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Found 4 results

  1. https://www.booksie.com/667242-narcissistic-injuries-my-favourite-sport
  2. MrDunnePoetry

    Bars From Behind Bars

    "Bars From Behind Bars"All I ever wanted was a Father, to love & hold me tight/Now all I have is a cell, where it's so lonely & cold at nightEyes holding back the tears, so my peers don't think that I'm weak/So many years I've spent looking answers, so many questions to a past that runs so deepUsing poetry as my release, to escape my bleak surroundings/From the abuse I received since a youth, to under the roof of the prison landingsDeeply regretting the texts I sent, cause sending 'em sent me 2 HMP/Like my life weren't already a sentence, closing my eyes, pretending that I'm freeBut in reality I'm caged like an animal, for the crime of a cry for help/For fighting back against my misery, lyrically for the rights of my likkle girlIt's me, myself & I now, living for the hope of better days/Sweating from the eye brow, ever since I got attacked on my second dayI know there's gotta be a better way, & with the right help, I know I'll find it/Cause God blessed me with the talent of rhyme, but in time I let my anger blind itDeep in my heart I wish I could rewind it, to the time when my mind was pure like snow/But for now I'll just seek the cure, cause I've got such a long way to go.Copyright 2008 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved) https://allpoetry.com/poem/16286127-Bars-From-Behind-Bars-by-Mr-dunne-poetry
  3. MrDunnePoetry

    Narcissistic Love

    "Narcissistic Love"They tend to be hyper sexual, always looking someone new to seduce/So they will abuse you, run to another, and try hide the awful truthEven with Internet and phone evidence, they'll just get angry and lie/And if confronted it'll all be your fault, for the problems in their mindThey'll cry and declare their love, when there is no love, only contempt/Then look into your eyes and tell you lies, on how their night was spentThey'll give non-friends their respect, and show you the ultimate disdainHumiliation, betrayal and stress, is just part of this traumatic gameYou become another cog on the wheel, then they move on very quickly/After they have stripped you of all pride, your honour and self dignityThey will leave you feeling worthless, and place the blame at your door/Then deceive you and make you believe, you didn't see, what you saw/Underneath the seduction and charm, lie skilled masters of deception/Who possess counterfeit hearts, and crave only promiscuous attentionThe roller coaster cruelty suffered, is genetically passed on to their kids/Living life like bottomless pits of emptiness, such a nasty, twisted illness.Copyright 2014 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved) https://allpoetry.com/poem/15383555-Narcissistic-Love-by-Mr-dunne-poetry
  4. My book Poetry & Rap Banned At Crown Court (2009-2014) https://www.booksie.com/665579-poetry-rap-banned-at-crown-court-2009-2014
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