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Found 6 results

  1. jakecaller

    my chan

    my chan making love to you as snow falls take away the blues for to day nothing but the blues birds call nothing more the blues snowing the wild birds call continues snowing
  2. Tinker

    Ode to Oats

    Ode to Oats Steam bowls off the bubbling mound of my morning oatmeal waiting patiently to be smothered by butter oozing into its oaty crevices and the soothing rivulets of pearly milk. A smatter of raisins stirred in, renders a tart sweetness to tickle my taste buds. Sustenance to savor. ~~Judi Van Gorder Revision Dumped Ode to Oats (revision) Steam bowls off the bubbling mound of my morning oatmeal waiting patiently to be smothered by butter oozing into its oaty crevices and soothing rivulets of pearly milk. A smatter of raisins stirred in, renders a tart sweetness to tickle my taste buds. Sustenance to savor. ~~Judi Van Gorder Notes: ▼
  3. Gulf Coast Saturday Morning Hurricane Barry ferries destruction. Disruption of life, rife with wind and rain. Strain on Saturday, stay or flee the storm. Warm, muggy zephyr, suffers light damage. Images of flood, mud and mess hits news. ~~Judi Van Gorder Verse Form: Raay
  4. Tinker

    Meghan Markle

    #4 Meghan Markle Morning's News, I read Meghan Markle traded kisses with hubby that sparkled. American actress turned princess, a treasure, but why is her kiss News, what's the measure? ~~Judi Van Gorder Notes: ▼
  5. Rosemary on a Rare Winter Morning The transient status of diamond white snowflake clusters resting on delicate sprigs of emerald needles and sapphire blossoms, escalates the ordinary to the extraordinary. By noon the crystals will melt and the herb will once again fade to functional, lending flavor to the stew pot. This rare winter snow, all but forgotten. ~~Judi Van Gorder Note:
  6. Tinker

    Tinker's Poems

    The Poetry of Judi Van Gorder ~~ © ~~ You can contact me at Tinker1111@icloud.com A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z Poems Written 2019 and 2020 Scroll Down for 2018 and Before A Haunting Al Hagopian Aloha, Hello-Goodbye And It Keeps on Coming The Air Outside Anticipation Apothecary Arlington Park ; At the Fair Beyond the Grave Bloody Portal Backyard Poet Bonnie Homeland Breakers Breath of Hope Can't Keep a Good Man Down Change on the Horizon Chaul Chnam Thmey Chore Time Cleaning the Tub Come on Over Christmas Care Come Sail With Me Daddy's Girl Dancing With Roses Deeper Deputy Enough Falling for the French Fall TV Feed the Hungry Fire Season Five to Five Flight of the Mind Forest Symphony For Trinity Fur Play Golgotha Happy Holiday Happy Thanksgiving Hearth Hidden Away Holiday Travel I'd Like to Think, It Knew I'm Broke Inside Cat In the Spirit of WCW Invitation Japanese Limerick Jimmy Carter, Humility Raised Up Journal Entry Jan 8 Juju Journey to the Sea Judith, Praised Be Kurals Lambs Slaughtered Last Sigh of Summer Leaves Little Willies March 21, 2019 Mask Moment of Peace My Cat the Huntress My Dog Ate My Homework My Summer Morning New Norm Old Flame Flickered One More Time Perverted Power Poet's Magic Return to Jerusalem Ring the Bell River Crossing Rosemary on Rare Winter Morning sanxian Sapphic Ode Sonnet, an Oxymoron Seasons Repeat Seder Meal Shosagoto Skeleton Takes a Tumble Slaughtered Lambs Sleepless in Occidental Solitary South of Latitude 37 St John's Wort Storm Stretching it Out Summer Swelter Summer’s Eve Sunday Morning SuperBlood Wolf Moon Surf’s Up shy sun smiles Tepkunset That New Car Smell The Chase is On The Fifty Dollar Tomato They Keep On Coming Those Who Dare, Call Me Kaa Thread of Dreams To Read a Poem Today's Molly Adventure Trapped Trophy Troubles Trump Clerihews Ups and Downs Udder Elixir Unleashed Visit to the Vet Waking Warming Trends We Remember Wednesday Walk Weeds in My Garden Winter Garden Willie's Costume Witches Brew Wizards and Bards Wonder Write On 2019 Haiku by keyword #1 first Friday. #2 sunrise in hiding. #3 winter sun #4 trash pick up #5 lemonade #6 snow #7 weaky Wednesday #8 diamond snow #9 company #10 San Francisco #11 Alcatraz # 12 lambing #13 three string lute #14 Friday clatter #15 impatient for Spring #16 honeysuckle cascade #17 Mardi Gras #18 Ash Wednesday #19 kids on Xbox #20 friendly lunch #21 road trip #22 rain rattles #23 freeloading firewood #24 morning mist #25 procrastinate #26 ripples #27 filtered sun #28 skipped Friday #29 fishy Friday #30 flrivolous flare #31 flapdoodle Friday #32 stinky socks #33 missed midnight #34 noisy grandkids #35 sciatic pain #36 slimy green algea #37 British TV #38 farenheit #39 earth rotating # 40 pond bottom #41 words float #42 ice cracks #43 god power #44 underground #45 undertow # 46 golden leaves #47 flames # 48 deer at my roses #49 early Saturday #50 cat asleep #51 Santa #52raindrops #53 papers #54 cry with wind # 55 school shooter #56 fussing #57 nose to nose #58 dishwasher #59 Friday fingers #60children # 61 hedge their bets #62 Merry Christmas 2020 #1 finger pain 2020 #2 alone 2019 24 Syllable Poems 24 Syllable Forum Allergic Artic Unknown Bitter Cold Celestial Challenge Creature cretin Dead Silence Doomed Forest Symphony Found From the East I'm Home It's My Birthday Letter Home Loki's Game Lucky Charm Malecon Marathon Maverick Mom My Molly No Loitering Naughty Pup Object d' Art Purple Pen Pull Return to Jerulalem Rosy Buttons Temper, Temper The King Tidying Unfettered Whacking Away Yellow Star 2019 Tanka, Gogyohka and Dekaaz by keyword #1Tanka lapis waters Dekaaz#1 shout Dekaaz #2 sunrise Dekaaz #3 woman Dekaaz #4 my man #1Gogyohka Wild fields 2019 Morning Poems #1 Rosemary on Rare Winter Morning #2 snow morning #3 weaky Wednesday #4 haiku 14 rainfall #5 Breaking the Silence #6 My Summer Morning #7 haiku #27 #8 haiku #28 #9 Morning Newscast #10 haiku #34 #11 Feed the Hungry #12 #4 Meghan Markle #13 Circle #14 Gulf Coast Saturday Morning # 15 Ode to Oats #16 haiku 35 #17 Dawning #18 coffee kural #19 Warning #20 Morning Coffee #21 My Morning Visit #49 early Saturday Dekaaz #2 sunrise Poem Titles A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z
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