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Found 2 results

  1. MrDunnePoetry

    The Fire In My Soul Exposed

    "The Fire In My Soul Exposed" No council will house me, and my family resent me/ Everyday I feel lousy, and on the inside I'm empty Except for the rage that I feel, towards all of them/ Who were supposed to be close, to this thorn with a pen If I could reborn again, I'd definitely call in sick/ From the beginning to the end, I've had to forge to exist If it wasn't for my dog, I swear I'd call it quits/ Tired of calling for a God, whenever I'm falling to bits I'd slit my wrist just to feel, some kind of release from this world/ As since a kid all I could feel, was a disease and it's real I had to reveal what they done, and for that I went to jail/ Nearly killed by my mum, I took to rap to prevail Like the snail and the tortoise, I was aHead like the Hare/ Until the pale got nautious, and called the Fed for warfare With this head in despair, I'm more than prepared to go home/ And when I'm gone from here, they can have my poetry throne. Copyright 2021 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
  2. bob

    I'M FAST"

    "I'm Fast" When first he appeared, he was ragged and lean, A wee bit small, but an eating machine He would boast: “I’m fast...I’m fast"! "No matter if the trap has cheese or meat, I’m the fastest critter on four lil’ feet. I can take the bait, give the treadle a tap, And be long gone before the spring can snap. "I’m fast." "There ain’t no trap in any ol’ house, That’s gonna’ catch this quick lil’ mouse. I’m fast. . . Yes sir, I’m fast!" Food got scarce, and while searching for more, He left the house for a grocery store. Once inside he exclaimed, “Oh My! This must be heaven. . . what a way to die. I’m gonna’ feast!” He kept it a secret. . . his new found wealth; With all this food, he improved his health. But, it wasn’t long before he was found, Because of calling cards tiny and round. Said the grocer: “Yes sir, I got a problem.” The grocer was smart; kept feeding him cheese. Let him gorge himself, as much as he pleased. The once lean face became so round, His once gaunt belly now touched the ground. “Oh my, I’m so fat.” One day at last, right out in plain sight, Appeared more temptation than he could fight. The cheese on the treadle was meant for him; The delicious scent made his mind grow dim. “Oh dear. . . I sure am" Trying to remember how it was in the past, He drew himself up and said at last... “I’m fast, I’m so fast.” Up on the board, he climbed with a sigh. It was now a case of do or die. With his mouth on the cheese, he gave a tug, The big spring left the locking lug. . . “I’m. . .” Well. . . believe it or not, he got away. It’s true, he lived to see another day. Some lessons learned, are lessons to heed. One has to be careful where they feed. He said, “ouch”. In your neighborhood is one lucky mouse You might see him, running through your house. You will know him...of that I am sure, He lost his tail at the grocery store. YarnSpinner
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