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Found 6 results

  1. Ronark

    The Falsity

    I felt the sugar on your lip, Not the venom in your heart, At last struck me like a dart My heart you managed to rip. I’m numb, a little meek, Not passive as you feel. I just want to heal, Payback I do not seek. Your sedition came out of the blue, Willy veiled in my dearest faith, Forced me see my own wraith, I just wish I knew; you were never true. I tried to cushion the blow, Blamed me for your perfidy. That was my tragedy, I hope my pain you will never know.
  2. [CA] Today I know that life is but a dream, For how else could a moment ages past Arise now on the surface of this stream Of being, sliding freely in its churn? Before, rash memories swirled up, eddying fast Against the current’s flow; now hours return To present tense unrippling, it would seem. Yet fiction glints off this which I might deem Pure fact. Forthwith, it blurs and slides away With shoreline forests slipping past the hull Of this stern oarsman’s boat, soon turning dull.
  3. A. Baez


    [CA] I saw the fault lines in our common ground, But wavered—loath to estimate the force And timing of the tremors they foretold; Why test this fragile paradise we’d found, Perhaps provoking nature’s wildest course— Or dig for rifts when random knolls gleam gold? I never yet have walked a tract of earth Without a flaw: some harbor muck below That muddles building; some hide barren soil Plowed far too long to nurture crops of worth; And some lie cold, inhumed beneath the snow. Small faults should make no solid heart recoil, But you would probe our playground to the core— Unsettled by fears of earthquakes laid in store. Revision: S2, L3 "muddles" for "hinders" S2, L5 was "Why, then, should minor faults make us recoil?"
  4. dcmarti1

    Far, in distance and degree

    (More syllabic than perfectly metrical...) Far, in both distance and degree, my cousin's consanguinity contains my only hopeful chance for the fleur-de-lis and for France. Far, in both distance and degree, my neutered sexuality merely dreams of the past it had; now dormant, dull, possibly mad. Far, in both distance and degree, my newly found theology questions more than trusts in the Word, since Enosh was first to say “Lord”. Far, in both distance and degree, to not live out my history I pre-transcribed with hopeful breath is nothing but a penciled death.
  5. So soon it had started ; So soon it has ended Thanks heavens ! life's perilous deceit has ended . Man peeps back in his past ! frowns on his foot prints ; Why repent now ?? life's long lonely street has ended . Life is a possession granted by god ; We surrender our rights , when permit has ended. Vulgar and obscene the lyrics have become ; The era of morals and merit has ended. Shrewd banker is plotting new ways of fraud ; Since the era of cheaper credit has ended. Knowledge will remain clumped behind firewalls ; For us the founder of Reddit has ended. Vietnam - afghan - is Teheran the next ?? its long since the war in Tikrit has ended . As life ! You too betrayed me ! My dear ghazal ; Fulfilling your demands , your ''Rohit'' has ended
  6. dcmarti1

    Lambda Prothalamion

    Lambda Prothalamion (from 1992) Though states may claim inherent right To judge the bond where humans might Find peace, and love, and tenderness, I say in all my earnestness: Let bride and bride, let groom and groom, decide their fate! No legal broom Should sweep away two tender lives; No church should kill that which survives. Called “love that dare not speak its name” (As if it was a source of shame!) Its boldest claim is nothing more Than sharing truth and Heaven's store. Though groom and groom, though bride and bride, What curse is this? Why should they hide Because you say they love in crime? Nature herself remains sublime In spite of culture's bigotry, In spite of your solemnity. Let love alone remain supreme: In your own soul yourself redeem.
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