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Found 2 results

  1. Tinker

    Christmas Care

    Christmas Care Holiday brings joy and laughter, happiness in celebration, hanging holly and mistletoe. Hope, the reason for the season. But there are those who feel no joy. Bereavement, loss or circumstance become an overwhelming bar. Be kind and show understanding. Christ was born to bury sorrow caring for the broken and lost. Carry His message to others, Christmas hallows love and mercy. ~~Judi Van Gorder Notes: ▼ Traditional Mongolian Meter is thought to date back to Genghis Khan but the first record of this more sophisticated form is the 17th century. It is a little different than most forms in that the lines are head rhymed. Alliteration is a prominent element of the form. The elements of Traditional Mongolian Meter are: written in any number of quatrains. syllabic, usually 7 to 8 syllables. head rhymed, technically, head rhyme is just the first consonant of each line matching. However, it is often seen as the first syllable in each line rhyming with the first syllable of the ensuing lines. Rhyme scheme aaaa bbbb cccc etc. (Remember the rhyme is at the beginning of the line, not the end.) alliterated, although alliteration can occur within a couplet and need not be contained within a single line. If true or near rhyme is not present, alliteration of the first word of each line is a must. Rhyme to Begin Ride an elephant with Genghis Khan, write in an ancient Mongolian form rife with head rhyme and similar sounds, righteous word donations excepted. ~~ Judi Van Gorder.
  2. Tinker

    From the Heart

    From the Heart Exhausted from his midnight trek Old Nick collapsed in a fold. These annual Christmas trips were harder and harder each year. While his hips got larger and larger and he became less quick. To Santa with Love. He drug his almost empty sack from the sleigh and said, "What ho? What is this that I missed?" It tumbled to the snow. Had he been remiss? A gift to whom? He'd like to know, but wait . . To Santa with Love. He raised his eyebrow in discovery mode when recognizing the hand of Lilly Elf, the precious pixie in charge of "do it yourself" she spoke for all when she tearfully wrote the ode. To Santa with Love. It seems his elves noticed his growing girth and decided he needed a scheduled, active life so gifted a Fit-Bit to help Santa thrive and cookies scratched from his diet herewith. To Santa with Love. ~~Judi Van Gorder Notes: ▼ Theme: Sad Santa. Santa's been all 'round the world and every single deserving person on his journey has gotten one of Santa's gifts. But he has just discovered that he still has one small gift left in the bottom of his pack. He doesn't know what to do! Cannot give it to the world. It doesn't contain a cure for any disease, it can't make everyone nice, isn't money and it can't bring world peace. It isn't an embodiment of hope or joy. It is a concrete thing that can be placed in a box, wrapped and given. While not necessarily a toy, it is something one can hold in their hands. Who gets it? Why? What is it? What will make Santa happy? Hurry, dawn is approaching and Santa must give out everything in his pack before the first rays of the sun break the horizon. Words to use: precious, tear, eyebrow, fold Forbidden words: none today Additional parameters: Rhyming - must use at least 3 'slant' rhymes, descriptive, at least 15 lines. Stanzaic Form Used: The Tennyson is a stanzaic form patterned after Ask Me No More by English poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson (1802-1892). The elements of the Tennyson are: stanzaic, written in any number of cinquains. metric, iambic, L1-L4 are pentameter and L5 is dimeter. rhymed, envelope rhyme scheme abbaC deedC fggfC etc.  written in with L5 as a refrain repeated from stanza to stanza
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