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Poetry Magnum Opus

Balance of Probability

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

On balance my tipping is towards science

The probability in otherwise uncertainty is


That we are descended from a primordial


Slime and antecedents that prefigure time


And personally won't believe in anything


Animate that did not breathe or ever live


I have hitched my star to the two wise men


Hawking and Dawkins who offer scholarly


Gifts of cold common sense and demur the


Biblical explanation of our mortal creation.


I've a certain notion that mankind's mother


Many times removed arose out of an ocean


I am not liable to give credence to any book


Of ersatz history that took millennia to cook

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Frank E Gibbard

Tinker would tell you Tony 14 lines does not a sonnet make I know that much though no sort of student of poetic form. Thanks for the review Tony.

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Frank E Gibbard
'outdid yourself' YES!


this was GREAT Frank!

Loved it



I'm always calling 'em sonnets unless they're haiku.


LOL! Im going to use that


Thanks belatedly rs. Love your ident pic. by the way. Frank

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