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Found 8 results

  1. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry Poetic Movements from the 1500s. Elizabethan Poetry refers to poetry written during the 16th century, reign of Elizabeth I. Poetry was not only written in the courts but also in the taverns of England. Poets such as Shakespeare, Sir Philip Sidney, Ben Johnson and Christopher Marlow head the list. The poetry was predominately romantic but did have a range from idealism to realism and all that flows between. The English poetic forms were influenced by mostly Italian literature but also drew on Spanish and French writings. Drama in verse emerged as a
  2. Tinker

    Venus and Adonis Stanza

    Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry English Verse The Venus and Adonis Stanza is patterned after and named for Shakespeare's poem, Venus and Adonis. The form is also known as a Heroic Sestet. The elements of the Venus and Adonis Stanza are: stanzaic, written in any number of sixains made up of a quatrain followed by a couplet. metric, iambic pentatmeter. rhymed ababcc Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare 1593 (First 9 stanzas) EVEN as the sun with purple-colour'd face Had ta'en his last leave of the weeping morn,
  3. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry The Sonnet Sonnet Comparison Chart English Verse The Shakespearean, English or Elizabethan Sonnet By Shakespeare's time, (his works are believed to date from 1590 through 1613), the sonnet had already been established in English poetry, thanks primarily to Wyatt, Surrey and Spenser William Shakespeare utilized and popularized the sonnet with the declamatory couplet. His popularity springboarded the sonnet to a prominent place in English literature and become the 2nd dominant sonnet form along side the Petrarchan or Italian Sonnet. The Shakespe
  4. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry Liturgical Verse Latin Verse French Verse Poetic Genres of the Night are verse written to specifically welcome the evening. Evensong or Vespers are all formal liturgical prayers sung or chanted in the evening most often connected to early evening or sunset. These liturgical forms date back to the early Christian church and were first written in Latin. They are the counterpart of Morningsong or Matins sung at dawn. Evensong is most often used in Christian Liturgy but can extend to secular love songs. The early evening themed genre has evolved and c
  5. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry The Frame II. Couplet Construction Interchangeable couplets when the right conditions occur. The repetition of content herein is deliberate for clarity of division. A Closed Couplet is any Complete Couplet in which meter and syntax are sealed at the end. The frame is end-stopped. When the lines are written in iambic pentameter and linked by rhyme it is also a Heroic Couplet. Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, The proper study of Mankind is Man. --- Pope's Essay on Man (note: this is also a Complete Couplet because
  6. Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry French Verse Verse dedicated to the morning can be found throughout the ages in every culture. This thematic genre seems especially popular with the French. Alba or Aubade (dawn song) is a love poem, specifically the parting of lovers at dawn. Conflict between love and responsibility is at the center of this poetic genre. This genre dates back to 12th century France and is the counterpart to a secular Evensong, Serena or Serenade.. The name Alba comes from the medieval watchman's cry "alba" announcing the passing of the night and return of
  7. Tinker


    Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry French Verse Blason is a genre of poetry committed to the praise or blame of something through the use of a series of images that support the theme. It is a variation of the ancient Catalogue Poem. From French heraldry, blason translates as "the codified description of a coat of arms" Originally French poet, Clement Marot, wrote a poem praising a woman by listing parts of her body with metaphors to compare with them. Parts of the female body became a recurring topic of the Blason and continues to be the focus, although other subjects could be adapted.
  8. Tinker


    Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry French Verse The enuig (Occitan for "complaint" or "vexation"), a descendant of the Greek Complaint, is a style of verse that presents a list of complaints. It originated with the 14th century troubadours. It was most often a series of gripes, not necessarily connected topically. The frame is at the discretion of the poet. The enuig is "the enumeration in epigrammatic style of a series of vexatious things" Raymond Hill. William Shakespeare's Sonnet LXVI an example of an English enuig. Tired with al
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