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Found 2 results

  1. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry Invented Forms Poetry Styles is a website that briefly explains the how-to of many classic verse forms and includes some invented forms that appear to have originated within its community of poets, especially the webmaster Christina Jussaume. Several of Christina's invented forms have some spiritual feature. I have found some of these forms on other sites. I also include them here. The Acronet is an invented verse form that appears to be a combination of an Acrostic and a Nonet, created by Patricia A Farnswort-Simpson in 2008. The elements of the Acronet are: a poem in 18 lines made up of 2 nine-line stanzas. syllabic, 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 syllables per line. rhymed at the discretion of the poet. an acrostic, the first letter of each line when read vertically spells out a phrase. The American 767 is an invented verse form that requires a "bug" (I am assuming bug refers to an insect rather than a listening devise) be named within the frame of the poem. It was created by Dennis L. Dean. The elements of the American 767 are: a tristich, a poem in 3 lines. syllabic, 7-6-7 syllables per line. unrhymed. written with the name of a "bug" in it. Queen Bee by Judi Van Gorder Summer’s Eve by Judi Van Gorder Early Spring the Bumblebee buzzes round and about her preference blue blossoms. The Aquarian is a stanzaic form which is pretty simplistic. It was created by A Marie Mazz. The elements of the Aquarian are: stanzaic, written in any number of quatrains. syllabic, 2-4-6-2 syllables per line. unrhymed. Thanks for the Rain by Judi Van Gorder Burned by Judi Van Gorder Notice! An agent burned, unprotected, alone, a threat. The Bev-A-Lyn Rhyme is an invented syllabic form created by Chazz Combs. The elements of the Bev-A-Lyn Rhyme are: a poem in 12 lines made up of 3 triplets each followed by a single line. syllabic, 5-7-9 2 14-14-11 2 9-7-5 2 syllables per line. rhymed, aaa x bbb x ccc x - x being unrhymed. The Brady's Touch is an invented verse form with a strict syllabic pattern, created by Maryann Merriweather-Travis. The elements of the Brady's Touch are: a decastich, made up of 2 quintains. syllabic, 9-9-8-8-2 9-9-8-8-2. rhymed, rhyme scheme abxcd abxcd. x being unrhymed. And It Keeps On Coming by Judi Van Gorder Silken Thread by Judi Van Gorder The Candlelight is an invented verse form that may have been meant as a shape poem, although I can't visualize a candle in this frame. It was introduced by Christina Jussaume. The elements of the Candlelight are: a poem in 17 lines. syllabic, 5-5-5-4-4-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-7 syllables per line, centered on the page. rhymed aabbccxxxxxxxxxxxx x being unrhymed. Chazz Effect is an invented verse form emphasizing one single syllable word by including that word in each line of the poem. Introduced by Chazz Combs. The elements of the Chazz Effect are: a poem in 8 lines. syllabic, 14-10-9-7-5-3-2-2-1 syllables per line. rhymed, aabbccddx x being unrhymed and the focus word of the poem. Christina's View is an Acrostic invented verse in the frame of 5 classic triplets. It was introduced by Christina Jussaume who recommends the first letter of the first six lines spell CHRIST, spelling out any word or phrase works too. The elements of Christina's View are: stanzaic, written in any number of triplets. syllabic, all lines are 8 syllables. rhymed, aaa bbb ccc etc. an acrostic, it is recommended the first letter of the first six lines spell out CHRIST. Converse in Couplets is an invented stanzaic form that emulates a Conversation Poem or dialogue in rhymed couplets. John Henson introduced this form at Poetry Styles. This could fall under the genre of a French Débat or Eclogue Débat with a prescribed stanzaic form. Shadow Poetry.com expands this form shortening the name to Con-Verse to change the syllabic count of the couplets. The elements of Converse in Couplets are: stanzaic, written in any number of couplets. syllabic, all lines are 11 syllables. At ShadowPoetry.com's Con-Verse syllable count is changed to 7-7 8-8 9-9 10-10 11-11 and is attributed to Connie Marcum Wong. rhymed, aa bb cc dd ee. a conversation between at least 2 voices. The Age Old Story by Judi Van Gorder I got caught in the hall without a hall-pass, my practice ran late, then I ran out of gas You were told before to be home by seven and no excuses pave the road to heaven. I would have called but