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Found 7 results

  1. Tinker


    Tepkunset, She Who Walks in Moonlight Time was, only the people hunted here, every blade of grass had meaning. Prayer was a walk in the moonlight, kindness was given to the earth, until the big canoes came from across the waters. Noise from their fire sticks brought thunder to our land, sadness sat with the fever they spread. Elders made powwow to stop the threat, tokens were exchanged and treaties made. Spring blossomed in the earth’s way hope opened its heart, eager to marry new ways with the old ones. W
  2. Tinker

    Al Hagopian

    Al Hagopian A name from my childhood,let me tell you about him.He was my Dad’s best friend,Armenian by birth and passion,glistening dark eyes, bear hugs,open laughter and big family gatherings,platters of strange yummy food.I thought of him today while watchinga movie,”Promise”, about Armenian genocide by the Turks.Now I wonder, did his family immigrate here fleeing the horror? ~~Judi Van GorderNotes: ▼
  3. Frank Coffman

    The Great Eisteddfod

    The Great Eisteddfod (an Acrostic *Quadrina Sonnet done in the intricate Welsh meter of **Englyn Lledfbroest, making use of ***Cynghanedd Sain in several lines and internal rhyme in most) by Frank Coffman The Welsh schools and rules of rhyme— Old treasured measures most proud— Under laws of clause they croon Grabbing words like birds deployed, Harvesting strong song from soils: Each mote a sweet note of chime. Seeking the peak, the bright jewel, That soon may croon them the crown.
  4. Frank E Gibbard

    Alphabetical Acrostic "Nanook's Journey"

    (no offence to Native Americans or current correct nomenclature) A Bark Canoe Drifted darkly, Elegantly, mutely Floating acutely Guiding the crew Holding just a one Its occupant, on a brave Journey, native Kayak is Lopsided, Red Man called Nanook onward glided; Oilskinned coveralls Protected from squalls by Quilts made from a Rich harvest of Seals skins he prospected; Threat to life unsuspected Unexpected! Alack! Violent arrival of rivals War party - attack!!! X eskimo since PCs "Inuit" though he never knew it, nor could he intuit; Young
  5. Frank E Gibbard

    "POEMS" (an acrostic)

    pensive offerings expressing my sensibilities
  6. Frank E Gibbard

    Winter (acrostic)

    We suddenly are chilled by cold In no time tin supplants the gold Nature’s clock rings a rude alarm The bumps pimple my naked arm Exposure to our sun-fled open air Requires us donning winter-wear
  7. Tinker

    Acrostic and its Variations

    Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry Greek Verse Acrostic, Greek for "at the tip of the verse". is a poetic technique or device that dates back to 1000 BC in ancient Babylonia. The first letter of each line or stanza spells out a name, a word, the title of the work or even a sentence or phrase. Ben Jonson created an acrostic as an intro to his classic play, The Alchemist, spelling out the title in his argument. The skill is in disguising the acrostic so that it is not obvious. In modern times, this form is most often used as light verse and occasional poetry. But how exciting to read a ser
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