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The story so far



I thought I'd keep a record of where my poems have appeared in publications:

IST - A Child's Tale - published 05.12.13
       -  Cardigan Bay (crustacean) -  published - 14.05.16 Ink Sweat and Tears
         - family man - published 091217

Open Mouse - 7.30 - published 05.06.13
               Pearl - published 31.01.14
               Cairn -  published 20.02.15
               Surf - published 20.11.15
               Dry Stone  - published 18.10.16
              Oils, Cafe (Castell Harlech) - published 17.05.17
               that sound across the estuary; cove publised 270218  Cove

London Grip - Ghost Dance -published summer 2013
                         Portents - published winter 2014 London Grip
                         A Man of Science -  published 02.09.16
                         London Grip -  Picnic With Megan At the Quarry - published sep 2017

4+20 - andy - published (mag has ceased)

Message in a Bottle - canoe, blood blade - published
                               -I like the ending of walks - published
                                - A Fisherman No More - published
                                -Sitting On The Platform Opposite; His Last Supper - published
                                - Headland - Published

Sein und werden - Les Deux Magots - published  
                        - The Mohune Arms - published
                        - Tales from A Hypnotist - published
                        - The Thief's Statement

Lampeter Review - Mary Magdalene published    Lampeter Review
                            - Pirate Dreams, The Pastor's Diary, After The Age of Reason - published Lampeter Review
Centrifugal Eye - Digs - published
                        - Tintagel castle    published  
                        - Laugharne/Playing At Being Dylan - publishedcentrifugal eye
                        - Living - The Centrifugal Eye - published
                    (mag has ceased)

Streetcake - The end of - published
                 - Ablutions - published
                - The Blank Page published
                - Many Things Are Writings - published
                - Love (overflowing bin image) - published
                - after - pub dec 2017

The Recusant - Street Theatre - published
                       - Accidents happen at Sainsbury's -  published
                      - Pnuemoconiosis - published
                      -  Dowd's Wharf - published                    
                     - Aberfan - published
                     -  Rainy Days - published
                     - Elysium - published 100318 published
                     - Paying for our Heritage - published 100318 Paying for our Heritage

Militant Thistles - Food bank - 100318   Food Bank

The Stare's Nest :     Aung San Suu Kyi   - published
                                Cardiff 2015 - Published
                                Calabria, Border Guard  - published 080616

Poet and Geek - Her Diary - published
                          The Last Drop Edinburgh - published  
                          Taormina    - published
                          Throw Back  - published
                          (mag has ceased)

The Screech Owl - The Rambler -published
                               Muse - published
                               Waiting for Daffodils - published
                               (mag has ceased)

The Angry Manifesto - bread - published
                                 - rented - published

Three Drops from a Cauldron - The Moor - published
                                           - Pilgrim -  published
                                           - Twmbarlwm, Incubus - Published
                                            - Prayer - Published
                                           -  Drama Lessons - Published
                                           -  Lycanthrope - published
                                           - Lost Garden - published June 2017
                                           - bed time - published September September 2017
                                            - on becoming a ghost

DM du Jour -  Incubus -  Published

Dead Snakes - Apple Pie, Walk  - Published
                     - A Heart Tells All; Ennui; The Taste Of Fresh Strawberries - published
                     - Tonight, Vermeer, Sleep - published
                     (mag has ceased)

Jellyfish Whispers - The Fisherman's Wife, Dolphins (short version), A Gull Lost In Rain - Published

A Kind of Hurricane Press:  Pippin - published

The Black Sheep Journal -  Trecco Bay - published (mag has ceased)

Clear Poetry - Shropshire,  My Neighbour's House is for Sale, Ghost Story - published
                    - Scribe, Last Orders, Debt  published 15/12/16 (mag has ceased)

Dactyl Zine - Mahogany - published (mag has ceased)

For Take Ten (Fat Damsel) - Roundabout - published
For Take Ten (Fat Damsel) -  Believe (nighthawks) - published

Land of Pometoes (Fat Damsel) - The Families of the Fishermen (mag has ceased)

Autumn Sky - The Retirement of the Lighthouse Keeper - published Autumn Sky Daily

Autumn Sky - Sea Wall - publised 080318 Autumn Sky Daily

NOON - short poems -  bedtime story - published NOON POETRY

Napalm and Novocain -  After he leaves for work - published 230716 (mag has ceased)

Nuggets and Nutshells - Beaked thieves; Nail; Her Morning Goodbye - published 010517nutshells and nuggets

allegro poetry - a school teacher retires - published 010518


Recommended Comments

Impressive list! I'm excited that you're writing and publishing. And this list is a great idea. This is what I want to see: members using the site to promote themselves and their works on the web. I know it's a lot of work, but you could even make the titles in your list into hotlinks to your poems wherever they may be.

If you think you need anything, let me know. For example, if you look in the Longer Poetic Works forums, you'll see the forum I made for @David W. Parsley. I can even give you your own blog here in the blogs forum to do what you want with like the one Tinker has and like this blog.


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Thanks for those kind offers Tony. I may start using links when time permits - a lot depends on the format of a publication!

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22 hours ago, badger11 said:

I may start using links when time permits

It was just an idea/suggestion: title links to take a visitor to the page where the poem was published. You might prefer the clean look of a simple list with no links instead. It's whatever you want. :-8)

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David W. Parsley


Hey, I didn't even notice the "@" thing until now.  That is pretty cool!

Sorry to step on your topic, Phil.  This is quite an impressive list of publications!  Keep the beat going.  (I like Tony's idea of including links to the poems, but the interested reader can go to the individual announcements, too.)

 - Dave

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