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Found 6 results

  1. jakecaller

    April 7th poems

    Smartest Man in the Worldour dear leaderclaims he is the smartestman in the worlda stable geniushas good wordsknows more than generalsknows more than doctorsshould have been a doctoronly he can fixwhat ails the worldfor he is the greatestgenius in the worldlike his friend the dear leader of North Koreabut in fact he is among the most stupid mento ever serve as our Presidenttrump is the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger Effect effect don't you think? © 8 hours ago, john Cosmos Aller great leader Tiger Jade PoemOur leadergreat leaderClaims he is the smartest man in the whole universesurely he is the most searched man in the googleverseperhaps though he is proof of man’s evolutionDarwinian selection working devolutionstupid isstupid does weasels words are the mental traps we set for ourselveswe are surrounded by weasel wordsmental traps we set for ourselvesto shut down all rational discussionin truly Orwellian fashionthese words are legendeveryone uses themno one thinks about themwhat they really meanI had no choiceof course, one always has a choiceFailure is not an optionnothing but macho BSof course failure is always an optionthat one must be prepared to faceand my favoritezero tolerancewhich convertsall violations of the Rulesinto class A murder like feloniesand common sense and discretionthrown out the windowunder the proverbial buswhere the full SWATImperial storm troopersRobot cops are deployedto arrest a teenage girlher crime giving a classmatea Tylenol which is a legal drugbut under zero tolerancethat is the same as selling heroinand she will be chargedwith a class A drug offensefollowing her aroundfor her lifefor having daredto break the stupid ruleyes weasel wordsare everywhereour mental trapsdesigned to keep usfrom thinkingand actingso throw off your mental trapsbreak free from the weasel wordsand perhaps we can be freeof these mental trapswriters digest prompt- to write a trap poemthe day I met the love of my life was a fine late August daythe day I met the love of my lifewho became my wifewas a late August dayin South Koreaas Koreans put itthe sky is highmy horses are fatand the king is far away하늘이 높다말은 뚱뚱하다왕은 멀리있다haneul-i nopdamal-eun ttungttunghadawang-eun meolliissdain late August early Septemberthe weather turns in Koreathe humid sauna like temperaturesbegin to abatecool breezes cool the airthe sky is highcrystal clearjust a few cloudsthe temperatures moderatehigh in the 80’s low in the 60’sjust wonderful weatherthe promise of nice fall weatherin the airthe killing heat of the summerabates and dies downand on such a lovely dateI met my fateshe walked out of my dreamsand into my lifeand became my wifeduring the brilliantAutumn of Koreabefore the wintersettled down on the landTo this daywhen the autumn comesI recall the halcyon datewhen I met my fatepoetry super highway daily April Prompt to write a weather report poem to those I have lostwith the corona virus upon usI am bracing to hear the newsthat so and so has diedI reflect backon all the people in my lifethat I have already lostpart of being olderis that you lose peopleclose to you along the wayI lost my father due to cancer in 1985and my sister due to a freak illness in 2007and my mother due to Alzheimer's in 2005and my father-in-law as well in 2007Demel Tuckerhigh school debate teammatedead of HIV in 1995Julian Bartley and his sonone of my favorite bossesdied in a terrorist bombingin Nairobi in 1998Jon Weber college roommatedead due to prostate cancerin 2000Paul Simon friend from the visa linedropped dead of a heart attackin 2004Ted Halsteadone of my best bossesdied of heart attackin 2007Chris Richard one of my former bossesdropped dead of a heart attackshortly before we were dueto have lunch in 2014and so many othersI have lostalong the wayand soon there will beso many moreas I get oldin the corona erawriter. com daily dew drop prompt to write an elegy poem The Giant Nazi Spider SpeaksGeneral Zerothe commander of the Khan imperial forcestook over the earthHe was a eight foot giant spideraccompanied by two legged ratsand two legged catsin 24 hours they were in chargehe spoke to the worldPeople of earth greetingsI am commander Zeroand I have taken over your planetmaking it part of the Galactic Empirewe did it because it is our destinyto take over the universeone planet by one planetand everyone becomespart of the great galactic empirethere are only a few rulesfor you to rememberstarting today you will learn Galactic standardwithin one year all other languages will be bannedstarting today all religions are bannedfor in the Galactic empirewe have no room for some nonsenseeveryone must workif you are disabled or elderlyyour family must take care of youif you have no one to take care of youyou will be terminated as an “useless eater”failure to follow the rules or lawsor lawful orderswill result in your immediate executionthat is all for todayLong live the Empirewriters. com daily dew drop contest challenge to write a poem incorporating a plot from a novel or story and I chose to base it on the opening scene of my novel, “Giant Nazi Spiders”life is a dream of chocolate covered treesmakes me so hungry to eat the treesdark brown chocolate covered treesas I eat them I hear the crunch of the leavesand smell the dark chocolate smellsfeeling the leaves in my mouthas I touch the chocolate covered treesfilled with the sound of chocolateenjoying the chocolatewith my wife Angela Leeshe turns to me and saysJake Cosmos Aller사랑해salanghaebased on national poetry month April 6th prompt We live in an Orwellian worldwe are livingin an Orwellian 1984 worldand have been for decadeswe are assaulted dailyby alternative realtiespromoted by various politiciansdesigned to shut downall rational thoughttrue Orwellian thought controland now with the corona virusmassive surveillancehas become the normand when the crisis is overthe surveillance will continueon one excuse after anotherforever as Orwell’s nightmarebig brother ruling us allcomes truebased on the fear that the massive increase in social surveillance being deployed against the Corona virus will after the crisis is over continue forever under one excuse or another as the Orwellian big brother dictatorships around the world become permanent
  2. jakecaller

