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Found 2 results

  1. Tinker

    He Was Just a Man

    Just a ManToday we celebrate Martin Luther King;just a man, but a man, whose works we sing.A man with the gift to inspire with words,move us with ideas that need to be heard.African-American born in the south,preacher's son with a rebellious mouth.Early on, refusing to answer to "boy", joined church choir, sang with fervor and joy.Husband and father, nurtured love in his home,but heart held so much more, told in this tome.Called to be a blazing Baptist minister,preaching equality, nothing sinister.Dr. King taught not to strike out in protest,but, sit-ins, speaking up in the process.Fiery, 50s
  2. Explore the Craft of Writing Arabic Verse The Masnavi or Mathnawi is a long narrative, the ancient Middle Eastern epic form dates back to the 8th century. Although it is believed to originally be Persian, Masnavi's have been composed in Persian, Turkish, Urdu and Arabic (sometimes called the Muzdawwidj). The great poet Rumi used the stanzaic form to write 6 books containing 25000 verses which he titled Mathnawi. I am not sure if the books are named for the form or the form was named from the books, probably the latter. Apparently the Sufi Whirling Dervishes use verse from the books in pra
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