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Found 6 results

  1. I engraved my name on a vintage summer, On a beach I yet to visit Next to water I soon to spatter Covered with seagull's feathers There and only there my true being Stands And here only here I am wrapped bones With dusty ribbons. Nobody blames the sky for being so blue or the river for killing the Innocents. They don't miss the burning sun On a frosting day. And I am a budding mistake that should never have been seeded. I heard all their voices; April and May and June.... And I felt the escaping of the Robin to a fangled east. as I got prisoned in an everlasting winter- While they are all meeting themselves and Everyday I still unshaped......, waiting for the pollen!
  2. Omar013

    I saw the sun on a blind day

    Pigments of truth hurt the wounds. Hands from the dirt attempting to catch The light And hope is mysteriously rouge I saw the sun on a blind day Ribbons of smoke and ashes on the Tip of the flashes Beyond the mask there are eyes Remissly unsighted This is the moment I penetrat through The crevices of yours And a bundle of my heart pulses ,that Kept drowning ,a Symphony clamored I saw the sun on a blind day
  3. Omar013

    I live in an Unreal world

    Unfinished work. I live in an Unreal world. Tongues tenderly tied,thorns growing on my skin and a daffodil budding in my hand. I breathe air-sugar-like. A stilling brain and moon dust, Summer's fingers and heaven of feathers We ,here, surrender to silence and Nothing else till we see God as He is. bushes, Brooks and birds. Forevermore my life stays young And other than green my midows cannot be. The uttering burden parches, We walk the road we chose And one star we pursue. Here it is, a life goes down But another to heaven soars. Timeless this sound,evergreen These branches, a stilling blue This sky -you cannot see grace But I peacefully it can hear- Let me tell you about this place; Here, you cannot speak Only her- everything else. A bracelet of lily, blue paint over the Lids and forehead And you begin your journey Only birds and day never finds his end Except when heaven weeps You may never hurt or be hurt You may never starve You may never die And you may never utter a word You walk the rosey path Till you find the fountain at the end Angeles in both side The sky ,there, is purple You drink from it -Only with your hands- Then your eyes dye azure And begin to see you Abstain not from food But from words ......
  4. And I wish you would stop listening, And I would stop talking about everything, Time under the sun would get frozen And life would drowse with the lilies, -And God would stop proceeding- Till the moon stands still. I hope you drown in the breeze To see how tender things could kill you; Soft petals can make you -forever- sleep And Blue eyes fiercely strangle you. soft thorns in your skin pike your dreams, The Wings of butterflies hurl you. And this is the precious ocean That has buried you. As soft as I could be -the lights of the city Subdued-
  5. Omar013

    Pulses -one dance-

    Pulses -one dance- then the stars Can be counted. And space measured could be, all life's petals named will be And my scent in your soul Treasured to be. This is the moon and this is me. The world let be forgotten and me Wrap in your wings. This is our dream and this is the sphere. The hope -under the river buried- Too soon to unhand. You will come walking on the stars, In a dance we shall meet. a movie, but characters. And the whole world seemed Unreal. -Yes my dear! This is me-
  6. Omar013

    Incurably unkown

    Should I live?......Should I die? And The sun upon my head let dream Of meeting the moon. Perfect, ecstasy so slow,volatilizing To the azure carpet. Disappearing from the old snow, And the river beyond me let flow, And the gray wooden village sink, The broken damsel let weep Upon her white- washed Swain. Blue to green, A wish ,a dream A nightmare. A heart-wrenching calamity. -all so odorless- -all too clear- that all is the same. Ascending" something" After hundreds of years, Defined cannot be. At last incurably unkown.
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