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  1. eclipse

    war child

    Thanks tony for this website...
  2. eclipse

    war child

    Thanks tony.they were written for a contest. Are they good enough..
  3. eclipse


    Intriguing work.cryptic
  4. eclipse

    The butterfly collector

    I killed a man today, woman yesterday, oh lord next it will be a child. I am not a hero,please tell dickhead trump and the other politicians. Back home i was a collector of butterflies, the tattoo of the blue Adonis butterfly has one of it's wings obscured with scars, the duality has gone my conscience is trying to contact me, Why hasn't war been resigned to a museum, i can hear bullets laughing at the absurdity, I wish i could return the earth to god's gun and put my finger in the barrel until all wars have ended. I experienced the hallucination of a double crucifixion and the painted wing of the blue adonis on a man's chest, I encountered my former self in the confluence of a net and gun.
  5. eclipse

    war child

    Deliver this child who has lost an eye to a hospital, convey the conflict in a three minute clip then cut to the adverts. Child is having a seizure on a hospital bed, shake out the truth from the political matrix. On facebook a photograph leaks the blood from a child's bloody limb onto the pictures of those killed in war.
  6. eclipse


    Hi there...thanks...
  7. eclipse


    This is exquisite...
  8. eclipse


    Carpenter dreams about the sky turning to wood where he carves a pair of eyes through which the sun burns through to reach a pair of hands inscribed onto a tree. John Finn wakes in his attic flat on the park as morning's first rays reach vague fingerprints on a bonsai tree that rests upon a table, outside trees detect finger tips in the rain, carpenter strains as fleeting inspiration arrives, he completes a carving of the sun sat at a table on the park, the figure holding the bonsai tree is revealed ready to take Finn to another place.
  9. eclipse


    Amazing narrative..well done...
  10. eclipse


    Lovely writing..gave me great pleasure...
  11. eclipse


    Where is everyone...
  12. eclipse


    Before he died my grandfather told me he could hear five winds, with the same number of stages on the journey to heaven, he left me a chest of drawers and left a candle, music box, dream catcher in each of the drawers, he was going to collect the dreams of angels, then return to visit my wife's first baby while still in the womb, where he would share the dreams accompanied to music. Eli my son was born with a musical gift and leaves his musical papers in the chest of drawers.
  13. eclipse

    Rainbow Promise

    beautiful flowing sonnet
  14. eclipse

    Pavane dreamscape

    Music pre-exists somewhere, angelsdeclare wings be camouflaged as waterfallsas they incarnate as poets and composers, outsideFaure's window a web sways simply in the wind,the spiders intricacy pre-empts the inspiration forthe Pavane, disparate notes in the composers mind arelike chaotic fires in the sun, incantations exit froma source undefined, humans are notes personifiedmusic ushers them closer to the divine. The moon dances through fire with dancers departingthe earth, Music the invisible bee makes visible flowersof the mind,. Can we amplify the melody of humanityto attract the ear of a deity to the earth like a shell, willhe hear his own inner rhythms within the tides of history?.Mermaid with a pearl eye hums the Pavane to earn thecry of the languid moon who places the pearl inside theeye at the center of a web as he masters the ebb of themusical matrix. The mermaid's pearl eye in the firmamentfollows the moon, music accords with listeners transfiguration.
  15. eclipse

    It's Complicated

    loved the brevity of this powerful piece
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