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Amethyst Review

It sure is nice of Phil to find all these online literary magazines.  It sometimes feels like i am just following his breadcrumbs.  This is the third one that I know about only because Badger has a poem appearing there.  I am particularly grateful for this one.  I find the work published there to be of particular relevance and reward. Here is one that appeared there over two weeks ago: Trumpet Morning – a poem by David W. Parsley – Amethyst Review (amethystmagazine.org) Cheers,

David W. Parsley

David W. Parsley in published poems

Lothlorien Poetry Journal - The Bridge at Tsavo, 1898

Continuing to follow in Phil's footsteps.  Longtime readers on PMO will recognize this one, but check out the illustrations chosen by the editors to accompany it. Lothlorien Poetry Journal: One Poem by David Parsley And of course it can also be found here with all the scintillating commentary and discussion by PMO members.  An entry for the languishing Notes from the Common Era.  - Dave

David W. Parsley

David W. Parsley in published poems


I have a couple of poems appearing here: https://www.kleksograph.be/ I appear to be making an appearance with some rather historical names best Phil


badger11 in published poems

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