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Poetry Magnum Opus

#18. Cyhydedd Hir

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Cyhydedd Hir, cuh-hée-dedd heer (long cyhydedd), the 18th codified ancient Welsh Meters an Awdl, is most often written as a couplet following other metered couplets within a stanza.

The elements of the Cyhydedd Hir are:

  1. written in any number of single lines made up of 19 syllables divided into 3 rhymed 5 syllable phrases and ending in a 4 syllable phrase carrying a linking rhyme to the next line.
  2. or could be written as a couplet of a 10 syllable line and a 9 syllable line. The 5th and 10th syllables of the 10 syllable line are echoed in rhyme mid line of the 9 syllable line which also carries a linking end-rhyme to be echoed in the end syllable of each succeeding couplet or stanza.
  3. or the couplet can be separated at the rhyme, into tercet or quatrain.

    single line
    x x x x A x x x x A x x x x A x x x B             

    or as a couplet
    x x x x A x x x x A
    x x x x A x x x B




    or quatrains                             
    x x x x A
    x x x x A
    x x x x A
    x x x B

    x x x x C
    x x x x C
    x x x x C
    x x x B
    or tercets
    x x x x A
    x x x x A
    x x x x A x x x B

    x x x x C
    x x x x C
    x x x x C x x x B

    x x x x D
    x x x x D
    x x x x D x x x B
    One Bite by Judi Van Gorder

    One dark sticky date,
    one berry, bird bait,
    one rose rhubarb, late. . .
    one spring windfall.

    One grape, glassy green,
    one lush tangerine,
    one peach, velveteen. . .
    one summer haul.

    One blue broccoli,
    one plump pumpkin free,
    one fuzzy kiwi,
    one day of fall.

    One curved polished pear,
    one plum, pungent flare,
    one apple to share
    one snowy sprawl.

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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