    April third poems

    Day 2 berkeley maps growing up in Berkeley back in the day we still were allowed to free roam and so I went everywhere on foot or bus walking to Solano avenue drinking coffee at Peets coffee eating Chinese food in Berkeley’s china town walking downtown walking to CAL eating top dog experiencing the late 60’s transforming Telegraph and walking in the woods in tilden park high up in the hills overlooking the bay area Day three Recalling people I barely knew over the years I have known so many people and now when the virus is spreading out around the world I will soon be hearing that this person has died and that person has died I will outlive many of my friends from around the world part of getting old something that I fear one day perhaps people will hear that jake has died and they will say that they barely knew me and wished that they had taken the time to become my friend Just as I think about all the friends i am about to loose to this killer virus running amuck corona fears corona the word fills us with dread spreading around the world today will we all survive this corona
  3. I am participating again in the annual April poetry month writing at least one poem per day this month and posting them daily here, elsewhere and on my blog, the world according to cosmos, https:/theworldaccordingtocosmos.com Wednesday April 1 posted Wednesday April 1 Hope Springs Eternal in our Winter of our Discontent writer’s digest prompt Posted Hope springs eternal in the winter of our discontent On the daily news that fills us with dread Perfect storm of hatred, fear and despair
Everywhere we go nonstop fear broadcasted Despair fills my heart as I turn on the news Everywhere we are in the midst of the pandemic Simply put death is at hand Planning for the future yet waiting for death At worst we will all die not today but soon In the long term we are all dead Remembering the dead all around us yet I end this poem with a word of hope hoping for the best while preparing for the worst all I can do to stay sane as I await my fate on this dismal date April 1 is indeed April Fool’s date is that our fate this endless dance with death? and to end with a sign of hope I know that if I have you by my side I will survive I will survive until the end of time itself takes us to the other side based on writer’s digest daily April poetry month challenge to write a poem about hope I am jake Cosmos Aller the one an Only poetry super highway prompt I am Jake Cosmos Aller the one and only when people meet me they are transformed by my spirit my compassion and my dreams as all I meet fall under my spirit I look into their eyes bewitching their souls as they bewitch my soul as well becoming mad kindred spirits walking on the road of life itself going together no one knows where it will all end but we will get there as one spirit united by my cosmic spirit understanding grows as we converse deep into the night with each glass of wine we dive deep into the cosmos inspired by name the virus from Hell has arrived posted- all poetry contest, poetry soup version is the Virus King has arrived = as poetry soup did not like the word “Hell” the virus from hell has arrived catching the world unprepared it erupted out of China then began its terrifying reign wiping out thousands of people destroying jobs and economies killing people left and right it seemed like something out of our worst nightmares but at least it was not the dreaded zombie flu perhaps that is next's fall's nightmare as the virus from hell prepares for a fresh assault to finish us all off second poem for april poetry month © 2 hours ago, john Cosmos Aller Thursday April 2 posting The Bombs that Took Her Away - from writers.com prompt - posted all poetry and poetry soup one day I woke up from my dreams finding my self all alone no one was there to hear my screams staring at my now quite dead phone I plugged in my phone read a note it was from my lovely wife My Wife had just gone out to vote smiling thinking of my life I got ready to face the dawning day The TV showed the bombs that took her away Kimchi Blues Poetry Soup prompt April 2 based on poetry superhighway prompt for day 2 Kimchi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the Korean dish. For people with this surname, see Kimhi. For other uses, see kimchi (disambiguation). Kimchi Various forms of contemporary kimchi Course Banchan Place of origin Korea Associated national cuisine North Korea South Korea Main ingredients Various vegetables including napa cabbageand Korean radish Variations Baechu-kimchi, baek-kimchi, dongchimi, kkakdugi, nabak-kimchi, pa-kimchi, yeolmu-kimchi, gat-kimchi Cookbook: Kimchi Media: Kimchi Korean name Hangul 김치 Revised Romanization gimchi McCune–Reischauer kimch'i IPA [kim.tɕʰi] Kimchi (/ˈkɪmtʃiː/; Korean: 김치, romanized: gimchi, IPA: [kim.tɕʰi]), a staple in Korean cuisine, is a famous[1]traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, such as napa cabbage and Korean radish, made with a widely varying selection of seasonings including gochugaru (chili powder), spring onions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal (salted seafood), etc.