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Haiku Fridays

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So, every Friday on Facebook... a growing number of my real life friends are participating in what one of them has deemed "Haiku Fridays". They are nothing like actual haiku, except that they have the correct syllable count in English. I'm going to start doing this with them... here is the latest from one of my friends.




haikus are easy

but sometimes they don't make sense



~Robyne Aument




I love my silly, goofy friends. They make life worth living!!



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Thanks for sharing this idea, Rachel. These things can be fun. We had one going called "Sentences that make no sense." I had fun with that one. And of course, there's the haiku train in member poetry, too!





I'll move this topic to the Poetry Playground.

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My entry for Friday haikus albeit on Wednesday:



Take a haiku down

Dictated the poet to bimbo, Miss Jones.


I'm not that sort of girl, she said.


(good idea and fun)

Edited by Frank E Gibbard

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Rachel, I liked this idea from the start but when Fridays rolled around, again and again I simply forgot to implement.

Rumi, I love the "horsing around". Fun haiku.

I am afraid my offering today isn't all that fun but it is on the fly. My To Do list is lengthy and weighs heavily. I treat myself with poetry breaks and come here after I've completed an objective. My tasks are so large that I have to break them into objectives and try to feel a sense of accomplishment for each step. Playing on the forum is my reward.

day off from office
pull weeds, clean house, pay bills
Friday haiku break
                 ---------- --jvg


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no haiku tonight

patient hungry cows waiting

for the dinner bell









Left to right:

Tap, Boidheach (pronounced "Baw'- ya" so Im told), and Liam (aka "Buddy")

Edited by rumisong

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sound of garbage truck
breaks the silence of morning
sweet smell of roses

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