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Found 5 results

  1. dcmarti1

    The Passionate Vampire (1987)

    (With apologies to Christopher Marlowe) Marlowe's Passionate Shepherd to His Love Come drink of me and be my love, And we will all the horrors prove That crags, swamps, and dying fields And woods with haunted mansions yield. We shall listen to the wolves that bay, Watch beautiful, shining daemons play, Feast on the finest whitened skin And find delight, not remorse, with sin. A coffin shall I make for Thee Out of the deepest ebony, And line it in satin (blood red!) With matching pillows for thy head. Dark orgies for thy pleasure, Ancient tomes for thy treasure, Sta
  2. THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT 50+ YEARS OF POETRY I. Among twenty snowy mountains the only moving thing was the drum of the printer. II. I was of three three three Ahem, I was of a mind to and there was this tree three three blackbirds droppings into my minds and a possum I really wouldn’t mind no sop or taters nothing himself the nothing that is III. The blackbird whirled in late autumn winds. It was a shrinking part of the pantomime. IV. A man and a woman pruning a blackbird could consider themselves One. . . . . . . . . . . . And the rose was A man and a bl
  3. THIRTEEN WAYS OF LOOKING AT 50+ YEARS OF POETRY XIII It was evening all afternoon. It had snowed days ago and it was going to snow again again. The blackbird O.D.ed in the cedar limbs. unpublished © David W. Parsley 2012
  4. Frank E Gibbard

    A Song Called Yellow

    (this is a lyrical parody of a song by Coldplay) Look at the snow Look how it shines for you I did something there for you Now it's all yello-o. I wrote a tribute to your teeth I took a shine to them For they were all yello-o. It's got appeal for me I'm just so strange you see A very peculiar fello-o. I found one yellow rhyme too When I was feeling mello-o Seeking inspiration from Shakespeare's Othello If only jealousy weren't bloody green It really should be yello-o Your voice is so damn beautiful Espesh when you really bello-o And you're doing such special th
  5. Frank E Gibbard

    A Bohemian Rhapsody (parody)

    (with inspiration and borrowed elements from the great group "Queen") Life may be a rhapsody Dips into darkest tragedy Ascends to upbeat melody That’s life Life may be a fandango A sweetest slice of mango Yet melodramatic as a tango That’s life Life can be bohemian Plebeian or rich as a Queen’s May be staid or in between That’s life Life may cast you Scaramouche Be judged by all a useless douche At least enjoy and be a louche That's life Life seen by Galileo in silhouetto Brought stars closer to his eye so Was by science thought magnifico As only he could
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