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To all who may have wondered. 

During the past 3 years I have had to make many changes in my life, as to what was of most importance to me. Being in my 26th year of retirement, this should not have been much of a problem.

(1) Writing  was a top priority which I wanted to to be able to do at will;  

(2) Creating graphic illustrations...using the computer to do so, was high on my list,

(3) sculpting, (carving in  Plaster-of-Paris) was demanding as well.

For a short period of time, I managed, but then, into our lives came a family member who did not realize. he was plagued with T4 Terminal Cancer. During these 3 years past, his time for medical requirements were very demanding. Radiation and Chemo treatments and waiting for the treatments to take place, took up much travel time . After these treatments came a a waiting period for the results to indicate he could be a candidate for surgery. This too took place; he spent 8 1/2 hours "under the knife."

During this same period of time my wife was discovered to have Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. 5 fractures in lower spine-vertebrae were creating havoc. The pain could only be subdued with injections of Steroids and (for the lack of actual terminology) had a cementing solution injected into these fractures to prevent further damage. She still has 1 small fracture not treated. 

At least 4 months went by and suddenly her back pains started up again...not in the same place as the past fractures which were treated.  This time it was farther up. Medicine was prescribed by our Doctor to the pharmacy we use. It was early in the morning; the pharmacy would have just opened. I could go pick them up and be home in 25 minutes. Fate has a way of creating new rules, and that did occur. I waited 45 minutes for the medications before returning home. 

I called out to her to let her know I was back in the house; she had remained in bed to prevent anything further to happen while I was gone. I got no response. When I reached the bedside, she was staring at nothing at all, and could not respond to my waving my fingers back and forth before her; she could not talk as well. I immediately called Mobile Medical Response. Her temperature was 103 degrees. The small amount of time I may have had to wait longer for  her prescriptions, could have cost her ...her life. 

She reached the hospital in time for treatment to restore her to a more normal level. The next 4 days passed before a blood infection specialist discovered she was loaded with Kidney stones which blocked the blood from flowing into the kidney.  The kidney was swollen and the infection she had, was  backing up into her system. Thus her shut down was in progress, when I came home. Once the problem was discovered she was taken to surgery and with Electropathy...  the stones were broken to the point they could be flushed from her  kidney. She spent a week in the hospital and then transferred to a rehab center where she is making a fine recovery. I thank the GOOD LORD for that, as well as the Doctor, Technicians and Specialist who discovered her problem.

Finally...this week,  my youngest daughter required my intervention to see she got through a very similar situation as that which my wife recovers from. She too was overcome by kidney stones blocking the urinary track. Fortunately hers was discovered in shorter period of time and she to went under the same sort of surgery as my wife. Today I returned her to her  home from the hospital.

NOW...One oft times wonders what triggers the mind to write poetry. Even though I did what was necessary to get medical aid to my wife as quickly as possibly; words were pounding inside my head,  but not in logical order. Sentences were at random as well. I knew something was going on which I had to put on paper. I am grateful and thankful my wife is still with me. However had she expired, I would have written this poem anyway.

My Dearest - My Loved One

Many years have passed
Filled with happiness and woe;
The good LORD called to her,
It was time to go.

I held her hand -
She tried hard to stay,
Her grip slowly loosened,
As she slipped away.

She was sleeping now,
There’s a smile upon her face.
All the worries she had,
Have slowly been erased.

She was my wife-
To cherish and to love;
Her spirit now journeyed
To a better place above.

Dear LORD...       she’s coming-
She looked forward to this day,
To be welcomed to your Kingdom
Where forever she will stay.


I do not know how soon...I well return again to this Writer's Sanctuary, but I felt the need to explain why the passing of time, and no participation.

Be well my friends and may you keep on writing.



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Hey Bob,  I don't know how I missed seeing this blog entry before now.  I knew you were care taking your wife, though I didn't know the cause.  You have shared some of that with me when I too was caretaking my husband.  Caretaking is a roll no one should have to experience.   I found when I was waiting for the next task I tried to write something, often in haiku that recorded each changing experience   When I look back now, I read of a moment that I had completely forgotten about.   I kept a haiku journal of my breast cancer experience. 

Now that husband has recovered and is right now sailing the Sea of Cortex on the Judi K ii,  I have been freed to pursue writing on a more consistent basis.  But when you are putting your life on hold for another you have find moments for yourself. Writing is a great outlet.    I know you have been told this by others. 

 Your poem is poignant and beautiful. Looking forward to the time you can again be more active.



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