you do not understand things didn't play out the way that I planned. It's the third time this week that you've come home late. You could be dead in a ditch while I fret and wait. Daveda's Charm a verse form invented by Christina R Jussaume in March 2008 as a tribute to her "special poet friend, Daveda Gruber". She requests the content be uplifting and begins with the letters P R E C I O U S L A D Y. The elements of Daveda's Charm are: a quatorzain, a poem in 14 lines. Made up of a single line with the letters P R E C I O U S L A D Y followed by an octave and a quintain. an acrostic the octave and quintain spell out, Daveda's Charm. syllabic, lines are 8 syllables each. rhymed at the poet's discretion. Disambiguation invented by Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson in honor of 9-11. The first challenge of the form is to find a 14 letter word to be used as an acrostic, and the interesting twist is to focus the content on "not letting the devil win". The elements of Disambiguation are: an acrostic in 14 lines, the first letter of each line spell out the chosen 14 line word. syllabic, lines alternate, 9 and 11 syllables rhymed couplets, rhyme scheme aabbccddeeffgg content focus, "not letting the devil win". Distorted Diablo is an invented verse form that plays with the biblical devil's number 666 and distorts by flipping the middle number upside down to get 696. Created by Pat Simpson, I think the content is meant to follow the theme of the numbers. The elements of the Distorted Diablo are: stanzaic, a sixain, a line stanza, a sixain, in that order. syllabic, both sixains are written with 6 syllables per line and the 9 line stanza is written with 9 syllables per line. rhymed at the discretion of the poet. Eleventh Power is an invented stanzaic form introduced by Christina Jussaume who requests the subject be uplifting. The elements of the Eleventh Power are: stanzaic, written in any number of 11 line stanzas. syllabic, 11 syllables each. rhymed, rhyme scheme abababccddd or ababababccc. Ten Plus One More by Judi Van Gorder The Lilibonelle is an invented verse form found on the internet at Poetry Styles and a couple of other sites. The first line of the poem is repeated as the last line of the poem and subsequent lines of the first stanza in sequence become the first line of each following stanza. The elements of the Lilibonelle are: a poem in 16 lines, made up of 4 quatrains. metered at the discretion of the poet. composed with L1 repeated as L16 and the subsequent lines of the first stanza establishing the first line of each following stanza in sequence. L2 repeated as L5, L3 repeated as L11 and L4 repeated as L13. rhymed AB1CB2 B1dxd Cexe B2axA. x being unrhymed. The Octaz Rhyme is a simple invented verse form introduced by Chazz Combs. The defining feature of this form is the unique syllable count of the lines. The elements of the Octaz Rhyme are: an octastich, a poem in 8 lines. syllabic, 3-5-8-10-7-5-4-2 syllables per line. rhymed, abbccdda. centered on the page. The Pirouette is an invented verse form on which I could find no information on its origin or intent. The elements of the Pirouette are: a decastich, a poem in 10 lines. syllabic, 6 syllables per line. L5 is repeated in L6. unrhymed, although I imagine, rhyme could be at the discretion of the poet. Pirouette Ballerina on point dances with swanlike grace, disciplined artistry, a moment of kindling, spinning round and around. Spinning round and around the earth circles the sun within designed constraint while we stumble, untrained, through the spiral of time. ~~Judi Van Gorder The Plane 9/11 is an invented form created by John W Henson. Obviously, it is meant as a memorial to September 11, 2001, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and hijacking of Flight 93. The elements of the Plane 9/11 are: stanzaic, written with a 9 line stanza, a tercet, a 9 line stanza, and a single line, in that order. syllabic, 1-1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 11-11-11 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1 11, rhymed, abbccddee ffg hhiijjkka g. Spirit's Vessel is a variation of the Acrostic. The creator Christina R Jussaume requests the content of the form be spiritual and uplifting. The elements of the Spirit's Vessel are: a poem in 18 lines, made up of 3 sixains. metered at the discretion of the poet. rhymed at the discretion of the poet. written with the letters of VESSEL OF OUR (6 letter word of the poet's choice) beginning the sequential lines of the poem. The