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Happy Valentine's Day, Ah Love Poems



20170830_185643408_iOS.jpgThere are so many great love poems written, gushing with emotion.  Personally, I've always found that kind of poetry difficult to write.  But love can be expressed in many different ways. 

Belonging to a professional women's service organization I had the opportunity to join with others to visit a nursing home for Valentine's Day. We purchased boxes of children's Valentine cards and little heart stickers. We went through the home, greeting each resident, handing them a card and placing a heart sticker on the back of their hand engaging them in conversation and good wishes.

One of the residents had dementia and a nurse said she never spoke. Her husband came to see her daily and would sit and talk to her but she never acknowledged him.  She seemed to be in another world. But she actually smiled when we handed her the small card and placed the sticker on her hand. She kept stroking the slick heart sticker on her hand with her finger while we spoke to her for a couple of moments before we moved on.

We were told later that when her husband came in and sat next to her as he always did, she took the Valentine that we had given her and tore it in half. She held one half to her heart and gave him the other half looking up with tears in her eyes. They couldn't remember the last time she made eye contact with him, then she allowed him to hold her hand.

#B 2
wrinkled hand

tears Valentine in half
shares with love

Happy Valentine! *HeartP*
               ~~  Judi aka Tinker


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This is an unbelievable account, Judi. Is this really a true story? If yes, my mind is blown.


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