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  1. A New Morning

    Thanks, Tony :-)
  2. Vintages

    Same appreciation as Tinker once I figured out what stemware is :-)
  3. Can You Hear Them?

    I learned a new form today. Aside from the refrain, I like L4 that is carried to L5 the part "of the wind". For me, it carried the entire poem.
  4. Let the Games Begin

    Thanks for the piece. I like the sound of "mile high slide". The first golds are all over Twitter.
  5. A New Morning

    Thanks for the read Tinker, especially, that you are a woman reading this. If it appeals to you I am positive this will appeal to my wife..
  6. A New Morning

    The first rays of sunlight broke through the window just when you turned to me. I see the beach, white sands, and blue-green waters from here. The waters glisten, as your lips met mine. I find comfort from your body’s warmth even while the breeze keeps pushing these curtains, white as foam of waves, off the window frame. I don't need a cup of coffee now if you won't let go of your warm and tight embrace. In this bluish morning, as the coolness lingers here, let your eyes be the sun of my sky. * This will be my anniversary poem for my wife in our 32nd.
  7. Like a blanket

    You are right, Tink. It was a sort of smothering blanket.
  8. Windshield

    Thanks for the read and catch, Tink. That is really the atmosphere (no pun intended) of the poem.
  9. Solstice Sundown

    I enjoyed this too but this just a comment - I thought 'painting the western sky/in its most brilliant hues' is redundant. The power of the first two lines were sufficient.
  10. physician of the soul

    The title told me that I might encounter medical terms in the body of the poem. The initial line set the tone - this maybe more than just a metaphor. I am in a dream where anything can happen. The series of words that followed - red moon, wound, soldiers, surgery - transported me to a battle zone and probably an improvided medical/surgical site. There appears to be a transition, coming out of the dream, into another reality in the second stanza. Whether this is another dream is not clear to me at this point. Quenu, now more defined as an angel without wings. Not clear though if it were the vision that was turning into ambulances or the patients at this point. The "I" finally identified himself as a surgeon. But there is a transition - from surgeon to 'physician of the soul'. Does that imply becoming a psychiatrist? Is the soul referring to the mind? The keywords that followed appear to confirm this - despair, rage, psychosis, and synesthesia. How that transitioned happened and if we are now still in the dream or not is not clear to me. If this poem, eclipse, tried to deliver hallucination as an experience, then it does not have to explain things. Just experience it. But it does create a collage of images of war and closes with it - snow flakes scream and blood sing.
  11. Windshield

    I feel like I am driving against the rain while the downpour smashes against my windshield like mad. If only I could take that right turn onto a road of rain-less sky, that ascends to a safe hill. I miscalculated. Instead, the heartaches are rising like floodwaters, there is no point to clear the windshield.
  12. Like a blanket

    Thanks Tony for the read. Yes, I was trying to weave together a common experience of darkness.
  13. So Far Away

    'directs my heart to think of you' is a private moment that gave readers the mystery of the poem. We were just co-observers looking at the speaker's wonder.
  14. entranced by dust

    The power of the inventory of the images set in context implying distance of time and coming home recalling memories, physical memories nothing supernatural. I enjoyed the enjambment that was like a waterfall effect.
  15. Clubland

    Three key things caught my attention - the contrast of 'there's no one here' and 'I'm not anywhere', the wine metaphor and Bendrix. I have to read a summary of that story to appreciate the reference. However, I missed the link with the title 'Clubland', must be cultural, unless the word 'club' in it paints a reference to alcohol use and so the metaphor.
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