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Found 9 results

  1. jakecaller

    cosmic dreams and nightmares

    World According to Cosmos Updates March 3.docx
  2. Howling at the Moon and Other Cosmos Poetry News Good news Cosmos Fans! I am continuing to get published. Foliate Oak Literary Magazine will publish my poem, 'Fake Things" in their next edition. Plethora will publish October Falling Rain in their next edition. I also have just published my first Instagram poems, follow me on Instagram as I intend to create a lot more now that I know how to do it. And then I will create Pinterest postings, Tumblr postings, YouTube postings etc. Advice on how to work with these platforms would be greatly appreciated. One day soon my work will appear across the entire Cosmos which is fitting since I am the Cosmos, you dig? You can check it all on my blog, https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com. I’ve just updated it with lots of fresh content, including audio versions of the poems posted below. Check it out!. here is the poem, Fake Things. Check it out. Fake Things We live in a world Of fake things Fake Products Fake News Fake Calls Fake Politics Fake Sports Fake Business Fake Leaders Fake People Fake friends Fake sincerity Surrounded 24/7 By all the fake things How can anything real exist? Is it all nothing but fake things Designed to deceive us all? note: will be published in Foliate Oak Review. I just updated my blog, the world according to cosmos with a lot of fresh content. Go to https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com to check it out And here is October Falling Rain which will be published in Plethora magazine. The falling rain Of late October Fills me with essential dread As I rush about And end up here Wherever here is The rain outside Seems like the tears of god As I sit Crying over my beer Thinking of lost love And failed dreams Wondering What went wrong? And what I can set right And the rain falls And the night darkens The rain is falling All over this man’s world And the rain falls And I sit Drinking my lonesome drink Lost in dreams Dreaming of what Could never be Thinking dark thoughts And so, I sit And dream the night away note: will be published in Plethora. I just updated my blog, the world according to cosmos with a lot of fresh content. Go to https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com to check it out Final reminder. Plethora is also sponsoring a romantic poetry contest. The due date if February 10th! Here's my entry The Story of How We Met Note: This is a true story. For further details see Dreams and the Unexplainable– a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, published in September 2017, It all began in Berkeley, California In the springtime of 1974 One fateful afternoon I was sleeping in my high school Physics class. I looked up and saw a tall, beautiful Asian woman standing there looking at me. She was the most beautiful women in the universe to me I screamed out, who are you? She disappeared as if she was beamed away from my dream. I knew that someday I would meet the girl In the dream Little did I know I would have to wait until 1982 Starting that month I began having the same dream Month and month and month. Always the same. She was saying something in a strange language. Then one day I had the dream and knew that she was in Korea. So, I chose to go to Korea In the Peace Corps, Somehow knowing That I would meet her there. One day A year after the Peace Corps ended A month before I planned to leave to return to the U.S. for graduate school That morning early in the morning I had the last of these dreams. This time I understood her. She said, “Don’t worry. We’ll meet soon.” That evening As I was getting off the bus To go to my class I saw getting off the bus The girl in my dream. It was she! I was speechless. I did not know what to do. Over the course of the evening I ran into her several times. Finally, I was introduced to her. I muttered some lame excuse About wanting to find a Korean tutor and got her number. The next day she came to the gate Of my base where I was teaching ESL to Koreans She said that she had to speak with me. I told to wait in the library for about an hour, and I would cancel class and meet her then. We went out for coffee. She told me that she was madly in love with me And simply had to have me. I told her I felt the same way. I proposed five days later, And got married one month later. Does she believe this story? She claims she does not believe it Because it is impossible to be true. But I know that there are other worlds and other times. In a past life we must have been together somehow. And our love was so strong That it crossed over the barrier of time and space She found me in 1974, But it took until 1982 For us to actually meet. And it has been 36 years Since we met in the physical sphere Or 45 years since the dream began And I still recall the dream And meeting her I had no choice When I met her We were fated to be together Until the end of this lifetime And the next and the next Finally, in honor of the Blood Moon, here is my Howling at the Moon poem, a subset of my lunatic poems which I have just posted on my blog site. Just an Unhinged Lunatic Howling at The Moon On a moonlit late night I sat in a bar Drinking drams of demented, fermented dream dew Just an unhinged lunatic Dreaming of howling at the full moon Watching the world walk by Looking at all the fine looking babes Walking by the street Thinking wild, erotic thoughts Of endless wild libertine passions When into the bar Walked the most beautiful women In the Universe So wild, so free So wonderfully alive I did not know what to do As this vision of delight Sauntered through the bar In a skin-tight leather pants Looked so fine That my eyeballs hurt And finally, I had to say something So, I gathered up my manly courage And walked up to her And she looked at me And instantly bewitched my soul With a devilish grin I lost all reason And became a raving lunatic Unhinged lunatic Howling at the moon Foaming at the mouth A wild, free werewolf Howling at the lunatic light Of the full Moon Howling at The Moon I stood outside Between the trees In a field On the outside of town Beneath the lunatic rays Of the blood red full moon The lunatic lights of the moon Casts a wild primeval glow On me The hormonal chemicals are unleashed The wild beast within Escapes it chain And I howl with delight A werewolf Free at last To run amuck Free of its civilized restrains Throwing off its clothes Stripping naked Running wild Naked and free A wild man Enjoying his freedom Lunatic Howling at the Moon As I sit Under the lunatic light of the full moon Of the blood-red lights of the moon Full of wild passions The lustful beast stirs again And starts running and running Howling at the moon Riding into the new dawn On a demented Harley Davis cycle With two naked babes on his back Riding into the sun 90 miles per second At the speed of thought He disappears into the lunatic light Of the full moon And I wake up Alone in my bed Saying, man, that was quite a night I better not go there again The wild beast Laughs He has heard that before And I join The beast In howling at the Moon The End
  3. Note: From a real nightmare End Note I am in a room Watching people all around me Change into hideous creatures Monsters from the deepest depths of hell The Chief of them all Wears a Trumpian mask Completed with orange hair Half human half pig His deputy Wears the face of Putin But his body Half human, half horse The other creatures wear masks Many of them wear Green Pepe the alt right Symbolic frog masks And have T shirts Bearing alt right slogans And Nazi symbols And as they prance about They chant alt. Right slogans And neo Nazi chants Jews with Not Replace us And the rest of these creatures Are hideous ugly beasts With only a vestige of humanity left And these monsters are engaged In all sorts of foul evil deeds Murder violence death All around And none-stop violent drug fueled orgies As these creatures Half human half monsters Half male, half female creatures Snort coke, cocaine, speed Smoke weed and drink vodka shots Scotch, bourbon and beer The Trumpian Pig leads the charge Starts engaging in sodomy with Putin Who chases after people Cutting off their heads with his sword They turn on to their fellow creatures Raping and fucking each other All night long Then they attack me Screaming Jews will not replace us And I wake up Screaming As the sun comes up Just another nightmare
  4. bob

