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Found 6 results

  1. To suck few drops of nectar out of the sand in the arid desert, While your heart is desperately walking these thirsty days. To chew the rust and let the iron flow into your weak blood. To be tasteless as the water and uncaring as the clouds of February, to hunt the dust and carry the air in your blue hands. To be lonely as the moon and sudden as the lightning. To be so old but yet so young And let the flowers poison you pleasantly. To be stronger than God and steadier than the dots and vivid ultimately. To be soft and yellow, dark but reflecting, azure but so carmine. To be not like them.A matchless gleam, indispensable shrine. To forget this life and talk to the flowers and be insane in your wisest awhile. This is how happiness runs to you and you Elate without the wine.
  2. No tears , no fears , no light, But your heart is gushing sun. Melancholy tune in the dust Covered. And the dreamy tide is foaming Wishes. A scent makes the pluses seen, And every morn a new summer. Eyes as the ocean deep and life-beating As lovers' Not just hoping , but a stinging dream and Sweaty prayers. Not a stilling leaf ,but a growing flower. Glory end and endless nights , a golden Frame varnishing the meretricious picture. The seeking of new ,the sight of the bird, The novel morrow and the spring that borrowed seraphic feathers for his Meadows. Fangled day for us , unused to sow Many a colored rose , many a perfume and Many more...., forevermore.
  3. Tinker


    Orb It's what they call a harvest moon although the harvest is pretty much over now. Round and orange and plump just sitting way up there in the November sky, marbled silence all alone not really shining more like a shadowed globe. These days I feel like that full of things to say yet isolated in the stillness shaded by loss and brightened by small joys, no more a fireworks display but a steady glow with just enough watts to find my way. --- --- Judi Van Gorder
  4. Tinker

    Morning Brew

    Here is a bit of fluff for the morning.... Morning Brew Breathe in the heady aroma of coffee brewing. Pour, then grasp the hot mug, warming palms to heart and peer into the dark, steaming, pool to find the entrance to the day. Slowly savor the smooth, bittersweet of the full bodied liquid, and feel the burn while it slides down the throat. Ahhh...... Good morning. . . Judi Van Gorder
  5. Tinker

    An Old Cliché, Love

    An Old Cliché, Love Backs to the sea as the sun sets on our lives we stand, equal partners bound by a pledge and a ring. Our feet firmly planted on the shore we lock fingers to steady each other on the shifting sands and face forward for one more adventure, committed to watch our last sunrise together. -------- ----Judi Van Gorder
  6. Tinker


    Freedom On the coastal cliffs shaded gray, I look out to a blackened sea. A spiny strata fragments under foot and a jolting descent begins. Needle pricks of stinging wind press upward into chest, throat and face. Sour bile rises like black tar boiling from the belly. . . fall or fly. . . . --- Judi Van Gorder.
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