[2][3] There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi made with different vegetables as the main ingredients.[4][5]Traditionally, kimchi was stored in-ground in large earthenware to prevent the kimchi from being frozen during the winter months. It was the primary way of storing vegetables throughout the seasons. In the summer the in-ground storage kept the kimchi cool enough to slow down the fermentation process.[3] In contemporary times, kimchi refrigerators are more commonly used to store kimchi. Oh yeah I got the kimchi blues every day since I first ate it back in the day long before i went to Korea ended up staying on in Korea after i retired from decade in the Foreign Service and ten years studying and living in Korea before I joined the Foreign Service When I first ate kimchi I was hooked sort of a spicier version of German sauerkraut which i loved on my top dog from Berkeley high school days then off to korea in the peace corps where I ate kimchi every day for every meal and eventually I woke up dreaming of kimchi and rice instead of pancakes and eggs then I knew that I had finally adjusted and was becoming half Korean and now I am a hopeless kimchi addict need to have my spicy kimchi which is so good for you perhaps even defeating the dreaded corona virus? who knows but I will be eating Kimchi until my day is done Friday April 3 Cosmic Poet Modified Bio Poem for poetry soup contest cosmic I am wicked, wild, wacky, whimsical i love my angela lee, coffee, nature I can solve gun violence, homelessness and climate change I feel anxiety, gloominess yet Joy-fullness as well I fear the corona virus, cancer and developing Alzheimer's Must publish my novels, ten books of poetry and movie of my life Currently resident of korea, west coast of United States poet Morphing monsters - old poem for writing.com Dark Dreamscape - not otherwise posted [] Note: From a real nightmare End Note I am in a room Drinking at a party And smoking weed Watching people all around me Change into hideous creatures Monsters from the deepest depths of hell Everyone in the room Has been transformed except me The Chief of them all Wears a Trumpian mask Complete with orange hair Half human half pig His deputy Wears the face of Putin But his body Half human, half horse The other creatures wear masks Many of them wear Green Pepe the alt-right Symbolic frog masks And have T-shirts Bearing alt right slogans And Nazi symbols And as they prance about They chant alt. Right slogans And neo-Nazi chants Jews will not Replace us And the rest of these creatures Are hideous ugly beasts With only a vestige of humanity left And these monsters are engaged In all sorts of foul evil deeds Murder violence death All around And non-stop violent drug-fueled orgies As these creatures Half human half monsters Half male, half female creatures Snort coke, cocaine, speed Smoke weed and drink vodka shots Scotch, bourbon and beer The Trumpian Pig leads the charge Starts engaging in sodomy with Putin Who chases after people Cutting off their heads with his sword They turn on to their fellow creatures Raping and killing each other and eating their fellow creatures All night long Then they attack me Screaming Jews will not replace us And I wake up Screaming As the sun comes up Just another nightmare
  4. April is US National Poetry Month. Some sites are calling for a poem a day for the 30 day month. Since I am just finding this today I'm are already a day behind. ~~Tink My Attempts below: #1 April 2, 2013 haiku journal #42 #2 April 2, 2013 haiku journal #43 #3 April 3, 2013 A moment before sleep #4 April 4, 2013 April Showers, How Cliche of Her #5 April 5, 2013 Legacy #6 April 6, 2013 haiku journal #46 ; In the Trenches(a revision) and Minute Poem, Mission For the Queen. #7 April 7, 2013 haiku journal #47 ; [A revision of Part III Return of the Doe and Kimo My Dog Angel #8 April 8, 2013 Spring's Awakening #9 April 9, 2013 haiku journal #48 and Shift Change #10 April 10, 2013Scarlet #11 April 11, 2013 For All You Poets Out There #12 April 12, 2013 Cherry Blossoms #13 April 13, 2013 Day Thirteen #14 April 14, 2013 Feed My Sheep #15 April 15, 2013 April 15 #16 April 16, 2013 marathon runner haiku #17 April 17, 2013 Pressure Cooker #18 April 18, 2013 Ball Player #19 April 19, 2013 Remind Me Again? #20 April 20, 2013 Work Week #21 April 21, 2013 Sorry it's Sunday #22 April 22, 2013 Synergy #23 April 23, 2013 Mac Adoo's Wings #24 April 24, 2013 Warning #25 April 25, 2013 Scab #26 April 26, 2013 Sport of Kings #27 April 27, 2013 The Path a rewrite of a 10 year old poem. #28 April 28, 2013 Empty Moment #29 April 29, 2013 Me, the Condensed Version #30 April 30, 2013 Thirty Days I did it! Sorry to all for flooding the board with daily poems, some better than others. Thank you to all who took the time to read and comment on my works. ~~Tink
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