    The Carousel

    After a strenuous day, you may find yourself dreaming about mystical, enchanted worlds, with strange friendly creatures. Images of the mind, seem to help lessen our burdens that accumulated during our daily encounters. Dreams can relax the mind, and prepare us to face the real world of the next day. With practice we can actually train the mind to repeat this process on a regular basis. The Carousel It’s been an exhausting day, not a thing went right, Work had been demanding, I needed sleep tonight. My head pressed the pillow, covers are pleasantly warm, Eyes close, my mind drifts...a dream begins to form. Children enter a Carousel House, anticipation on their face. They came to ride the animals, within that sheltered place. Calliope music is carefree, trumpets and cymbals are loud, Rat-a-tat-tat of snare drums, mingle with the crowd. The ride seems very short, excitement is on the rise; When the Carousel stops, disappointment fills their eyes. Faces change constantly, children stream through the door, Music starts...the Carousel turns; the ride begins once more. Deeper tugs my slumber, on anxieties of the day, Visions I dreamed of, melted slowly and drifted away. The Carousel lingers, yet it’s different some how, Music stopped, children are gone, what will happen now? It's evening...lights are out, the door is finally closed. Pale light awash on dusty windows; a golden moon arose. Magic dust is everywhere, glittering in moonbeam light, In swirling currents and eddies...Oh...such a gala sight! From depths of dark shadows, they hasten into view. Tiny Elves; Gnomes, and Goblins, just to mention a few. Sprites; Fairies; Nymphs and Brownies...none are left behind; Munchkins; Leprechauns; Pixies, and Imps; beings of every kind. These creatures of reverie, are not frightened by my size. I am caught in a fantasy, I can't believe my eyes. Hark! is that music, I hear it from within? The Carousel has come to life...a ride is about to begin. Outstretched hands lead me, into a friendly throng, Music is silvery-sweet, but...I won't remember the song. Voices titter and giggle, they hasten to catch a ride. When all are in their places, magic happens inside. It matters not I am different; we delight in every ride, I feel slightly giddy, with strange friends at my side. Oh to soon...morning light arrests my nighttime vision, The fantasy dream is fading...ending that transition. Images of my slumber, quickly vanish from my mind. Sunlight jangles my memory, erasing each and every kind. Anxieties I had of yesterday, are magically washed away. I feel rested and full of energy, it’s time to start another day. YarnSpinner copyright 2013
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