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  1. Ode to My Left Hand

    Really like these two poems that make a refreshing change from reading relationship poems of the young. I'm beginning to feel like Steve Austin as I keep having artificial parts fitted. Still... there's always someone worse off. Stay well G
  2. First Responder

    A topical theme with concise imagery that works for me.. A recognition of our emergency services, whose wide ranging duties are so often taken for granted.
  3. Cassini Spacecraft: A Paean

    Fascinating subject matter dealt with in an intelligent and entertaining way. Coincides with my reading of Dan Brown's "Deception Point" ; which although fictional, contains various allusions to the political, practical and secretive vested interests. Much food for thought as I recall how Carl Sagan said that practical space travel for humans, is as far in our future as Columbus is in the past.
  4. Flickering Afternoon Light

    A well toned and elegant piece that exemplifies the show not tell ethic. Enjoyed.
  5. Texas Massacre

    The destructive power of nature is seldom far from us.. thankfully neither are such "valiant souls".
  6. Quasimodo

    Glad you like it. I thought it might make a small change from the daily diet of modern misery we all seem subject to at the moment. G.
  7. On a Starless Night

    Also enjoyed your narrative with its rhymes. Deer are beautifuland and passive creatures-- does maternal and alert, but nature in the wild has no rules. Only survival.
  8. Quasimodo

    I'd never seen her fresh spring flowers Nor felt lush grass between my toes Yet sense a purpose in these hours Where such vibrations are let loose That resurrect a tower of Babel Where sanctuary foils the rabble Who shun all forms of empathy In vicious words I cannot hear Till innocence becomes a victim Of lies and vain self interest My curse remains a cruel jest To those who ridicule the smitten And I pour scorn from high above For there is all I ever loved
  9. Witness

    Your work is excellent and relevant as ever. This evokes for me a vision of bright eyed pedants with gleaming white teeth, who wouldn't take your word for it if you said they were on fire... even if they were.
  10. Pareidolia

    Thanks Dave for your much appreciated and detailed review which I will act upon. My apologies for the belated reply. "Life is what happens to you when...etc." Michael. Thanks for leaving comment.. The way that sibilance and assonance etc. blend with consonants becomes icing on the cake when composing verse... English is such a wonderful language. Terry. A lifetimes love of literature and music has much to answer for.
  11. the apprentice

    Thanks guys. I firmly believe there's little we can do to improve upon great writers of the past--but it's nice to surf with verse on the backs of them
  12. River Crossing

    Hi Tink. I really like this one-- particularly the excellent use of first person narrative. It draws the reader into the specific voice and world created in the piece. Personal at face value-- yet it embraces a universal fear of uncertainty; one that goes with struggling to make sense of this plane of existence.
  13. the apprentice

    Hi Tink: Haven't been around for a while-- there's so much going on in the world at large just now. I couldn't resist making an ambiguous slant on Goethe's 1797 ballad poem which holds an ageless appeal from the humorous to the serious. Probably because the basic traits of human nature remain constant. Many thanks for your kind response. G.
  14. the apprentice

    a smile of satisfaction lights his face as mystery and madness come to hand he wields the power of the master's wand to magnify his will and force a change and magic in which he's not fully schooled precipitates an aggravating swirl with all the inborn madness of a fool to shake a delicately balanced world but will his mage return to break the spell before a tempest runs its frantic course or keep such invocations to himself accept things work for better or for worse that fools just don't know what a fool can be till life provides the opportunity
  15. Lillian Bilocca

    A fitting tribute to a remarkable local woman "Big Lil" who campaigned for safety measures following the loss of three Hull trawlers in 1968 - St Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland - all sunk in quick succession. Only one man survived.. I recall the tragedies well-- for I lived only 30 miles away at the time and my wife's father was also a trawler man sailing out of Hull. The city was badly affected.

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