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  1. eclipse

    Pablo's music

    Nine year old Pablo was fixated by the drumming rain outside the attic window, he was autistic, a condition his mother struggled with, Pablo had hidden her anti-depressants behind the glass case of butterflies. The wind outside to seemed come and go like a rocking chair, Pablo had taught himself to play guitar, he heard music in the wind and the rain and could see musical notation in the clouds, but Pablo kept his music a secret. Pablo noticed his mother staring at the clouds, they contained fire when he saw them reflected in her eyes, he also observed the twitching of butterfly wings in the glass case. One summer evening Pablo's mother slipped inside the attic unnoticed, she was enchanted by her son's rain enraptured eyes and the music he was playing. The butterflies had vanished, Pablo had brought them back to life allowing them to leave through the window. The trees in Pablo's garden kept their leaves through autumn and winter. Between the borders of dreams and sleep Pablo heard notes no one else could hear as he dreamed about the confluence of two rivers of light where the wind's hands bled from collecting butterflies exhausted from attempting to reach the moon, the blood reacted to the light, Pablo could see himself emerging from the womb, butterflies connected like an umbilical cord, he could see the moon shaving off it's beard of fire in his mother's eyes, she purged her grief in it's flames as they fell, her husband died before Pablo was born. Five butterflies returned, they were pressed against the attic window, his mothers last vision of her husband was of of him clutching a music box, Pablo began to wonder if this was the source of his music. Pablo's father sang to him in a dream, the butterflies gathered to move and sway like a rope in search of a bell.
  2. eclipse

    Hawk in the park

    The sparrow hawk discovers Pearson park-like finding a pearl inside a shell inside a pearl. Pearson beckons the bird holding the moon between his fingers like a lens, the moon clutches his monument. In spring bank cemetery a grave whispers to itself in search of an incantation, Pearson will meet himself in photographs turned inside out, birds will freeze when the hawk repeats it's inner flight. Seasons demand clocks exchange hands, pond waters reflect a birds wings before it lands like a dream passing through consciousness. Locals clamor for summer's constant caress as they haunt the park and bask, somewhere winter has autumn's mask gripped in it's claws. The sparrow hawk follows and ancient impulse, Pearson prays for a feathered moon to find and liberate his ghost.
  3. eclipse

    Pearson park

    Leaves are like foot steps as they land. Eyes from a stone monument see gates in the clouds, pigeons crowd the sky. Pearson's ghost and that of the rain share an umbrella, In a empty house candles hunger for flames, windows forage for faces and names of children long gone, green eyes of a girl fill the barren fire place, the clocks hands are handcuffed Children enter the park like light entering the eyes of a swan with the moon riding on it's back. Hands of pick pocket winds steal flames from the sun reflected in the eyes of birds. Seasons in the park have made me both key and keyhole. Branch tips strain for the braille manuscript in the clouds above. I watched leaves fall from trees, emerald tears fall from keys and heard the sound of children's footsteps.
  4. The flycatcher cuts through the paper wind announcing the drowning flight of winter's satellite. Summer arrives reflecting the bird flying backwards in it's mirror. The night observes the flycatchers skydance-it balances streams and rivers teaching them the moves-they dance with the ghosts of Oklahoma. Two birds stream across the sky like shadows from a fire.
  5. eclipse

    Homage to Romance

    an excellent piece Tinker
  6. eclipse


    The hands of stars polished diamonds on our backs made by angels from blood, they trampled on our backs as the golden oriole's breast covered the moon. We placed sleeping tablets on the night's tongue and learnt the language of fire-the night spoke in it's sleep, the names of those killed, angels left wings as they parachuted from graves. The war was like a wind blowing against bloody wrists near a cross that eventually reached the wings of a bird. Ocean waters like blood washing against lighthouse nails, spirits sailed on time's waters warning never to predict or prophesize their demise. Deserts exhaled when soldiers returned home, our shadows were distilled in a forest of moons. I returned to the soil, letting it fall through my scarred fingers, clouds pass through the eyes of the dead.
  7. eclipse


