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Lothlorien Poetry Journal - The Bridge at Tsavo, 1898

David W. Parsley


Continuing to follow in Phil's footsteps.  Longtime readers on PMO will recognize this one, but check out the illustrations chosen by the editors to accompany it.

Lothlorien Poetry Journal: One Poem by David Parsley

And of course it can also be found here with all the scintillating commentary and discussion by PMO members.  An entry for the languishing Notes from the Common Era.

 - Dave

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Dave, I can't believe I missed the original topic back in 2014. Well, actually, I can believe I did and apologize for that! It looks like it was a very enjoyable thread, and I will endeavor to devote the time to absorb it.

The published poem is tastefully presented with the accompanying art, and I would boast that our own member-curated topic here, replete with illustrations, is similarly compelling. Thank you for also including the link to it in this entry.


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David W. Parsley


Actually, Tony, you are one of the first people to see this poem.  You perused a hard copy as we lunched at that Indian restaurant in Providence back in 2011.  When you asked why I chose terza rima as the form for the piece, you seemed perplexed by my reply that I was deliberately emulating Dante's Inferno.  Your expression initially betrayed dissatisfaction with this answer, then suddenly cleared into one of warmth and appreciation.  "You're doing it for Art!"  I have never forgotten that rejoinder and have kept it as a validating observation for what I am attempting in Notes from the Common Era.

Speaking of which, be sure to check out my drastically reworked version of the final canto coming very soon to  "Showcase (overflow)".

Many Thanks,
 - Dave

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