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Poetry Magnum Opus
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Invented Verse Forms

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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry

Invented Verse Form You might say all verse forms were invented. All forms had to begin with a single poem, a creation of composition and content that inspired others to imitate if not the content, the frame or structure of the piece. Traditional verse and stanzaic forms are identified and named over time, but there are forms that were created to be imitated. It has become a phenomenon with the advent of poetic communities on the internet. And even long before the internet, the creation of invented forms was a teaching tool used by educators to help the student to explore many subjects through writing.Many of the Invented forms in this section were found on the internet, mostly at Poetry Base, Poet's Garret, Shadow Poetry, Poetry Styles, All Poetry and Bob Nueman's Vol Central. They are relatively new, many created in the last decade. Also included here are verse forms found in Pathways for a Poet by Viola Berg and The Study and Writing of Poetry; American Women Poets Discuss Their Craft, 1983. Pathways published in 1977 appears to be written for teachers with contributions by teachers. It is surprising how many of the invented forms of Pathways… are found also on the internet sites proving they have some staying power.

7/5 Trochee AL'Arora Alouette Afflatus Alliterative Acrostic Trigee Ameranth Anphion
Analogue Arabesque Arkaham Ballad Baccresieze Balance Bina Bio Poem
Blitz Brevette Cadence Cameo Canopus Caryotte Cascade
Cinkqu Cinq Trois Deca La Rhyme Cinquetun Cherita Circlet Clarity Pyramid Cleave
Coin Count Up & Count Down Constanza Cote Cromorna Crystalline Cycle
Decannelle Decathlon Decrina Decuain Deten Diamonte or Diamond Poem Diatelle
Dickson Dionnol Dixdeux Domino Rhyme Double Etheree Double Five Duo-Rhyme
Dr Stella Donna Dorisimbra Double Etheree Dourzet Duodora Duni
Epulaeryu Etheree Essence Faceted Diamond Fialka Forget Me Not Frieze
Gardenia Haikuette Haiku Wannabees Hautt Hexaduad Inverted Hexaduad HexSonnetta
Inverted Refrain Joseph's Star Kerf Kimo La'libertas La'Tuin Lady Slipper
Lannet Licentia Rhyme Form Line Messaging Loop Lannet Margeda Mid Swap
Mirror Sestet Mirror Tetractys Mirrored Refrain Palette Projacking Quintanelle Quinzain
Reverse Etheree Tetractys Trigee Trijan Refrain Trillinea Trio Triquain
Tuanortsa Tulip Twenty Six Letters Tyburn Veltanelle Vers Beaucoup
Verso-Rhyme Vignette Villonnet Violette Virelet Visual Verse
Waltz Wave Wavelet Wheelchair Angel Style Whitney Wrapped Refrain Xenolith
ZaniLa Rhyme Zanze Zany ZigZag Five Zenith

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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