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Found 6 results

  1. dcmarti1

    A Lousy, Christmas Sestina

    A lousy christmas sestina without ghostly visitants or redemption Discarding the creche was easier than switching to silver and blue. A fake, white tree is just as amenable to silver and blue as it is to green and red, or, for that matter, as it is to purple and gold. He sits at his desk with his gold coins: the yearly Mint sets are easier to collect, as there is less matter to read and study – a strain on his blue and aging eyes. Life is what it is. No tree will make it more amenable. The silence, though, is amenable, so too the leather folio of gold coins, embossed wi
  2. The Embassy here in Washington just told me they put it on their Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/estemb.washington Tallinn sestina - an emigration of the heart O, how I wish that She was my city! For seven hundred years another name Graced the maps of earth, but there's no pity Should be felt: for within the graceful frame Of sea and of snow, my Tallinn, my own, Did stand and shine, majestic yet alone. But how can I claim that She is alone? I have never travelled to the city That I, one day, would like to call my own. What right do I have to pronounce Her nam
  3. dcmarti1

    Arnaut Daniel

    The first link is to existing works of the 12th century troubador who is believed to have invented the sestina form. The works are in the original Occitan language AND English. http://www.trobar.or.../arnaut_daniel/ Here is the Wikipedia page about him: http://en.wikipedia....i/Arnaut_Daniel Here is a web form that aids the poet in constructing a sestina: http://dilute.net/sestinas/ And here is a youtube post on one of the existing songs/poems from the first site listed above:
  4. dcmarti1

    Tallinn sestina

    The poem that I posted to the group here, on our site: http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/index.php?showtopic=3424 Was posted by the Estonian Embassy here in DC on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/estemb.washington/posts/10151606160282959 I don't know how long it will be on their main page. I myself do not Facebook, so I have no idea how new articles "push down" old ones, or if older ones are even archived somewhere. Right now, April 2 2013, the poem is on the exact URL above. Go, poetry!
  5. dcmarti1


    Bajafalta: a pacifist refutation of ezra pound's "altaforte" from a gay, socialist deacon The end words in my sestina are the same as his. His angry, war mongering Altaforte can be read here: http://www.poets.org...hp/prmMID/15423 There is nothing greater than wanting peace, Except working for it. Maybe music And poetry, along with love, could clash Into silence those that are opposing The Cross and Sickle. When no more crimson Blood is shed God's world will be rejoicing! And everyone will join in rejoicing! There will be nothing stronger than the peace Of all the pro
  6. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry French Verse The Sestina, Sestine or Sesta Rima (a song of sixes), is an intricate verse that includes repeating end-words (teleutons) in a strict pattern throughout the poem. The repetition allows the poet to shift from past to present or to create layers of meaning. Words that can have multiple uses either by way of being of different parts of speech or have different meanings can give the ensuing stanzas a different perspective. In the Sestina at its best, the end-words should relate to each other as an expressed whole. The Sestina is generally
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