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Thank you, Tinker, for the most kind compliments. Glad you liked the metaphor. :)


I have been so focused on form's research that I have neglected to come up for air and read what you all are writing.

We are indeed fortunate here at PMO to have such a comprehensive reference section. Thank you for that! The board is all the richer for it.


And yes, I like this Rainis sonnet frame a lot. It's quite compact! In fact, I found it almost more difficult to achieve than a standard fourteen line sonnet; the poem had to resolve in just nine lines!


As for "Junk" by Richard Wilbur, I've never read it, but thanks for including the link to it and the "Anglo-Saxon Verse" form. I'll read the former and familiarize myself with the latter. It might be a form I could venture to try. I'll also consider changing the title of my poem to stem off confusion.


Thanks again!



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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I did know what a skipjack is, but was not absolutely sure dredging was the right term, even though I realize that somehow the oysters have to be scooped up w/mud they stick in, as bivalves do. But standard dredging needs a heck of a bigger craft to support the kind of machinery it takes.


BTW, your poem is incomparably better than Wilburs. I do like what his poem deals in and how it tellls it, except for the staggered hemstichs which I find very detrimental to smooth reading. I do admire his alliterational skill, but even that is overdone, as in showing off, because that too detracts from the gist of what the poem is about. As for the Anglo-Saxon accentual verse, I have seen better, but now wish I had noted the exemplars. Oy wey! That is my trouble. Not enough time beyond reading and writing makes me not absorb and save the identity of poems I have read I like.

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