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Found 4 results

  1. MrDunnePoetry


    "Tia" Every day when I wake, there's always this one girl I wanna see/ When I log back into Facebook, she's who I look for on my feed Just like me she is a poet, one who is really good at what she does/ And the other day she wrote me a poem, so here I am showing love I know I'm lucky to have met her, and to have her as a friend/ Cause what we share can't be compared, and I know it'll never end From the poetry which she pens, to the endless convo's that we have/ Her words have the 'power' to mend, and put an end to what was sad The kind of woman if you were to marry, you'd be one happy man/ But I'm just happy that she told me, she's my number one fan Of all the lands I have travelled, whether in life or in my mind/ Never once did I ever imagine, a friendship like this I would find So with every line that I write for her, I just want her to know/ How much love I hold inside, for both this woman and her flow. Copyright 2015 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
  2. MrDunnePoetry

    Friend In You

    "Friend In You" When I was alone you were there, when I was low you showed you cared/ Whether on the phone or in person, you helped a lost person to reappear You seem to lessen every fear, and seemed so near, when I was far/ And now I'm here, I'm so sincere when I say you're a big part of my heart From the start you were a star, that shined so bright in my blackened sky/ And made me happy when I wasn't, and when I was you made me smile You loved the style in which I rapped, a couple years before the ban/ So I always love to get some feedback, from my number one fan I found a friend in you and I'm thankful, for the friendship that we have/ That's why I'm penning you this poem, to give you some of this love back Remember that rap I rapped & recorded for you, back in December, 07/ I was so nervous to play it to ya, but you loved it when you listened We went from pictures & messages, to lyrics, phone calls & (censored)/ And that itself got its own poem, though the title I won't mention 😉 You're such a beautiful person, a woman whom I have nothing but love/ So I'm sending you this dedication, to thank you for all of the above. Copyright 2014 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
  3. Love says, “No one meshes souls as I; Without me there are just loose strands—so love Me first,” she presses, eyeing me and you. I lay myself then on her lap of love, Even as I’m stretching toward you; I Soon find myself, perforce, abreast with you. Next, you wrap around me, sidelining Love; Yet in so clasping me, it happens you Alight upon her right, just as had I. Let nothing come between my Love and you— Not even I; she knots us closer! Love Shows up the symmetry of you and I, And yet I’m drawn to her, and thus to you Again, now, from a different view. Still, I Cannot escape our common thread—this Love— And neither can you; ever-freshly I Await your sweet return—you, only you, And yet you do not come except for Love. She moves again: I know there is no I, No you; there’s only she, full center—Love Enjoining me to seek her joy in you.
  4. David W. Parsley

    Such Country As the Lovers Own

    SUCH COUNTRY AS THE LOVERS OWN Such country as the lovers choose is no tract for any but the saintly: there, a wired fence goes down at the end of a graveled road – each path thereafter, deer track, bear trail, boundaries set by the stone and weed as the reader discerns, butte-sites where the lovers come down in silence, smallness of world held pendulum-like between them. Such talk as stills there is not lost, but given place: a gap they could close with lips that kiss. Or pray. In such country as the lovers own, skies hover in the way of storms, clouds the solitary fowl cross in search of what must fall there: whether in parks or groves, secret dens – the small acts born of privacy. The storm begins and ends here: car's quiet throb in the dark; breath of cheek reading shoulder; touch" of her tranquil breast against his side; cold flakes touching the hood like tips of arrows. Every word he spends on that cheek, true. L. Paul Roberts Poetry Foundation winner, 1981 © David W. Parsley, 2011 Parsley Poetry Collection
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