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Found 3 results

  1. MrDunnePoetry


    "Tia" Every day when I wake, there's always this one girl I wanna see/ When I log back into Facebook, she's who I look for on my feed Just like me she is a poet, one who is really good at what she does/ And the other day she wrote me a poem, so here I am showing love I know I'm lucky to have met her, and to have her as a friend/ Cause what we share can't be compared, and I know it'll never end From the poetry which she pens, to the endless convo's that we have/ Her words have the 'power' to mend, and put an end to what was sad The kind of woman if you were to marry, you'd be one happy man/ But I'm just happy that she told me, she's my number one fan Of all the lands I have travelled, whether in life or in my mind/ Never once did I ever imagine, a friendship like this I would find So with every line that I write for her, I just want her to know/ How much love I hold inside, for both this woman and her flow. Copyright 2015 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
  2. MrDunnePoetry

    Happy Home

    "Happy Home" I was surrounded by people who didn't respect me, so I upped and I left/ And began to focus on self improvement, to try regain my self respect I'd neglected what were my own needs, losing the essence of who I was/ I had become needy and self loathing, cause I was lonely and I was lost I had to look past all the hate that I felt, & the hurt held in my heart/ For me to ever see a brighter day, I had to step away from the dark And walk down a path I was unsure of, knowing I had to walk it alone/ Yet I'm so proud that I did, cause now I get to walk into a happy home Looking back on my unhappy home, I know in my heart I have come far/ The endless poems, the nights alone, drunk & stoned with a broken heart It used to start and never stop, but now I stop it whenever it starts/ And takes it's toll, I take control, saving my soul before it's torn in half I can now laugh & I can smile, knowing it didn't kill me, it made me strong/ Though painful like losing my child, the pain that I felt was never as long For way too long, I dwelled on the wrongs, now I belong & I have a purpose/ So no longer do I feel like I'm nobody, pathetically empty & feeling worthless. Copyright 2014 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
  3. David W. Parsley

    Notes from the Common Era

    NOTES FROM THE COMMON ERA -------------------------------------------- Dedication To my father, who communicated to me his own passions and ideals, and an abiding thirst for knowledge. -------------------------------------------- Prefatory quotes A great waterfall I climbed. I stood on the shore of Balki the pool, which is the place of most awe in all worlds. The walls of it go up for ever and ever and huge and holy images are cut in them, the work of old times. Out of the Silent Planet, C.S. Lewis So that when Kings are dead and all their deeds forgotten the harpers of the future time shall awake from these golden chords those deeds of thine. The Cave of Kai, Lord Dunsany -------------------------------------------- Preface (proem) and List of Books (bold blue when link active) Proem Cornerstones House of the Dead The Trials The Spheres previously unpublished © 2013 David W. Parsley Parsley Poetry Collection
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