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Found 8 results

  1. jakecaller

    three recent love poems

    Blessed Love Poems has published three of my love poems, “Ode for Valentine Day”, “A Million Way to Say I Love You” Here are my latest love poems plus some earlier poems that have been published, including “Chains that Bind Us” and the “Story of How We Met” were published earlier. Index I Still Want You Ode to Love on Valentine’s Day A Million Ways to Say I Love You Sam and Maria’s First Kiss Love Hexastich Love Sestet Dream Love Duet Dream Love Sonnet Love Egg Time walking towards Enlightenment in the Woods
  2. A. Baez


    [CA] I saw the fault lines in our common ground, But wavered—loath to estimate the force And timing of the tremors they foretold; Why test this fragile paradise we’d found, Perhaps provoking nature’s wildest course— Or dig for rifts when random knolls gleam gold? I never yet have walked a tract of earth Without a flaw: some harbor muck below That muddles building; some hide barren soil Plowed far too long to nurture crops of worth; And some lie cold, inhumed beneath the snow. Small faults should make no solid heart recoil, But you would probe our playg
  3. Tinker


    January 2008 Word Challenge found at another site. Use 7 to 10 of the following words (word variations allowed) in a poem of any kind: her, bare, silent, slow, suddenly, make, sky, it, this, and ..... The subject matter could be considered an Aubade Shadows (revision) As day lights the sky unwelcome patterns fall across the silent wall. Her white shoulder lies exposed by the fold of a rumpled sheet and he leans down to kiss a small freckle goodbye. Slow eyes slide open to tear at the pale of this sunrise shadow and drink the image of his locked shoulders as they
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