise the reader wouldn't see the words!
  14. badger11


    Thanks Tony. Alertness, a keying into a world that we easily switch off in the concrete environment. I realise when walking in a forest why ancestors were less abstract in their belief systems. cheers Phil
  15. badger11

    In her garden

    Apologies for that Tony. Pleased you enjoyed. cheers Phil
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