Tigerjade is an invented stanzaic form introduced by Jacqueline Sturge. In researching the name, I found Tiger Jade the name of a freighter in the Bengal Tiger line. The name could also refer to jewelry, a jade tiger. The elements of the Tigerjade are: stanzaic, written in any number of octaves. syllabic, 3-3-12-12-12-12-3-3 syllables per line. rhymed, aabbccdd eeffgghh etc. What's Cooking?Comfort foodOh so goodEasy to prepare, one pot, one pan, sure to pleaseMemories in each bite, the meal goes down with ease.Spaghetti, homemade chicken soup, tomale pie,pasties, mac and cheese, so yummy you'll want to cry.Grandma, Mom,spiced Love Bomb. ~~Judi Van Gorder Tina's ZigZag Rhyme is an invented verse form with unusual placement of rhymed words. It was introduced by Christina Jussaume who requests the content be uplifting or spiritual. The elements of Tina's ZigZag Rhyme are: stanzaic, a combination of a sestet, a couplet refrain, a quatrain, a couplet refrain, and a quatrain, in that order. Any number of couplets and quatrains may be continued as long as they alternate. syllabic, 8 syllables per line. composed with a refrain, L1 & L2 are repeated as a couplet refrain between stanzas. rhymed in couplets but the placement of the rhyme is a little different. L1&L2 which are also the couplet refrain between stanzas is head rhymed. L3&L4 and subsequently the first 2 lines of each quatrain are rhymed in the middle of the line and L5&L6 are end-rhymed along with the subsequent last 2 lines of the quatrain. x x x x x x x A x x x x x x x x x x b x x x x x x x x b x x x x x x x x x x c x x x x x x x c A x x x x x x x A x x x x x x x x x x x d x x x x x x d x x x x x x x x x x x e x x x x x x x e A x x x x x x x A x x x x x x x Triname Acrostic is a combination Compound Acrostic and a Mesostich. It was introduced by Patricia A Farnsworth-Simpson. The title should be the same as the word spelled in the left margin. The elements of the Triname are: strophic, the number of lines written at the discretion of the poet. metered at the poet's discretion. unrhymed. composed with words spelled out by the first letter at left margin, the center and the right margin of the poem. Sweet Kitty Sx xx Kxx xP Wxx xI xxU Ex T xxxR E xxxTxx xR Tx Y xxxS The Whitney is a simple invented verse form introduced by Betty Ann Whitney. The elements of the Whitney are: a heptastich, a poem in 7 lines. syllabic, 3-4-3-4-3-4-7 syllables per line. unrhymed. Tea Time Afternoon at three o'clock energy is at a low. Spot of tea lifts my spirits, puts me back into action. ~~Judi Van Gorder Whitney Frame by Judi Van Gorder
  2. Tinker

    Form of the Week

    Here is a new challenge for anyone who wants to play, Form of the Week. It's the Playground, have a little fun with writing.. Once a week, on Thursday, I will post a different verse form and I hope someone will give it a try. Writing with a particular frame for inspiration will probably not create "the great poem" we are all hoping to write someday, but it is good practice in condensing, imagery, word choice, writing technique and will help create and/or help maintain a writing discipline. Practice, stepping outside of our comfort zone, having a little fun with words are all a plus when challenged to write just one poem a week with a prescribed frame. And please not only should you post poems in this thread, comments are always welcome. This week the Verse Form is: Compound Word Verse This invented verse form uses a stem word from the title to end each stanza in a compound form. Created by Margaret R Smith and found at ShadowPoetry.com. (stem word = rain, stanza end words could be rainbow, rainfall, raincoat, raindrop, rainstorm etc.) The elements of the Compound Word Verse are: stanzaic, written in 5 tercets. syllabic, 8-8-3 syllables per line. rhymed, rhyme scheme aax bbx ccx ddx eex; x being unrhymed. each tercet ends with a compound of a stem word in the title. Beyond the Grave This Halloween night please beware, step outside only if you dare, tread gravely. The tortured dead writhe in their beds, breaking free, tearing bonds to shreds, those grave-bound. Seeking live bodies for a home, lonely, lost souls are known to roam from graveyard. They'll snatch you up without a thought, moon shines bright on an empty plot no gravestones. If possessed you'll be the undead, soulless creature without a head and graveless. ~~Judi Van Gorder Meet me at the Playground, let's have some fun. I promise to keep the spooks away. ~~Tink
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