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Poetry Magnum Opus

An agrammatic tritrina


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(If this should have more properly gone into Workshop, forgive me. The tritina form, 10 syllables per line, unmetered, with the 3 end-words being anagrams. Just a for fun poem, no deep philosophy nor personal confession here. I just can't write a sestina! And I took Dave's advice and laid off the archaic.)



Earliest chemical evidence of barley beer found in iran


I drink but little, call it but barely.

I drink but little, but only barley;

Too much of it will just make me bleary.


I must not be manly if I'm bleary,

And my wallet impacted but barely,

From drinking but little of the barley.


You could be five thousand years old, barley.

How many others have you made bleary?

How many others drink you but barely?


But barely of barley and I'm bleary!


(Damn, that should have been "An anagrammatic tritina" in the title.)

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