    Sonny Hathaway the landscape painter had a stroke which made him blind, his wife had passed away a month earlier, he had been working on a painting of them both before his stroke. Sonny had a dream that night about his wife, she had her fingers pressed against the bedroom window, he was woken by fingertips pressing onto his eyelids, a pair of hands guided Sonny to the canvas to help him finish the painting of him and his wife Sonny could see the painting but not his wife. Sonny went back to sleep, saw his wife, they left for paradise.
  8. eclipse

    space station

    The earth was like a swan as it moved through space,the debris surrounding it-like disconnected thoughts.This was Jack Johnson's fiftieth night in space aboardthe space station Argonaut. Jack had recently been hallucinating, mistakenly seen a spider's web, hehad been connecting stars searching for the index ofcreation.Jack was surprised at how black space appeared during the daytime and how incongruous death was withwhat Jack was experiencing in space.There werefifty two computers on the space station and twelve kilometers of electrical wiring but very little intellectualstimulation.Jack had been a Buddhist for twenty years and was startingto have doubts about reincarnation, the space stationseemed so sterile it was was made up of a number ofpressurized modules that served as scientific laboratoriesJack saw sixteen sunrises daily, the sun was taunting him,flashing his previous incarnations before him, remindingJack that it's life would continue long after he had gone andreincarnation was not guaranteed. Light from stars waslike echoes of previous lives he was sure he had lived.Jack compared his weightlessness with the increasinglyheavy thoughts he was starting to experience, the vastnessof space amplified Jack's despair, the earth was like a wheelof prayer he could not reach, Jack seemed to exist in someform on earth and on the space station and in an anotheruniverse also, space station crew members were like ghosts.Jack had his wedding picture with him and wondered if the universewas like a camera with an unknown intelligence filming itself,Jack existed in another dimension filming himself . Jack had a dream that night about a circle of mirrors containing his reflectionwithout an external presence-this was akin to several universesexisting but not being able to communicate.
  9. eclipse


    has anyone heard from David?
  10. eclipse


    Ruby the wife of Kevin Holland passed away while he was at sea on the fishing boat he had named after her. Kevin was devastated by her death, he painted the hour glass she had given him as a gift. Kevin went for an early evening walk on the beach and could see two figures emerge from the sea, they walked across to two deck chairs left a shell on each one then vanished. Kevin put the shells in turn against his ear, he could the voice of ruby and another woman, this made him drowsy -he slept in one of the chairs, one of the figures returned to whisper in Kevin's ear, a mermaid had given Ruby eternal life and when he returned to sea he heard them both chanting his name like an incantation.
  11. eclipse

    moutain leopard

    The mountain- an angel in different form, the snow it's wings. The leopard is like a disconnected moon, a wheel of prayer. The male leaves his scent in search of a mate, heaven on earths template camouflaged in nature left by an unknown intelligence. The cat's claws slice into snow, somewhere sawn down trees make contact with the earth as they hit the ground, empty spaces where branches used to be, spaces reserved for the waiting to be born who will help a planet climb towards a new consciousness. The moon reaches the eyes of a pregnant leopard and in the desert those of a sphinx, nature's seamless rebirth as man's arid ideology brings sections of an ecology to the mortal brink. The wind the mountain's unrealised ghost encounters a newly incarnated cub as the moon's clock exhales onto ticking flakes of snow. the moon's ghost is wrapped in furs as it tries to initiate a seance and attempts to push the mountain between world leaders who claim to control the tides, the rains wake an angel sleeping on their glass sky, who will collect the water leaking through cracks as an angel collects the final screams of animals caught in traps.
  12. eclipse

    candle dust

    Blind Ezra sat in his garden as the moonglight ravsihed his cat Rumi's fur. Memorys were like candle dust in a matchbox as Ezra reminisced, icy glints were like eyes that helped view visions of the past. Rumi blended with the moonlight leaving enquiring green eyes reflected at the moon.
  13. eclipse

    5 hours before dawn.

    this has echoes of Fernando Pessoa-the book of disquiet
  14. eclipse

    Movies and Horses

    lovely piece of writing-so uplifting-barry
  15. eclipse


    excellent use of metaphor-well done
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