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Pushing the Envelope



I've blogged here in fits and starts, running out of ideas of what to write.  When I blog, I want it to be worth your time to read.  This last month I joined a forum that extended a challenge to blog in response to a daily prompt.  I thought this experience might make me a better blog writer.  But I have to say, so far I kind of compare the prompts to journal writing that you share with the public.   The prompts have been all over the place but most often relate to writing in some way.   And I of course convert that to poetry.  I'm not a prose writer, at least not a fictional prose writer.  Today's prompt pushed me over that ledge and I thought I'd share it here.  

PROMPT January 25

She knows I don't like this kind of thing. I told her to stay away. But she's coming anyway and I have to pick her up at Writemore Station in an hour. I have half a mind to not go, just leave her stranded, it would serve her right. If she wants to do this so badly she can find her own way, leave me out of it.

Little Miss Storyteller, better known as Flash Fiction Fanny wants me to join her in writing a "creative story", using my imagination. I don't do that kind of writing, I'm no good at it. Just because she is traveling all the way from Blog City, WDC, doesn't give her the right to make this kind of demand on me. She thinks because I stepped out of my comfort zone and took on the blog challenge, she can push me even further into short story writing. Well, she has another think coming. Her ink-filled head is getting too big for her pencil-pen body, but I love her anyway. I just prefer that our friendship stay long distance. Let her do her thing, and I'll do mine.

I gotta go, can't be late. I can't wait to show her this and say, "I told you so".

My point in sharing this blog is, we as writers should always be pushing ourselves. Stepping out from our comfort zone and taking the risk to write in different genres.  You never know what may develop.

fairy wings
flutter on the fringe
of my reality

Keep writing,

~~Judi AKA Tinker


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This is intriguing, Judi. It sounds personal, as if it's directed at someone, and I'd like to know whom. Also, I'm wondering if WDC is Washington, DC. ...

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Hi Tony,  I was writing to no one in particular, well I guess it was directed at the prompt.  You might say I was personifying the prompt.  It is fantasy, that is what they were asking for, a fictional story.  WDC is the acronym for Writing dot com.  "Writemore station"  "write more".   I have not ventured out into short story writing and I have very little interest in doing so.  Flash Fiction is a really short story very popular at WDC, I don't do those either. 

I joined the blogging challenge to get ideas for blogs here. But so far, it has been mostly personal opinion prompts and a lot of down memory lane.  This particular prompt was different and my reaction was different.  It just seemed to flow out of my fingers and when I was done, I liked it.  So here it is.

The Blogging Challenge is a year long challenge but it is only every other month. (A marathon blog a day in response to a newly assigned prompt posted at midnight and you have 24 hours to write and post and respond to others (at least 3) on that topic.  There is also a like button, to say, "I read it".) There are about 25 participants, some much better than others, I pick and choose who I respond to, I try and read them all, unsuccessfully.  January is almost done, thank God.  But I have learned some things, more from reading others than writing my own.   I really would like to take advantage of the blog feature here but I want it to be of interest to our members, not just a personal journey.


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