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Found 2 results

  1. bob

    A writer's Dilemma

    A Writer’s Dilemma Here I sit with pen and pad...my hand is willing to write. Thoughts course through my mind, yet pass before clouded sight. I can write about kittens, puppies, or birds; possibilities flow endlessly. My mind searches for memories, that are special only to me. I see day old kittens in a rag-lined box; eyes closed tight while they feel, Along the belly of a Calico mother, for promise of a nourishing meal. I see puppies that jump and bounce; I stand in their midst to admire, Soft fur, shiny eyes, and wagging tails that never seem to tire. Birds flying like rolling
  2. Tinker


    Absence No blue ink stains on my fingers but the yearning that still lingers. It’s been too long since I’ve wondered too many days since I’ve hungered. Today I’ll write a simple rhyme, get back my groove and then in time I’ll dig a way inside of me to find a poem, set it free... ---Judi Van Gorder
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