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Poetry Magnum Opus


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Another one - a song, Lyric by Lake, Music by Dave. Edited, and sung by Dave.


Brick Kiln Blues


It's June, the sun shines, the sky is blue

Yet deep in the mountains, nothing sifts through

There's no sunlight here, my child, there's no sunlight here


On the road side by the railway station

A stranger lured you with temptation

He's gonna sell you, my child, he's gonna sell you


The moon's still up, the cock hasn't crowed

You're being whipped 'cause you're tired and slow

But you work fifteen hours a day, my child, fifteen hours a day


In the river there swims a buffalo

Your skin diseased, your eyes shallow

They won't let you bathe, my child, they won't let you bathe


Those bricks you've baked for over a year

They made the owner a millionaire

He pays you not a penny, my child, you work for no pay


Grass withers in winter, renews in the spring

It's the same every day, you hear the bell ring

But you cannot go home, my child, you cannot go home


Run in the forest, soaked in night dew

Guard dogs baying are lookin' for you

If you're caught, you're dead, my child, if they catch you, you're dead


"Ask the authorities for help?" some say

"They should put these evil men in jail."

But they sing the same tune, my child, they sing the same tune

Edited by Lake
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