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There's Not A Person Alive by David N. Donihue

This astoundingly cool performance by Ashphord Jackoway must not be missed in the official poetry video for The Poetry Verse. THERE’S NOT A PERSON ALIVE By David N. Donihue   There’s not a person alive  proud of every word Not a person alive With a past pitch perfect A stainless soul lying undisturbed   Not a person alive Who has what they need As needs are in the mind With imagination, a rabbit hole unending  


daviddonihue in Poetry

The Violin

illustrated by Robert g. Jerore   The Violin     It was an average size theater, capable of seating two hundred persons. Tonight it was filled to capacity. The variety of entertainment presented during this evenings program was very enjoyable. There had been two vocal solos; a small singing group; an orchestral presentation; twin pianos duet, and a flautist. The twenty minute intermission which allowed a comfort break was over, and the second half of the evenings program was near


bob in A Short Story

Cries in the Wilderness

I invite you to read posted story CRIES in the WILDERNESS in the Short Story/Prose forum.  Any critiques or comments are welcomed by me. R. G .Jerore



Hello...one and all...

A short spell between carrying out necessities brought on by illness here at home. The future is still a blur, however it does not seem to be getting worse. You might say it's like watching sand flow in a damaged hour glass. The grains of time will be deterred from passing through in a steady stream. Every now and then one grain plugs it up. That's when you have to wait to see what, when, where, and how soon the natural flow of life will continue once more. The stepping stones of life become a b



A Lost Sheep!!!

To all who may have wondered.  During the past 3 years I have had to make many changes in my life, as to what was of most importance to me. Being in my 26th year of retirement, this should not have been much of a problem. (1) Writing  was a top priority which I wanted to to be able to do at will;   (2) Creating graphic illustrations...using the computer to do so, was high on my list, (3) sculpting, (carving in  Plaster-of-Paris) was demanding as well. For a short period



Answers to Unasked Questions

Many questions I have wanted to ask and instead of going to Administrators, I have been reading the back log of old posts. It is time consuming, but I have enjoyed reading the thoughts, feelings, and words of comfort not concerning myself, but to other writers  whose lives have had as many, if not more, "ups and downs" than an elevator. I'll poke my nose in wherever and make comments... even though many years have since past. I realize by doing so, these old posts come to the fore



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