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  2. badger11

    Runcible Spoon

    I have a poem appearing here: https://www.runciblespoon.co.uk/wannabe/4595275978 all the best Phil
  3. eclipse

    Greek war of independence

    Mountains, thorns in slumber seeking a rose, an identity, revolution was close. Flower called to The bee demanding The return of nectar, despair of Ottoman rule, Greek waters reflected heaven's birthing pools, distilled visions Escaped from an ocean of wounds. Search was needed for the sounds of glass eyes of an angel breaking to release the pure visions that transcended Greek class divisions. Eyes of the Multitude like driftwood in Dreams, claims of exclusivity in which only selected elements of the Greek nation had a role. The arrival of Filiki Eteria secret society to lib
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  5. jakecaller

    Howling at the Pink Moon

    Index Howling at the Moon Howling at the Moon The Pink Moon Inspires Lunacy Howling with the Dancing Moon The Pink Super Moon Howling at the Pink Super Moon Long Form Howling at the Pink Super Moon Short Form Posted 5/3/2021 Howling at the Moon On a moonlit late night I sat in a bar Drinking drams of demented, fermented dream dew Just an unhinged lunatic Dreaming of howling at the full moon Watching the world walk by Looking at all the fine-looking babes Walking by
  6. jakecaller

    Best April 2021 Poems

    Best Ten Poems from April Poetry Madness I wrote 269 poems this month, and 865 for the year to date. A record for me. Only appropriate to include the first and last poems – both about my love-hate affair with my computer These are available on my blog at Https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com and on Spotify as a podcast under the name the world according to cosmos. Enjoy Index Every Day I Turn on My Computer Warming Up Writing Digest Dear Microsoft Evening Delights Window of Love Good-Bye Howling
  7. David W. Parsley

    Day 29 I See You

    It is difficult to not resonate with BLM's message. But there are other forces who seem to be involving themselves in all kinds of otherwise legitimate conversations. I confess that I can't tease out who is Antifa, who is a misguided zealot, and who is just an opportunistic looter. And who else may be in there muddying the water? 2020 shook me in more ways than can be explained by a 100-year pandemic. Thanks for the photos, Judi. That has to be part of the message, too. I salute the good guys in uniform. - David
  8. David W. Parsley

    Twilight at Point Fermin

    Thanks, Doc. Your ability to embrace a work always sustains and inspires! - David
  9. David W. Parsley

    Killing Time

    Hi GS, quite clever! I confess that I might like the piece even more without the final stanza! Thanks, David
  10. David W. Parsley


    Ah, there are many things I like about the updated version, Lexi, not least of which is the prefacing: Of course! It is a new poem to me now. Though I have understood this quality of our poetic friend for some time, it did not occur to me that the narrator would know this, so I missed the significance of suspending the Enigmatic One between his arctic poles. More importantly, for the general reader who does not know him, it would be doubly easy to miss. I suspect Phil picked up on this as perhaps the most artistically significant way this piece Converses with Tony's poems. Perhaps
  11. David W. Parsley


    Barry, the images are brilliant, dazzling even. I like the recurrent theme of family and descent, clans, intersecting with that of our inadequate answers or even the ability to fully articulate what we have lost. The end feels like the first thread of French Symbolism which at its best, however given to surrealism and startling juxtaposition, always has an almost-coherent narrative element. I MO, the rest of the poem would benefit from a similar fleshing out in a few strategic places. Tantalizing, David
  12. David W. Parsley

    Ten Cents Worth

    Hi GS, welcome to the forum. I knew a lady once who used to offer "not unhappy" as a way to describe life during those times when one is just "holding serve", so to speak. And investment professionals would possibly observe, "Well, at least you preserved your principal." But I understand the desire to see a greater return on investment, "how [things] should be." I look forward to hearing more on that, as well as the rest. - David
  13. Gunslinger

    Three Fingers and a Thumb

    Good point, Bob. I always thought it ironical that if I am pointing with my "pointing" finger, three are pointing back at me.
  14. Gunslinger

    Crossing Over

    Other than seeming like a metropolis in comparison to the small town, where I was raised, I thoroughly enjoyed the very descriptive, image evoking wording.
  15. Gunslinger


    Excellent! An uplifting ideal to ascribe to.
  16. Gunslinger


    Interesting perspective. Burn, baby, burn, indeed.
  17. Gunslinger

    Killing Time

    Whisper soft, the falling rain, Conveys a dreary sound. And takes my thoughts to long ago When you were still around. The sighing of the autumn wind- Is quite in tune with mine. A lonely man, a lonely house... I sit here, killing time. Ah, what a waste, to kill the thing- Which we all seem to lack. That, once it’s gone, so precious seems But nought can bring it back. But I suppose the irony- Is there for all to see... It’s only fair that I kill time, For time is killing me.
  18. A. Baez


    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
  19. Gunslinger


    Exquisite wording and images. Write on!
  20. Gunslinger

    This Man

    Excellent treatment of a matter of the utmost importance.
  21. Gunslinger


    An interesting melange of images, each seemimg to take on a life of it's own. I would love to see each one developed by the author.
  22. Gunslinger

    Ten Cents Worth

    I still recall, when, as a child, I dreamed of grown-up things. Then after I discovered books- My fancy did take wings. I was one with legionnaires- Who marched to Caesars whim: Or pioneers at some stockade- A warrior’s charge to stem. I dreamed of love as boys do- But love eluded me. I strived to tell myself ‘twas best- That I be fancy free. While searching near, and searching far- I could not find the way- That led me to true happiness, And cannot to this day. When asked if I were happy, I had to think a bit- And contemplate my feelings- For
  23. badger11

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    cushion my footsteps softly the earth welcomes her to kinder pathways
  24. Tinker

    Day 13 Shotgun

    Absolutely. ~~Judi
  25. Tinker

    Day 29 I See You

    Preaching to the chior Tony. Remember I'm the wife of a former cop and the mother to an active cop. You don't want to get me started on the other side of the story. But, there is truth on both sides. I get what PEACEFUL, RESPECTFUL protesters are trying to say. They have a right to say it, and the other side needs to listen. The poem seemed appropriate for the form and its origin. It is the truth behind the movement and I have heard it and I respect it. My son at a Black Lives Matter March
  26. tonyv

    Day 17

    Nice one, Juris. I think where it hits me hard is here: Hurry home -- and I love how the title comes full circle from "After Image" to "after scene." Tony
  27. tonyv

    Day 29 I See You

    You matter, too, Judi. And you don't Burn, Loot, or Murder. Tony
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