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How to make and post an audio recording


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In order to make and share an audio recording, you must have the capability to record, save, and upload an mp3 file to web storage. If you're able to do that, then sharing your audio recording(s) here, in your audio archive topic, is as simple as posting a link.


Here's a step-by-step of the method we use. You'll need the following:


  • Computer with a microphone and speakers (Built-in is okay, but an audio headset with a mic like the ones used for Skype calls will probably yield better results.)
  • A computer program for making a recording which also has the ability to save the recording as an mp3 file to your computer's hard drive
  • Web storage to which you can upload the mp3 file(s) you save and make

We're using a program called "Audacity." You can download this program for free from HERE.


After you download the latest version of Audacity and run its set-up, you're ready to record. Open the program, click on the record button, and speak into your microphone. When you're done speaking, click on the stop button. You can then click on the play button to listen to your recording. If you're not satisfied with your recording, just close Audacity (without saving your file), reopen Audacity, and record again. Repeat this until you are satisfied with your reading.


Once you've made a recording you're happy with, it's necessary to save it to your computer. Go to "File" at the top of the Audacity window and click on "Export." A typical Windows screen will give you the option to navigate to where you want to save your file. Navigate to the folder in which you want to save your file, name the file, and select a file type. The default setting is for Audacity to export the file as a "wav" file. While you can certainly do this, we like to save our files as mp3 files. Here' the tricky part.


When you first go to export a file you made with audacity, and if you choose the "mp3" option, another small screen will open and tell you that you need an additional software component, a "lame mp3 encoder" not included with Audacity (for licensing reasons, we presume). It will offer you the option to find this converter if it's already on your computer or download it from another site. Click on the option to download it from another site. Download the software by following the instructions exactly. You'll need to run the software set up, but you won't need to do anything else with the "lame mp3 encoder" except make sure it stays saved on your computer. Whenever Audacity needs it in the future, it will access and run it automatically, so long as you haven't moved it.


Once you've done this, you can try exporting your file again. After choosing a location, name your file, choose "mp3," and click OK. Another small white spreadsheet type screen might open at some point allowing you to provide more details about your file if you wish to save it in the Audacity program itself, but it's not necessary to do this.


When you're done with this, open the folder in which you stored your file and open the file to check it. It will probably open in your default media player (Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes, etc.) At this point, you're ready to upload the file to web storage.


We use the free web storage made available by Box.net. You can set up your own free account at Box.net, or, if you prefer, you can email your file(s) to us (as attachments) to be included in our Box.net web storage. Once your recordings are uploaded as mp3 (or wav) files to Box.net (or another web storage), they're ready to share, as links, in your Member Archive topic.


These instructions are for Windows users. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of the procedures to use on a Mac. If someone wants to make some instructions for a Mac and pm them to me, I can include them in this topic. If there are any questions, reply in this topic or send a pm.



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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